Variations Of SPD
Variations Of SPD
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Last Revised: February 8, 2007

Summary: The end has come. Some move on, some stay behind, but all are forever changed by the Variations of SPD.
Rating: M for adult situations
Disclaimer: I don't own PR, Disney does

Dedication: To any and everyone who's reviewed, emailed, imed, or whatever and let me know that you enjoyed the ride just as much as I have. And to BloomingViolets, for being the one who got me started on Syd and Sky. Who'd have ever thought reading Pink Surprise would ever change my life the way it has. Thank you, Sis! Without you, I wouldn't have found them.

An: In some ways, I'm saddened to see this end. I know I could go on, I could write another epic story for them, but honestly, I think I've put these characters through the wringer the last 2 years, and it's time for this series of events to end. There may be some one shots, and definitely expect me to go back and do the MA versions for a few chapters, but other than that, the Variations series comes to an end in this epilogue. Some days, the chapters have frustrated the hell out of me, some days they've made me cry, but for every one of those types of moments, there was hope, love, and faith in the story I was telling. It's taken some unexpected turns, ones I didn't even think about until one of you guys said something that sparked a whole new direction. So to all of you who did, even if you don't know it, thank you. I never thought after MMPR or DT that a season of Power Rangers could shape my life the way SPD ended up doing, and for that, I'm thankful to everyone who made SPD possible, both during the actual season and all the fanfic writers I've had the pleasure to work with, discuss with, and commiserate with. I hope you've learned to love these characters as much as I have, and that they continue to inspire generations of fans the way those before them have!

"God only makes happy endings. If it's not happy, then it's not the end!" -- Unknown --



He couldn't help but to grin at his friends. "She's fine. Katherine and Jason are with her," he told them, catching the streak of yellow before it barreled him over.

"So?" she asked, looking up at him with a smile and big brown eyes full of questions.

"A girl," he grinned. "Six pounds three ounces, with her mom's heart shaped face and my hair."

"Congratulations Sky," Anubis announced from where he stood next to Kat and Boom.

"Thank you, Commander," Sky responded, hugging Z close before Jack, Brian, and Bridge joined them for a group hug.


"She's so small," Katherine murmured, cradling her granddaughter in her arms. "God, it seems like so long ago, but I remember when you were this small."

Syd laughed and leaned against Jason, who was perched on the bed with her. "I don't even believe I was ever that small," the tired blonde laughed at her mother.

"Are you kidding? Tommy and I were both terrified to hold you for fear of breaking you because you were so tiny," Jason teased.

Katherine smiled at her husband and daughter before looking back at the baby and then back at Syd. "Where's Sky?"

"He went to tell the others," Syd yawned. "And to find his parents; they were supposed to be here an hour ago." Jason leaned over and kissed Sydney on the temple, closing his eyes as he did, thankful that she'd lived through the last couple of crazy years. "Daddy?" she softly asked. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he grinned, sliding his arms around her, holding her close. "Absolutely nothing."

"Can we come in?" Wes called out, poking his head in the door.

Syd's face lit up. "Of course!" she chirped. Wes and Jen entered, followed by Sky, who immediately made a b-line for Sydney.

"Oh!" Jen gasped when she saw the baby. "She's gorgeous!"

Katherine smiled and stood before handing the baby over to Jen. "Have you picked out a name yet?" Wes prodded, peering down at his granddaughter, who was sound asleep.

The proud parents shook their heads. "We really haven't thought about it," Sky murmured, his hand taking Syd's and squeezing gently. "We've been so overly excited to have her, that I think we just put it off till the last minute."

Syd grinned. "I've had an idea for a few days now."

Sky looked at his wife and raised an eyebrow, softening the look with a smile. "Oh?"

"Mackenzie Ann Collins, or Mac for short."

The former Blue and Red Ranger chuckled. "It's perfect."

"Mackenzie Ann," Jen repeated, looking down at the baby and smiling at the serene face. "Hello Mackenzie."


"What are you looking at?" Sky questioned, plopping down on the couch next to Syd. He'd just finished putting the baby to bed and was more than ready to spend a few quiet moments alone with his beloved wife.

"Believe it or not, our wedding album," Syd grinned, placing the album on his lap. It was opened to a picture of the two of them sharing their first dance as husband and wife.

Sky chuckled. "Hard to believe we've been married almost a year isn't it?" he posed.

"I know. A lot has changed in the last three years," she reminded him. "I seriously never thought we'd get to this point; first Gruumm, then Visvajita, then Vampra."

"Not to mention finding your real parents, our getting together, both of your pregnancies, our powers, finding Brian, us getting married, Jack and Ally leaving SPD."

"Bridge and Z getting engaged," Syd smiled.

Leaning back against the couch, Sky pulled her close to his side and stared down into her face. "It's been a crazy few years," he murmured, reaching up with his free hand to touch her face.

"Do you remember what you said to me that night before we took on Vampra?" she softly asked, looking up into his beloved blue eyes.

He nodded and swallowed the lump. They'd had too close a call that night, nearly losing each other and their friends. "I was serious when I said it; I wouldn't change any of what's happened to us, especially not now. Everything we went through led us to this, and having Mackenzie."

"God, remember the night we took him out?" Syd shakily asked.

Sky let out a breath he wasn't aware he'd been holding even as he drifted back into his memories of that fateful night.


"They're dead."

Shadow Ranger held tightly to the sobbing Pink Ranger. Ally wanted to run to Jack, but she couldn't stop clinging to Anubis for anything.

