Sesshomaru is the owner of Japan's hottest clubs. He is known for his power, his grace, and most of all his sexual addiction. He is known to bed all of the beautiful actresses and models but what happens when he meets an ordinary Kagome? Lemon/lime/ perhaps a little bondage in later chapters..You know, the kinkiness.

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Chapter one: The Meeting

Kagome tugged at her cotton dress, willing air to seep though the thick fabric. She sighed as she looked up at the sky. It was nearly dark yet the sun was still beaming, and she was beginning to feel the summer's heat. She ran a hand through her slightly matted hair and began to walk home. After spending her whole day working and studying she was way past tired.

Sesshomaru sighed as he heard the high-pitched ring of his phone. Sighing in exasperation he picked up the phone.

"Whatever it is handle it yourself, Jaken!" Sesshomaru barked into the phone.

"A little angry. Eh, love?" A female voice cooed on the other end.

Sesshomaru grinned. It was not like Yura to just decide to check up on him, obviously she wanted to visit his bed again. "Yura. How are you?"

"I'm terrible. I've been having this terrible ache." She said, mock whining. Sesshomaru smirked inwardly. He'd grown accustomed to the role-playing that they'd sometimes do.

"And where is this ache exactly? Is it your head again?"

"No, it's lower."

"Ah, I see. Perhaps your neck."


"Then where is it?'

"I'm sure that you can guess. It's a lot lower, though." She cooed seductively.

Sesshomaru chuckled lightly at her innuendo. Although here ways were slightly childish he'd hit a dry spell and would soon need another woman to grace his bed to rid him of this dry spell. Yura would be his pick-me-up.

Kagome sighed in relive. After almost another 15 minutes of walking she was only a block away from home. Kagome started to cross the street. She didn't notice the black Porsche until it was only a few feet away from her. Kagome froze and stared like a deer caught in headlights. She closed her eyes tightly, preparing herself for a head on collision. But she quickly opened them when the sound of screeching tires penetrated her ears.

She still stood frozen until a voice called out to her.

"It's not very smart to just stand there like that."

Kagome took a deep breath and took another moment to quietly compose herself. "Well maybe you should get off of your cell phone and stop driving like a bat out of hell." She spat at him, frowning slightly as a piece of her hair flew into her line of sight. She removed the strand and glared at the man. But as she looked to him she noticed his beautiful features and began to soak in them.

His long waist length platinum blonde hair that looked strangely white hung freely, and his piercing amber irises that were slightly accented by the black Armani suit that he wore. She also noticed that he had magenta tattoos on his wrist as he waved his finger at her.

She frowned again.

"Don't you wave your finger at me. I'm the one that was nearly flattened." She yelled.

Sesshomaru was about to retort but stopped to frown at her. He took a look at her plain knee-length cotton dress and the reading glasses that were hanging from her nose slightly. Her hair was pulled into a tight ponytail and a few strings hung loosely in front of her face. Not my type. Sesshomaru thought mentally. Sesshomaru often found himself looking over every woman that he encountered, but this one didn't seem to appeal to him much.

He took one last fleeting glance at the girl before walking back to his car. "It seems that you're fine so I'll be on my way."

"You almost hit me. The lease you can do is give me your name." Kagome noticed the way he frowned at her when he took one glance at her.

"Although I don't know what good it would do you, I'll tell you. My name is Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru Taisho."

Feeling the need to give her name Kagome spoke. "And my name is Kagome Higurashi."

Not really paying attention to her Sesshomaru climbed back into his car and picked up the discarded cell phone.


No response.

"Damn." He mumbled, agitation laced within his tone. "There goes my pick-me-up."

Kagome continued her trek home, fuming the whole time. That jerk! He almost runs me over then has the gall to wave his finger at me like I'm some child! She turned into the apartment complex, still thinking about how she'd like to strangle him with his silky long hair. Kagome was so enthralled in her thoughts that she hadn't noticed that her best friend had opened the door and stood looking at her quizzically as she watched the girl mentally battle herself.

"Kagome." She called, waving a hand in front of the girls face.

Kagome looked at her friend then just walked past her and into the two bedroom apartment.

"Kagome, what's up with you?" Sango said, pulling her wavy brown hair into a ponytail.

"I was almost run over today!" Kagome yelled, flopping down on the couch, her small form sinking into the fluffy cushions.

"Really, now? Were you reading and walking again?"

"No. I was perfectly aware of my surroundings. That is, until some jerk in a Porsche tried to trample me. And he looked at me as though I was some low class servant or something. Ugh...that jerk. Extremely sexy jerk." Kagome mumbled.

", eh? How did he look?" Sango said inching closer to her friend to pry her of all the juicy details.

"Well, he was about 6'6 with waist-length white hair. He had the strangest amber eyes and these deep baritone voice that sends shivers down your spine. Not to mention how nice he looked in that suit." Kagome said grinning sheepishly.

