1Disclaimer: I own nothing but my laptop, a pencil, and a sobe bottle.

Warning: AU, because it just didn't fit the evil Thunder's timeline, slash, which means homoerotic content, and handcuffs.

Summary: Cam gets captured and handcuffed by an evil Hunter.


A/N - This was created b/c my friend accused me of giving her H/C images while she was in Latin class (I was across town) and then talked about my pirated multimedia. At which point I complained about going to jail without being able to play with the handcuffs or the cute submissive cop.


Cam opened his eyes and blinked groggily, scanning the dark room where he had just woken up. Trying to move his hands he found them cuffed together, with one strong chain since he could not break it even using the ninja moves he had illicitly learned. Taking a deep breath the hazel eyed man tried to remember the last thing that had happened to him.

He had been in Ninja Ops all alone, the Rangers having gone home and his father having wheeled his temporary 'house' somewhere else in the complex. He had been working on the super-computer when he heard footsteps and had closed the program and turned expecting to find one of the Ranger's coming back after seeing Kelzaks and had come face to face with...

"You're awake."

Hunter. Cam frowned and looked towards the voice, hearing the click of a light switch and closing his eyes against the bright light. Hunter circled him, waiting for the tech geek to adust before he sprung whatever scheme had up his sleeve, Cam guessed. Opening his eyes the brunet focused on the slightly hazy form of Hunter, he might not need his glasses that much but he did wear them for a reason.

"What do you want?" He snapped angrily and was surprised to see Hunter smirk down at him.

"Well, originally I brought you hear to take a look at my broken morpher..."

"Like I'd ever help you." Cam growled and watched as Hunter seemed to become more amused at this statement, his face coming closer as he dropped to a crouch by the handcuffed man.

"I realize this, but that was the original purpose. Right now... I think I want something else." And then Hunter swooped down to kiss a suddenly wide-eyed Cam.