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Chapter 11

"a… prostitute…?" Inuyasha cringed.

"a… prostitute…" Miroku's eyes filled with ideas.

Sango slapped him and disappeared, realizing that the good witch shouldn't be traveling with the rest of them. Inuyasha looked over at Kouga, who hadn't said much of anything in the last few chapters so finally decided to speak. "We should probably try to… stop the… er… three…. some."

The rest of them cringed, but agreed and sped away into the general direction of the Castle… thing. Little did they know that the script had a minor typo. Kagome wasn't going to be used as a prostitute for a threesome; she was going to be used as a procreator for three sons. Shessomaru was still going to rape her and all… but Naraku would have no part in it.

okay.. just a not I KNOW rape is bad, you shouldn't write about it… I KNOW… but really Shessomaru kidnaps a little girl and.. well he might just have a Michael Jackson moment… (coughs) Rin…

So anyways while the rest of the gang was running off to stop an unholy 'threesome' Shippo was walking into Shessomaru's bedroom. As he edged around the corner of the room he saw Kagome tied up on the bed dressed like … well a slutty schoolgirl like always. He ran over and untied her, and quickly they both headed for the door.

(has to end it here…. Can't let ya know what happens… quite yet)