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Summary: HP and Naruto crossover. Two strangers show up at number four Privet Drive and offer to take infant Harry off the Dursley's hands causing the destinies of two realities, and one Harry Potter, to change immensely.

Warnings: Very AU for the Harry Potter universe. Possibly altered timelines for the Naruto 'verse (such as ages, and the dates for Orochimaru's defection, Academy graduation and Chuunin exams). Two important OCs. And if people decide to hook up there's no guarantee that it'll be het. . . so m/m and f/f are possibilities. Oh, and there will be Japanese words and phrases used in the fic, even during the sections where English is primarily spoken.

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Cyber-"Now we skip ahead several years, a la book one, and get into the fun stuff. On to chapter two!"

Harry Potter and the Ninja Reality

Chapter 2

Missing Person, Dedicated Student

The chirping of birds, proclaiming the morning's arrival, is loud enough to pass through the closed window. The occupant of the room, however, is already awake. Green eyes stare nearsightedly at the ceiling as the young boy stretches and yawns. Without looking he reaches out and grabs a pair of glasses, steel gray with round frames and marks of being broken and soldered back together several times.

Glasses in place the boy sits up, stretching again, and smiles at the birds outside the window. He tilts his head as if listening and counts down silently, "Three, two, one. . ."

"Haru!" The boisterous voice invades the room, accompanied by a clatter as the door flies open, "Up!" The owner of the voice, a young woman with wild black hair grins at the boy, "I'm making breakfast. You have ten minutes." Anko, a few years older but just as scantily dressed, laughs as her grin broadens and she puts her hands on her hips. The apron, the only thing covering her torso other than very revealing mesh, proudly proclaiming "I'm a ninja. My cooking is good. Or else." is pulled down a little and threatens to expose her breasts.

"Hai, hai." Haru grins back, absently running a hand through his own untidy black hair, "I'm up, Kaa-chan." In a fluid movement he gets to his feet and crosses the room. Not caring that he's still being watched he strips out of his nightshirt and pulls on a sleeveless mesh top, set out with his other clothing the night before.

Anko chuckles, "Big day today. Unless you're going to chicken out. . ."

With a glare that is more show than actual feeling Haru huffs, "A Mitarashi never chickens out! I'm going to graduate a year early just like you did."

"That's my boy!" With a cheerful wave Anko closes slips out of the room, "I don't have to withhold your breakfast as encouragement."

Haru runs a brush lazily through his hair, doing nothing to make it tidier, and cracks, "Only you would think holding breakfast hostage is positive reinforcement."

Anko's voice floats through the closed door, "I'm a Mitarashi too, Haru-chan!"

Muttering about crazy mothers, Haru scrambles into a vest and pants, both black, and pulls out a pile of bandages. Humming merrily to himself be begins wrapping the bandages around his right thigh and lower legs. As he bends over to wrap his ankle the vest clinks, metal against metal. Haru absently adjusts the tough fabric hanging heavily on his shoulders, revealing a row of shuriken snugly fit into the insides of the vest. The wrapping continues slowly, Haru making sure the hem of his pants is secured under the wrappings on his calf and that the rows are even. When he finishes with one leg he moves to the other, moving with just as much careful sureness, indicating much practice.

His attention seemingly diverted he doesn't look up when the door opens again, this time silently. But the apple, aimed at his head, is caught and Haru grins, finishing up the wrappings one handed, "Thanks, Kaa-chan." He bites into the apple and carefully inserts several tiny, razor-thin blades in between the layers of bandages and secures a weapons holster over the bandages on his thigh. In between bites of the apple he pulls on a pair of fingerless gloves and attaches a weapons pouch to his belt.

Anko smiles fondly, "Breakfast will get cold if you don't hurry. I fixed a big one." She looks at her adopted son and shakes her heads as he pulls on what appear to be sleeves over his arms, "You know. If you want sleeves you could just wear a coat."

Haru chuckles, "Too hot. And anyway, I want to be ANBU someday and ANBU have their shoulders and upper arms bare on missions. And our technique needs sleeves, Kaa-chan." He secures the sleeve around his bicep and pulls on the other. "And it's not like it's the weirdest clothing a ninja has ever worn."

"You have a point." Anko walks into the room and ruffles Haru's hair, "Come now, breakfast."

Haru smiles at her and turns to look at the mirror, taking in his appearance. A small, lithe boy stands before him, dressed in black. Messy hair frames an attractive face and a slim scar, shaped like lightning, slices across his forehead. Contemplatively Haru rubs the scar, "Do you think they would be proud of me?"

With a brief reassuring hug Anko comments, "Of course, Haru. From what we know your birth parents were very good and strong people. Who wouldn't be proud that their son is about to become a strong ninja?"

"Do you think I'm ready? To graduate?" Haru's voice is soft, unsure, "I haven't even turned eleven yet."

