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Note: Okay, so scratch that. My Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Goddess fic that's here I've decided to push out of my RPG-turned-trilogy series and remake the Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Crystal fic that inspired it in the first place back in. So, please still read the Goddess fic and leave massive reviews, of course, but ignore the fact it says it's a part of the trilogy. LoL

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I've recently pulled it off the shelves, dusted it off, and am now revising everything . . . especially since one of my old English Professors who's also apparently into anime (and all this time I thought she was stuffy/boring LoL) found this site a while back and then found MY stuff recently and I guess recognized my writing style (plus, probably the profile info, too) and e-mailed me to say she loves what she's read thus far -- especially my Goddess fic. So, NOW, at her request and personal investment (a.k.a., it might get published online somewhere -- Squee LoL), I'm redoing my trilogy.

One more thing to mention about said trilogy. It obviously has three installments: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Crystal, Sailormoon: Cosmic, and Sailormoon: Twilight. Crystal takes place in present-time Tokyo for the present-day Sailor Senshi, however, it is right before the time of Crystal Tokyo's formation (some of those elements still remained within my Goddess fic, if you've read it so far). Cosmic focuses on the Sailor Senshi's children, obviously set in the future, and of their trials and tribulations as the Mirai Senshi. And, finally, Twilight is set in the past, during the Silver Millennium era, and tells the story of the real reason to the Moon Kingdom's rise and fall.

Why am I telling all this now before you all get to read it? Because I want to clear up any confusion that will undoubtedly happen, and the reviews I'll get about how things don't make sense (sorry in advance); for you see, the original order for the trilogy's release before I revised everything was Crystal, Cosmic, then Twilight. However, now, with all the new ideas and revisions, etc, I've decided to switch Crystal and Cosmic around. So, now, when you read it, it'll be future (the Mirai Senshi), present (the original Sailor Senshi), and past (the Silver Millennium). Make sense? LoL Also, one last thing, I swear. LoL This prologue will of course be confusing to you all in regards to the details I'll put in (like Hota-chan's husband, or Usagi's children . . . YES, plural, and YES, I know she's only "allowed" to have one child, blah blah. But it's MY fic, so I've changed that "rule" LoL). To fit with the time line, flow, and details, I couldn't really change this prologue much (which was the original prologue/intro to my RPG it was originally), so sadly, you'll all just have to remain "in the dark" and confused until either later chapters OR when you read Crystal after this one. Sorry!

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This series/episode was created in August 2003.

-- Sixteen Years Ago, Inside Her Nursery --

". . . And then, after Neo Princess Serenity-sama brought us all back from death after our last horrific battle, peace at last returned to the world and life was finally back to normal . . . Several months after that, our young Hota-chan got married to dreamy Katsu-san . . . what a beautiful wedding it was . . .

Oh, yes! And then, on her eighteenth birthday, our little Chibiusa-chan got engaged to the Priest of Elysian as well as her childhood love, Elios, who came back to her as he had promised back when she was eight . . . how romantic . . .

What next . . . Of course! One by one, we Royal Senshi finally got engaged and then married to, for the most part, our childhood sweethearts . . . Did you know that even your 'obasan' Pluto finally settled down, herself, with a wonderful husband of her own? We were all very happy to see that happen, as Pluto has sacrificed the most time and time again, it seems, out of all of us . . . including her very happiness. Thank Kami all of that is at last over.

And, the very best part of this story, is that one day soon, once everyone else has their own beautiful children, you will all one day become great senshi just as we all tried to be . . . and maybe you will all become the best of friends, just like your mommies . . .

Oh, I cannot wait for the day when you learn of your rightful heritage as a Mirai Sailor Senshi . . . my little Jouai-chan . . ."

A young woman named Aino Minako, or Aibo-Aino Minako, as well as Neo Queen Venus as she was now known as in this new life of hers, smiled lovingly down at the cornflower-haired baby girl cooing happily within her cradling arms.

Standing up out of the bright yellow rocking chair placed within the equally sun-hued nursery, Venus made her way over to the grand window overlooking her glorious Venusian kingdom and gazed out while gently swaying her precious daughter back and forth.

Everything felt and looked so perfect to the new Queen of Venus, with no reason to feel at all alarmed to any upcoming danger . . . Then again, however, such was the state of mind for the people of Venus, in addition to every other planet, as there had been everlasting peace reigning throughout the universe for quite some time now.

Every planet lay content with this knowledge . . . save one.

Suddenly, a foreboding chill ran down Venus' spine.

". . . Hmm . . . that's odd . . . I suddenly feel as though something big is about to happen," whispered the Venusian queen with uncertainty to herself and looked down to her wide eyed and innocent child, who raised both of her tiny and fragile hands up towards her mother.

"What do you think, Jou-chan? Maybe Mommy's just a bit chilly, ne? Come on, let's set you down for your --"

"-- Mina-chan . . . something crucial is happening on Earth . . ."

Gasping in surprise, Venus turned from the great window to rest her cerulean colored orbs upon a familiar sight.

Within the center of the nursery, dressed not in her royal gown but her sailorfuku, stood Venus' lifelong friend and former fellow Sailor Senshi, Neo Queen Pluto with an extremely grave look upon her otherwise elegant visage.

"Sets-chan! What a pleasant surprise! It's certainly been a while, has it not? Wait . . . why are you in your old sailorfuku?"

"Indeed, it has been quite a while since our last meeting, Mina-chan, and for that I am sorry; my royal duties as queen have been quite strenuous these past several months. Sadly, however, I do wish I could say that I have come with good tidings.

I have come to you as the senshi I used to be, and not as the queen I am now, because there is an urgent request for your appearance at Neo Queen Serenity-sama's palace . . . I am here simply to collect you; the others have already left their own kingdoms and are there as we speak."

