The Demon of the Futile Area

(Chapter 1)

Meet the characters

This is a story about a girl named Kagome whose shrine is picked up in a tornado with her and her dog Inuyasha inside, and then she is taken to a magical land (rainbow appears) in the futile era of Japan. Now it's time to meet the cast…

Real name… Character…

Kagome Dorothy

Inuyasha Toto

Kouga Scarecrow

MirokuTin man

Shippo Lion

Sango Glinda/ auntie Em.

Shessomaru Wicked Witch of the West/ Mrs. Gulch

Kikio Wicked Witch of the East (dead)

Naraku Wizard of Oz

Poison Insects Flying monkeys

Mioga Mayor of Munchkins


Other Wolves Crows

Kilala Magic wand

Kanna Crystal ball

And now we shall start the fic. (If I change the parts a little it's because I feel like changing it…)

It was just another day at Kagome's family shrine; everything that could have been done was done for the day. Just then and evil man wearing make-up rode up to there house on his bike followed by a strange little green dude carrying a large suitcase. "I need to speak with Sango about your mutt of a dog," Inuyasha growled, he hated being called a mutt. "What's this about needing to talk to me?" Sango asked walking up next to Kagome carrying a large boomerang on her back. "I'm going to have your dog put down," he said dryly. "Why? What has Inuyasha done to you?" Sango asked poking him with her boomerang. "He cut me with his sword," Shessomaru said glaring at the dog. "That's only because you tried to slit my neck with your poison claws," Inuyasha said glaring up at him. Kagome whispered back to him, "You're not supposed to talk until after the storm! Normal dogs can't talk," So Inuyasha shut up until that night. Oh wait that's right, Shessomaru takes Inuyasha then Inuyasha escapes and comes back to Kagome, they hide in the shrine when a tornado comes and they get flown into the futile era.

When Kagome woke up she found Inuyasha lying on her lap, but he was no longer just a dog, he was (half) a dog demon. "What the Fuck?" she screamed noticing the sudden flow of colors, and a dog demon on her lap, "Get off, bad Inuyasha," "But I was just getting comfy," Inuyasha yawned, "Where are we anyways," he said looking around. "I don't know," Sighed Kagome finally getting off her lazy ass and looking around, "We're not in Kansas anymore," "We were NEVER in Kansas. Did you hit your head or something?" Kagome didn't answer, she just walked outside (followed closely by Inuyasha) and noticed an evil witch dressed in Red and White standing in front of the shrine. "Who are you?" Kagome asked walking towards her, "I'm Kikio the evil priestess of the east, and now I'll get you!" Kikio rushed forward, but tripped in her ruby slippers falling down the well and breaking her neck, leaving only the slippers behind. "Wow, that was convenient," Kagome said, walking further into the town (which was extremely tiny)

"Welcome to Miogaville, I'm Sango the demon slayer of the North, no relation to your aunt who also looks and sounds like me," "How do you know about that?" Kagome asked suspiciously, "About what?" Sango asked surprised, "Never mind. Where are we?" "I just told YOU! We're in Miogaville, Japan" Kagome looked around again, "Who lives here?" "The chibi fleas, (sings her song to make them come out)" Suddenly there were hundreds of fleas everywhere, making Inuyasha very uncomfortable, "You should get some Raid," he said drawing closer to Kagome. They all gasped "That word is forbidden here, Lord Inuyasha," Inuyasha turned around, "How do you know my name?" they all fell quiet, too quiet.

And so the story has begun, what will happen next… (Will I become random?) (Answers self with a duh)