Anko chuckles, "Of course you are. It's only a year early and you've trained and studied as much as possible." She sobers a bit, "While graduating early is a good deal harder than graduating normally, you've got determination and hard work and a fair amount of raw talent to back it up. Besides, you've had me training you since well before you entered the Academy. There's no way you can fail."

Haru blushes, just slightly, "Thanks Kaa-chan." Almost as an afterthought he glances at the calendar beside the mirror. He blinks at the picture, a handsome young man posing half naked with a katana, for a moment then squeaks, half in outrage and half in embarrassment, "You switched your calendar with mine again!"

"Took you long enough to notice." Anko ruffles Haru's hair, "Isn't that such a nice picture? I like it even better than March's. Hayate-kun is adorable."

"It's not!" Haru turns to glare at his mother, "Unlike you, Kaa-chan, I have no interest in looking at half naked shinobi! It's. . . tasteless."

Anko looks indignant, "It is Playkunoichi's Yearly Shinobi Calendar. All of the photos are quite tasteful. And there wasn't any blackmail or extortion used to get any of the photos this year."

Haru sputters for several moments then adds sullenly, "I like my calendar better."

"That Water Country beach scene is beautiful." Anko smiles agreeably, "But we need to eat breakfast and then you have to head to the Academy and pass your test!"
. . .

"Dumbledore! Dumbledore!" Professor McGonagall rushes into the office, not taking not of all the odd objects arranged around the room. There is fear and apprehension on her face, "I think something has happened to Harry Potter!"

Dumbledore, sitting in silence, looks at a silver watch for a moment then turns to her calmly, "He is quite fine. I took the liberty of creating this for him before we sent him to his family." He holds the watch out to McGonagall, the silver hand on it pointing to 'Perfectly Healthy.' "He has never been in severe danger." As if in protest to his statement the hand on the watch flicks over to "In Danger of Injury" for a moment before returning to "Perfectly Healthy."

McGonagall gives Dumbledore a stern look, "You were saying?"

Dumbledore smiles disarmingly, eyes twinkling, "Well. I fear the spell isn't perfect. It has taken a liking to doing that on occasion. But never fear, it hardly ever veers from perfectly healthy for long. And as you yourself can vouch, young boys are very good at getting themselves in trouble."

"Fine. But something is still very wrong." McGonagall places a thick envelope on Dumbledore's desk. It is addressed to "Mr. H. Potter" but nothing other than the name is visible. "I was preparing the acceptance letters for this year and nothing I've tried will make his address appear! The charm on the envelopes is supposed to be the best there is."

The smile doesn't disappear, "Ah, but no spell is perfect." After a moment Dumbledore pops a candy in his mouth an continues, "As I recall there was one girl who's parents had taken her vacationing in South America several years ago. The address wouldn't appear on her envelope until her family returned to Britain. It is entirely possible that something similar is happening now."

McGonagall looks slightly mollified but concern still flickers in her eyes, "Alright. But I still get the feeling that something is terribly wrong."

Dumbledore smiles brightly, "Don't worry. I'll look into the matter myself. There are a few other charms and spells that might provide young Harry's location."

Her face finally relaxing, McGonagall sighs, "Thank you, Dumbledore. I just couldn't bear it if something were to happen to him. I've never agreed with sending him to his relatives."

"It was the right decision. Harry is well protected with his relatives. Not even Voldemort at the height of his power could've harmed him there."

"I just hope he's still there."

Dumbledore shakes his head, "I don't think his relatives, no matter how unwilling, would ever turn the boy out."
. . .

Haru grins, settling into a seat next to a small girl with dark hair and pale, almost pure white, eyes, "Morning, Hinata-chan."

Hinata smiles very faintly in return, "Good morning, Haru-kun." After a pause she adds, voice almost a whisper, "Good luck today."

Beaming, Haru pats her shoulder, "Thanks." He chuckles a little, "You know, you could try to graduate early too. I know you can do it if you try."

"I, I'm not strong enough, Haru-kun." Hinata blushes, "I'll be lucky to graduate next year."

The smile turns into a faint scowl, "Yes you are, Hinata-chan! Your grades are some of the best and out of the class only Sasuke could hope to beat you with taijutsu only. And he'd be hard pressed to do it too. You just need more confidence." Haru blushes just a little, "And if you graduate early, maybe we could work together on missions."

Hinata starts to reply but a young man in a green vest moves to the front of the room and starts to speak, "Alright. Everyone knows that today is the day of the finale exam. Those of you who wish to attempt to test out and graduate early, please come to the front." There's a jubilant shout and a blond boy, dressed in bright orange, leaps out of his seat and rushes to the front of the room.

Haru gives Hinata a last smile and walks down at a more sedate pace, joined by another boy who scowls at the other students. The blond jeers at them, "Hurry up, slowpokes! Let's get this exam started so I can kick your asses."

