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Warning: Shota and shonen ai, yaoi later on. Don't read if this squicks you, please!
Rated: R for sex, and language
Pairing: Kakashi/Naruto/(onesided) Sasuke
Summary: Kakashi and Naruto, sensei and student. But is that really all their relationship is? When Naruto's life goes from bad to worse, will the Jounin reveal his feelings in time?

The River Never Ends
Chapter One--Prologue: Old and New

Naruto roamed the streets of Konoha with a moody expression, hands thrust in his pockets. He happened to be glaring at little children menacingly enough to make said children squeal loudly and sob uncontrollably to their mothers, who in turn gave Naruto nasty looks as they passed by. Somewhere, deep inside his dark hole of a heart, he found it incredibly satisfying. He frowned, clouded thoughts drifting to a familiar silver haired teacher.

For at least two months now, Kakashi had been having lunch with him nearly every day at Ichiraku's, which wouldn't be so bad for the free meal, if it wasn't for Kakashi himself.

The pervert was definitely a strange one. Sometimes, he would spend at least forty minutes just sitting there, staring at him, and it was souncomfortable. Other times, he'd buy Naruto ramen, none for himself, and read his Icha Icha Paradise until Naruto had finished, which was also kind of confusing.

Two months! Naruto thought, scrubbing his chin angrily in heavy contemplation. And I'm so getting sick of ordering the same ramen every single time! He won't even let me order my own food, tch! There's soooo many more delicious flavors, that bastard!

"Yo," a startlingly calm voice came from his side, scaring him half to death and causing a high pitched shriek to erupt from his mouth. He flailed about, arms pin wheeling in the air.

"Kakashi-sensei, don't dothat!" Naruto bellowed, clutching his pounding heart as the silver haired man smiled cheekily at him with his eye. People were staring at the spectacle the two were making, disapproving looks on nearly every face.

"You were taking too long. I had to come and find you, something wrong?" Kakashi asked, his voice never losing its monotone, nose stuck religiously in his book.

Blushing, Naruto scrunched up his nose, trying desperately to not catch the taller man's eye. "Well, you see Kakashi-sense, I'm kind of. . . er sick of beef ramen. Can I have something else, perhaps? Miso, shrimp, chicken, pork?"

Only half paying attention, Kakashi's eye was following along with his book, while sneaking periodic glances back at the frustrated blond. "I'm not a charity, Naruto."

"Whaaaat, beef is the most--"

"Then it's settled," Kakashi replied happily, taking Naruto's arm none too gently and dragging him along on the road of life. "Beef ramen, it is."

Naruto's eyes were spinning excessively, feeling drool splatter out of his open mouth akin to a dog, glaring at the silver blur leading him along. "But Kakashi!" he whined.

Kakashi had successfully planted Naruto's ass in a seat beside him at the stand not five minutes later, grinning to himself but not breaking eye contact from Icha Icha Paradise once.

Naruto sighed, decidedly bored. He fiddled with the hem of his atrocious orange jumper before two bowls of ramen were placed on the table, and began to eat, shoveling in as many noodles he could fit into his mouth until the dish was completely squeaky clean. Practically washed, Kakashi noted dully.



Looking up, Naruto's blue eyes' met Kakashi's dead gray one. "Yes, Kakashi?" Maybe today would be the day something worth mentioning would happen, and they wouldn't just eat ramen and leave!

Kakashi looked up from the book, placing it languidly on the table, and pushed away his full bowl half-hazardously. He yawned, making a blood vessel burst in Naruto's head.

"Let me see your arm."

And in that moment, Naruto's heart exploded. "I-I-I. . . all ready told you I'm doing better Kakashi, honestly. Why do insist on checking?" He stuttered, suddenly becoming fascinated with the table and bit his lip.

Kakashi just smiled patiently.

"Because I'm afraid of where I'll find you if I don't. Show me, Naruto."

Peeling up his sleeve, Naruto lifted his arm, feeling rather bold in the process. "See, no new scars! I told you," he gloated smugly, but there was something dark swirling around in his usually vibrant eyes.

Kakashi's finger traced a particularly glaring red cut bodly, not missing the shudder he received for his effort. "Mm. That you did, Naru-chan. I'm impressed."

Naruto blushed, letting his sleeve slide back down his arm. The heat radiating off his cheeks was incredibly embarrassing, and the way Kakashi was looking at him. . .

"So, do you wanna guess why we're here every day?"

"For food, what else?" Naruto replied edgily, nervously eyeing the way Kakashi was in turn watching him.

The Jounin lowered his mask slightly, and grinned. "No, try again?"

"Because. . . I'm the coolest person in the world and every loves me?" Naruto bit his lip again, heart clenching painfully at his own spoken words. He was definitely the opposite by most everyone's standards. Damn.

"Perhaps." Kakashi chuckled to himself. "You're getting closer."

"Because you want to spend time with me?" Naruto asked with the hint of hope.

Kakashi smiled, leaning down further. "Bingo. And do you know why?"

The blond shrugged. "So I won't try something stupid again. . . "

"No, because of this," Kakashi whispered, fully sliding down his mask before connecting their lips. Naruto's eyes bulged out, and his arms started pinwheeling uncontrollably again. Kakashi seemed to produce this reaction a lot lately. But a weight was pressing down, pulling them safely back to his side, soft and gentle hands on his own. Kakashi pulled away with a lazy sort of smile, hardly hesitant or shy considering what he just did, his mask firmly in place once more.

Naruto didn't even catch his face, which seemed to make it worse. Kakashi could have been hideous….

"Now you understand?"

Naruto nodded, closing his eyes sadly. "Everyone wants the same goddamn thing; you and Sasuke are no different. . ."

Kakashi's own eyes widened. "Naru--"

"No, just, I gotta go. I'll see you later Kakashi-sensei!"

And he was gone; all that was left was a blur of orange and yellow.


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