"Alright children," Mattie yelled. "It's time to come in for dinner."

Mattie stood in the doorway of her new house in Tennessee. It was a little bigger than what she had left in Kansas, but she was getting used to it. She was now standing on the back porch, watching as Frank rode the three kids around the paddock. Challenger had turned into a great family horse.

"We'll be in a minute, Aunt Mattie," Little Jesse said as he waved at her.

"No, now," Mattie said forcibly.

"Come on, kids," Jesse said from across the fence. "You're mother and aunt has spoken."

Jesse had bought a farm right next Frank's and had finally settled down with Zee. They had two kids Little Jesse and Jim. They were both sweet and wonderful boys that were just like their father. Frank and Mattie, however, had one daughter. Her name was Clara after Mattie's mother. Besides Mattie, Clara was the love of Frank's life.

It was amazing how their lives had suddenly changed for the best. Mattie loved her new place and her little girl. She also couldn't wait for the one that was on the way. She hoped it was a son. Frank had already picked out a name if it was a boy. James Francis James after both himself and Mattie's brother. She put her hand on her stomach and felt the baby kick. A smile came to her face as she thought about the day Frank feel at her door.

Frank got the kids off Challenger and handed the reins to Jesse as he ushered the kids out of the paddock. He looked up at Mattie. Even now, Mattie looked the angel that saved his life. She was older and looked about ready to pop. Yet, he could see the happiness and beauty in her eyes. There were many nights when he would just watch Mattie sleep and think about how she had saved him. He never thought that he could be so happy until now.

He walked the kids up to the door and pulled Mattie to him. He gently kissed her nose as the kids yelled and giggled at them. Frank shoved them inside and this time really kissed Mattie. Then he let her go.

"You know I used to think when I was hurt and with you that was Heaven, but now, I know this is Heaven," he said, kissing her again.

"This isn't Heaven," Mattie said softly. "At least not the Heaven we know, but I think this is another part of Heaven."

Frank looked at her funny. "What do you mean?"

"This is an Outlaw's Heaven."

Those words echoed in Frank's ears for a long time. He had never thought of what he had as anything but Heaven. He had everything that he ever wanted. He had Mattie, children, and his brother was safe. It was all that he could want and need. He leaned over and kissed Mattie again. If this was an Outlaw's Heaven, he never wanted to leave it for any other heaven.