Chest beginning to tighten, the erstwhile comforting calm rapidly fleeing from her body, Venus carefully hugged her now sleeping daughter to her bosom upon hearing these less than reassuring words from the pensive older woman.

"Wait, but what about --"

"-- Please, there is no time to explain everything in full detail at said moment; however, trust that your daughter will be fine . . . for now . . ."

Too frightened to object or submit any further inquiry, Neo Queen Venus gently set down her pride and joy into her jeweled encrusted crib and kissed her tiny head before stepping into the portal Sailorpluto had then created that would promptly transport the two of them to Earth.

-- The Crescent Conference Room in the Crystal Palace, Crystal Tokyo, Earth --

"So . . . you mean to tell me that our children might never become our rightful successors as Mirai Sailor Senshi because of . . . these humans?" Neo Queen Mars fumed vehemently while pacing around the conference room after deliberation several hours later.

The rest of the Royal Senshi sat in their respected places around Neo Queen Serenity I and King Endymion's grand table, the tension within the room increasing as each precious minute passed.

Next to the Crystal Tokyo queen, on her other side, sat her first daughter, a very worried as well as very pregnant Neo Queen Serenity II, the former Princess of the Moon. Her new husband, King Elysian rubbed her back comfortingly as the meeting regrettably trudged on.

"Okaa-sama . . . what if . . . what if the humans who are in revolt against we senshi try to overthrow your kingdom here? Please, come back to Elysian with Elios-chan and I; you and otou-sama will be much safer there . . ."

Neo Queen Serenity I smiled warmly as she rested a gentle hand upon her daughter's own, shaking her head in dismissal.

"Iie, Usagi . . . I will not abandon my kingdom, or my people -- especially not now when there's clearly a growing epidemic . . ."

"Yeah . . . a growing epidemic of stupidity . . ." The masculine and short tempered Neo Queen Uranus declared bitterly while her soul mate and new wife Neo Queen Neptune massaged her shoulders in an attempt to calm her down -- although she truly understood her frustration.

"I mean, how could these people . . . these ingrates, just suddenly decide that having the Legendary Sailor Senshi protect them as they have for countless millennia be a bad idea? And, now they want to discard us like yesterday's trash! The nerve!" Princess Juno spat, pulling a bit too hard upon her light green braided ponytail with one hand while slamming her other down upon the table.

Neo Queen Jupiter, who sat directly across from the young princess, nodded her brunette head furiously in agreement.

"It's just so . . . hard to fathom, really . . ."

"I agree that their sudden . . . 'change of heart' is a bit . . . disheartening, Juno-san; Jupiter-san. However, our deciding to seal our powers really is the best thing to do . . . if not for our sake, then for our children and unborn children . . .

We cannot risk them any further danger that they might have been in if they ever became the Mirai Senshi we had wanted them to become," King Endymion gravely commented, letting out a hard sigh before turning to his wife and cupping her face within his gentle and loving hands.

"Usako . . . we really do not have any other choice but to leave here . . . if they're still loyal to us, our subjects will follow . . . However, staying here will put us at direct risk of the humans' growing hostility towards the Royal Family and senshi . . ."

Neo Queen Serenity I sighed heavily, looking sadly from her husband to each of member of her Royal Court as she thought of what to do. Regrettably, the wise and gentle queen could see within their eyes that her eternal friends had already made up each of their minds.

With a heavy and plagued heart, Neo Queen Serenity I slowly stood from her place at the head of the table, unshed tears shining within her crystalline blue eyes.

". . . I suppose you are right, Endymion; minna . . . it is for the best . . . I want to be able to allow the twins to grow up without any fear for their lives . . . We can build a new kingdom on the moon . . . and . . . hope for the best . . ."

"Then it is settled: we will each seal our powers in hopes of keeping our children from becoming the new Sailor Senshi, and never speak of their heritage to them . . . The Asteroid Senshi will not participate in the ritual until the time each of them choose to marry and have children of their own -- it might also just be wise to still have a remaining line of defense should . . ." Neo Queen Pluto, having long sinced detransformed out of her sailorfuku, trailed off pensively, looking from senshi to senshi as she as well stood from the table.

". . . Well, anyhow, we will raise our children to be normal Prince and Princesses of our respected planets, and never visit the Earth ever again . . ."

As Neo Queen Pluto concluded their universal decision, each Royal Senshi rising from her seat, only Neo Queen Mars remained immobile, eyes closed tightly.

". . . No worries, Rei-chan; I know it feels as though we've betrayed our heritage and who we are . . . but it really is for the best . . . I'm sure in time you will see that . . ." Neo Queen Mercury murmured softly to her old friend, lending words of reassurance as always as she took her to help her up.

While each senshi's body began to emit her respected color as the ritual that would seal off their senshi powers began, Neo Queen Venus gently wiped away a heartbroken tear away from her cheek before closing her eyes.

. . . I truly wish things could have been different . . . but, if it will mean the assurance of your everlasting safety, my precious Jou-chan . . . then so be it . . . May Kami have mercy . . .

-- End of Prologue

(A.N. Not bad, eh? Easy for me, since I didn't have to write that from scratch and just had to add or edit a few spots. LoL But yeah, I'm sure, if nothing else, the beginning with Venus-chan's bedtime story confused you, but like I said that's to be expected. Anyhow! Liked it? C'mon, I KNOW you did! Now you're curious . . . mwa ha ha LoL But yeah, a few things: obasan means aunt; okaa-sama means mother in the highest respectable sense; otou-sama means father, also in the highest respectable sense; iie means no; minna means everyone; mirai means future; and kami means God, before someone leaves a review saying they don't know what what means. Woo LoL So, yeah! Reviews, galore! HeHe)