"Ah! Kagome finally finds someone attractive." Sango said slapping her playfully on the leg. "So, did you get a name, number, anything?"

"A name."

"And what is it?"

"Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru Taisho."

Sango frowned and looked away, as if she were deep in thought. "Sesshomaru Taisho. That sounds familiar to me for some reason."

"Ah. Well, Sango. I'm beat. I just want to take a long bath and relax." Kagome got up to stretch her legs and yawn, emphasizing her point.

"Don't go to bed, Kags! I want you to go somewhere with me tonight." Sango whined.

"Sango, I'm not into all of that club hopping. You know that." Kagome said, freeing her hair from the ponytail."

"You say that all the time. Please! Just go with me, this once!" Sango ran to her and wrapped her arms around her. "Pleassssse, Kagome!"

Kagome sighed and looked at her friend. "I'll go with you, but I don't have anything to wear. And besides, look at me, I'm a mess."

"We can fix that." Sango said with a grin.

"Come on, Kagome." Sango said, practically dragging the girl along by her arm.

"I don't know about this, Sango." There are so many people in there and don't you think this dress is a little short?" Kagome said pulling on the red dress."

"Not at all. I think it looks wonderful on you, actually."

Kagome smiled. Compliments from Sango truly meant a lot. She would allow her to drag her into this place. But just this once. "How are we going to get in? I mean, if this is the best club in all of Japan then surely that won't let us in." Kagome took a second to scan all the people standing behind the velvet rope. The line was literally wrapped around the corner with people hoping that they could enter the exclusive nightclub.

"Don't worry about it. I happen to know the bouncers."

Sango nodded at her friend deciding that she would trust her just this once. She followed her friend nervously. She'd only been to a club once and that was a horrible experience. She was hoping that this would not turn out to be a repeat of that night.

"Yo, Sango!" A man voice called as they approached the entrance.

"Hey, Kouga."

"Back again I see. And you've bought a friend."

"Yes. This is Kagome."

Kagome smiled nervously.

"She's a hot one." He said, grinning wolfishly. "Go right in." He said pulling back the rope. All kinds of rants were heard as people fussed.

"I've been waiting out here for three hours, and they get in? Come on, man!"

"Oh shut up." Kouga said glaring at the man.

Meanwhile Kagome and Sango entered the club as a blast of music instantly shocked their eardrums filling it with the seducing sound of it's melodic notes.

"Isn't this place great?" Sango said yelling over the loud music. Kagome looked around the club. The walls were completely black as well as the bar and the floor. The only light that was even present was the black lights that adorned the wall and the few colorful lights that would flicker overhead. A small array of dance cages were scattered throughout the club as scantily clad women moved their bodies to the addictive music boomed loudly. Kagome had no choice but to agree that this place was indeed great.

"Hey, Kagome. Why don't you get us some drinks why I go to the ladies room to freshen up a little. I'll meet you at one of the tables near the dance floor."

Kagome nodded and headed for the bar. She took a seat on the barstool careful to pull the tight dress down before sitting.

"May I help you?" A waiter asked, grinning at Kagome.

" Two long island iced teas." She said simply. Although Kagome didn't frequent clubs much she did visit the bar occasionally with a few of her friends. Kagome turned in the seat to look at the people that were strewn about on the dance floor grinding their bodies together manically. As she watched she began to tap her red heels on the metal of the barstool. The musical selection was wonderful and she was already beginning to loosen up. Kagome continued to watch the people grind when someone walked on the side of her.

Sesshomaru approached the bar, his eyes sweeping over the raven beauty that sat silently. He took time to skim over her long legs and wonder what was under that tight red dress. The four inch heels that strapped sexily over her smooth ankles accented her skin tone. Her hair was pulled into a bun and a few wavy strings hung loosely and caressed the smooth skin of her cheek. He leaned slightly to get a good look at her behind and immediately enjoyed the sight. He cleared his throat slightly and approached her. Softly he tapped her on the shoulder.

"Excuse me miss-but"

"Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked, an eyebrow raised slightly.

"You. You're the girl from earlier." He grinned at her slightly. I must say that the girl does clean up quite nicely.

"Well I see that you're still rude as ever." She said turning away from him and concentrating back on the dancing people.

"You didn't quite strike me as the clubbing type. What brings you here?"

"Excuse me, miss. But here are your drinks." The bartender said handing her the drinks, allowing his hand to caress hers slightly. Kagome smiled and turned back to Sesshomaru.

"Well, Mr. Taisho. I don't think that you know me well enough to jump to conclusions." She smiled at him slightly before sauntering off. She congratulated herself mentally. For once she did not make herself seem like a bumbling fool. She would not let him get away so easily with looking at her the way he did. Sesshomaru watched the girl walk away, admiring the way the red dress accented her luscious curves. He licked his lips. He would have her. She would be his pick-me up.

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