Aaron shook his head and slowly moved toward the fallen bodies of the six Senior Rangers. With a sense of dread and trembling fingers, he reached down and touched Jack's neck. The six had lost their Ninja uniforms somewhere during the light show they'd caused. Now they were just in their burnt and dirty street clothes. Closing his eyes, Aaron felt for a pulse. When he felt the weak and barely perceptible beat against his fingers, he let out a breath. One by one, he moved to each of the others, finding their just as weak pulses.

"THEY'RE ALIVE!" he cried out in relief. He let out a relieved laugh when Ally flew to Jack's side and the others came behind her, each dropping to their knees by their counter part, Anubis stopping next to Brian.

Anubis pulled out his morpher and radioed the base. "Kat, prepare the infirmary," he said.


"Senior A Squad is going to need medical assistance upon return to base."

"Affirmative. Delta Base out."


Wes opened his phone and with a liberal amount of apprehension answered the device. "Hello?"

"They're alive. We need you, Jen, Jason and Kat to come to the academy."

"We're on our way Kat!" Wes all but shouted, turning to see the tears and fear from the others as they anticipated the worst. "They're alive! We need to get to the academy, now!"


"Congratulations A Squad, on your successful mission," Anubis announced.

The nine Rangers stood before him. "As you know, Cadets Landors and Parker have decided to leave SPD. This leaves Senior A Squad with an opening. It also leaves Junior A Squad with an opening. For now, those openings shall remain. Cadet Tate, step forward."


"I asked you once, if I were to make Sydney Red Ranger, would you follow her into battle. I ask again, if I made Syd Red Ranger, would you follow her command?"

Sky grinned. "Commander, I'd follow whoever you deemed worthy of leading this team, especially Syd."

The Senior Pink Ranger grinned and Anubis nodded. "Take this, Sky, you've earned it." So saying, Anubis held out the morpher in his hand.

Sky took the device handed to him. "Sir?"

"Congratulations Sky, you're the new A Squad Red Ranger."

Bridge, Brian, Z and Syd all grinned. "You're Ninja Morphers are yours, but these are your new and improved SPD Morphers. Bridge, you're being elevated to blue. Sydney, Z and Brian, you will remain as is. When, and if, Sam is ready, we may put him on A Squad with you."

"Congratulations guys," Kat smiled at them as the others clapped.


"It's ugly," Z muttered at her brother.

Jack grinned back at her, slipping his arm around her. "No, it has potential."

"Are you two sure this is what you want?" Aaron asked, staring at the building again.

"Positive," Ally smiled, staring at the building that was about to become New Tech City's newest homeless shelter. She and Jack had been working for nearly six months to get it together, raising the cost for running it for a year, which had been matched by both Syd and Sky's parents; they had enough finances to run for the next three years without a problem.

"As long as you're happy," Syd grinned, leaning against Sky. They'd been married two weeks, and neither could be happier. Christmas had just past and New Years was only days away. Everything around her seemed to be filled with shininess and hope. Syd's thoughts were disrupted when a familiar beeping went off. Sky sent Jack a look while the others gathered around him.

"Good luck," Jack told them, smiling sadly.

Sky returned the smile before looking at the others. "Ready?" he asked, bringing his morpher up.




Syd held Mackenzie close as the baby fed quietly. Sky had gone downstairs to get them some water after he'd brought her their crying daughter. "I'm so glad you have your daddy's eyes," she whispered to the baby. "I love his eyes."

A soft chuckle came from the doorway. "She's only a week old; you can't tell what color her eyes will be for a while yet."

The former Pink Ranger rolled her eyes at her husband before looking back down at Mac. "Mommies just know these things, don't they Mac?" Syd asked her daughter.

The blonde looked up when Sky's fingers caressed Mackenzie's cheek before sliding off and caressing the skin of Sydney's breast just next to where the baby's mouth was. Sky wasn't touching her to arouse, even though it was doing just that. He only did so because of the wonder he felt at watching Sydney nurse the tiny life they'd made between them.

"She's so small," he spoke, his voice whispery.

"She won't be for long if she keeps eating the way she does," Syd snickered.

"I didn't think after I realized how much I loved you, that I could love anyone as much if not more."

"I know," Syd whispered, shifting the baby to her shoulder so she could burp her. Once that was done, Sky took Mac and sat back against the headboard, trying to rock the baby to sleep. "I love you, Sky."

"I love you too Syd."


"Seems so much more different around here these days," Brian grinned as he and Sam sat down to eat lunch with Bridge and Z.

"Tell me about it," Z laughed. "In the last three years, I've seen more variations to SPD then I thought possible."

The three boys chuckled. "When's Syd coming back?" Sam asked before chomping down on his sandwich.

"She's taking another month or so off," Bridge told him. "She wanted to spend a little time with Mac before jumping back into the swing of things. It's going to seem weird to not see her in the pink trimmed uniform, or to see her in her Ranger suit."

"So she really stepped down?" Brian asked.

Z nodded. "With Sky staying on as Red Ranger, she wanted at least one of them not in the crossfire just in case."

Brian nodded, understanding exactly why and how his sister had come to that decision. "Are Jack and Ally coming to dinner tonight?" he wanted to know before he finished his Jell-o.

"I think so," Z told him. "Last I checked in with them, Jack mentioned not wanting to miss it."



The four looked forlornly at their lunches before racing out of the room. Z had been right about one thing, there had been several variations of SPD since she had joined, and most of them had started with one variation of pink.