The teacher gives the blond a glare, "Naruto. You're the worst in the class. I don't even know why you're trying to test out. At least Sasuke and Kazuharu have a chance."

Naruto glares back, pointing at the teacher with a defiant pose, "I'll pass this year, Iruka-sensei! And then everybody'll have to acknowledge me!"

Iruka rubs his temples, "Naruto, you. . ." He trails off as Haru and the sullen Sasuke reach the front. With one last look at the defiant blond he clears his throat, "Anyway. Uzumaki Naruto, Mitarashi Kazuharu, Uchiha Sasuke. Is it your intention to test out of the Academy?" When the three nod Iruka straightens, "Very well. In order to test out not only must you pass the finale exam but also several other tests which are designed to show your overall skill level, as well as your mental and emotional maturity and stability. If you fail any part of these tests, for any reason, you will not be allowed to graduate. Understand?"

Naruto pumps his fist in the air, "Yatta! This year I'll show you all my real skills!"

With a little sigh in Naruto's direction Haru nods, "Yes." Sasuke nods as well but remains silent.

Iruka smiles, "Good. Minami-sensei will lead you to the graduating class so you can take the finale with them. Good luck!"

Haru grins with anticipation as he follows the other two boys out of the room.
. . .

Anko enters the office and bows politely, "Hokage-sama."

The old man behind the desk smiles at her, "Ah, Anko. Sit, please."

She grins and settles in the chair, "So. Can I assume I'm being given a new mission?"

"Yes. But first, I hear your boy is trying to graduate early. . ."

"Kazuharu is ready, Hokage-sama!" Anko winces slightly at her interruption but continues, "I know you aren't pleased that I've been teaching him our techniques." The faint hint of desperation in her voice increases, "But Haru is a member of the family and well. . . They are family techniques. Shishou may have become a traitor but I swear, Haru and I will never follow his path!" Her protests grind to a halt as gentle hands grip her shoulders in a steadying manner.

The Hokage smiles down at her, "I know that. And I do not disapprove of the techniques any more than I would disprove of the techniques of the Yamanaka or the Nara. But they are known and associated with Orochimaru. I wouldn't wish that stigma on your son. Children shouldn't have to deal with unfounded prejudices." There is a pause then the Hokage asks softly, "You still think of him as your master?"

Anko nods, "I always will, in spite of what he's done. He is Shishou. And the only father I've ever known." With uncharacteristic solemnity she grits out, "And I will kill him one day and redeem whatever honor he has left our family, for Haru."

With a sigh the Hokage returns to his seat. Several moments pass in silence then he speaks, "Your mission. A class. Infiltration." He hands her a scroll, "Here are the specifics and the objective. It should only take a couple of weeks and if there was someone else with your qualifications available I would have sent them."

Dark eyes flick over the scroll, "Water country eh?" A slow grin blossoms over Anko's face and she runs her fingers through her hair, "Been a while since I've done one of these. I suppose Haru's old enough to take care of himself and I can always blackmail someone into checking in on him if I need to." After a few seconds of thought she nods, "Accepted. Is it alright if I leave after the survival test? I want to be there to celebrate with Haru if he passes."

"You seem certain that he'll pass the exam today."

"Hell yeah." Anko puffs up with pride, "I've been testing him for weeks. His skills are second best in his class, only the Uchiha boy surpasses him. He's worked very hard, harder than most of the others I expect, to get ready. His drive to excel surprises even me sometimes. He's ready."

The Hokage chuckles, "I'll believe that. His teachers report he tries harder than any of the others, except perhaps for Naruto, and his hard work makes up for any skills he naturally lacks."

Anko nods vigorously, "And he's finally overcome that chakra problem of his. I was worried for a while but his reserves are finally increasing properly and the odd feeling has left his chakra at last. With the stamina that he's worked so hard to build up and his natural fine control. . . If he had any real interest I'd suggest he train as a medic but he has his heart set on joining ANBU." She pauses to rub her shoulder with a thoughtful expression, "Maybe I should become active again. I enjoyed being a Hunter."

"All you have to do is ask."

"Naa. I'll wait a year or two." Anko snickers, "I'm nothing if not patient." There is a pause and Anko laughs at herself, "When I need to be at least. And I don't want to leave Haru alone. I'm his only family." With a cocky grin she stands and bows, "With your permission. . ."

The Hokage laughs, "Go, go. I'm sure you need time to plan the celebration for your son's graduation."

Anko pulls out a small scroll tied with a red and green cord, "I've had that planned for days. It's about time Haru learned my addition to the family techniques." She slips out the door, throwing over her shoulder, "But I suppose I could use the time to go and get his favorite dango. Ja!"

For a moment the Hokage stares at the door and then he sighs, pulling out an old photograph, "Orochimaru. You foolish child, why did you abandon your family? Was the power you seek truly worth that?"
. . .

Iruka sighs and ruffles through the papers, "Naruto failed again. Bunshin no Jutsu was chosen for the final." With a sad shake of his head he picks up another pile.

The silver haired man next to him snorts, "He's the kyuubi brat. What were you expecting, Iruka? Don't tell me you're starting to like the little monster."

"Mizuki!" Iruka hisses, "It's forbidden to talk about that! And don't say things like that about Naruto. Hokage-sama ordered us to be fair to him."

"Right." Mizuki makes a derisive sound, "Well I'd say the only one who should pass is Uchiha Sasuke. The other two. . ." He makes a face.

Iruka shakes his head, "No. Sasuke failed the mental and emotional stability tests. No exceptions. Kazuharu, on the other hand, passed everything, if only just barely."

"Why not? Exceptions have been made before." Mizuki shrugs, "It's not like mental and emotional stability are the most important part of being a ninja. None of us are completely stable, even you, Iruka-chan." Iruka blushes at the teasing tone, undermining his glare. Mizuki chuckles at him then sobers, "And Kazuharu is a Mitarashi. You know both he and his mother are in league with Orochimaru, and he's an S-class nukenin. Do you really want another of his spies in our ranks?"

Iruka's glare strengthens, "I can't believe anyone still believes that after all these years. It's unfair to Kazuharu to treat him differently just because of his family. And. . ." Iruka's voice gains the tone of a teacher lecturing a disobedient student, "The last time an exception was made for failing the stability tests was with Uchiha Itachi. That ended in disaster. Or have you forgotten that Itachi slaughtered the Uchiha clan and possibly made Sasuke watch? Sasuke is definitely not ready. Truthfully he may never be but it won't matter because next year all he'll have to do is pass the final."

For a moment anger burns in Mizuki's eyes but then it vanishes, Iruka remaining oblivious, "So only Mitarashi Kazuharu will graduate early then?"


"Well, at least we won't have any partial teams this year." Mizuki's voice is light, belying the tiny spark of displeasure still in his features.

With a nod Iruka shuffles through the papers again, "But who to place him with?" Frowning, Iruka looks down a list of names, "The worst part about graduation is compiling the team recommendations for Hokage-sama."

Mizuki's eyes glint maliciously, "Put him with that Geirin brat. And the blockhead, Inoue, who couldn't recognize good strategy if it stuck a kunai in her back."

Iruka blinks slowly, "That. . . Might actually work." He writes down the names and glances at the papers again, "Ah, so many difficult choices this year."

"Putting the Hyuuga boy with Rock Lee is a given. How did that Lee boy graduate anyway?" Mizuki dismisses the question with a shake of the head, "All we need then is someone to balance them out. Kunoichi?"

"That would be best." Iruka peruses the list again, "How about Tenten? She's skilled with weapons. It should balance out the abilities of the team very well as neither of the boys uses weapons often."

"Sounds good. Next?"
. . .

Haru bursts through the door, grinning from ear to ear, "I passed! Kaa-chan I—!" With a graceful jump he dodges out of the way of a flurry of shuriken, landing in a crouch and returning his own.

"Seinai Jashuu!"

The sudden appearance of several long, green snakes from Anko's sleeve doesn't even faze Haru. However, instead of dodging he leaps straight into the middle of them, spinning and twisting to avoid getting coils wrapped around him. The tactic only partially works and he ends up trapped within the snakes a few feet from Anko. But his expression slides into a smirk, "Seinai Jashuu!" Two snakes suddenly burst from his sleeve, smaller and not nearly as long but it doesn't matter as he is now close enough for the snakes to wrap around his mother's neck.

Anko laughs, "Very good, Haru-chan. First time you've been able to get close enough to pull that off." Haru beams at the compliment and almost at once all the snakes disappear into their owners' sleeves. Anko ruffles the messy black hair in front of her and holds out a scroll, "To celebrate."

Haru looks at the green and red cords and back at Anko, "Is this?" With an awed look glimmering in his eyes he slowly pulls free the cords and opens the scroll with a small pop and a burst of smoke. "Uwabami no Manrikigusari no jutsu?" The chain now wrapped around his wrist gleams and seems to writhe as if alive. The impression is helped along by the weighted ends of the chain, carved to appear as heads of fierce looking pythons.

"Uwabamigusari no jutsu. The python chain." Anko puffs up with pride, "My original technique. Even Shishou never learned it." Anko pauses for a moment then shrugs, "Though that is mostly because I completed the jutsu after he became nukenin."

The chain shimmers and twists as Haru threads the thick metal links through his fingers, "This. . . You're giving it to me?"

"Yeah." Anko smacks Haru lightly, "You're my son, idiot. Of course I'm going to teach you my jutsu. But on two conditions." Anko holds up two fingers, "One, you eventually create your own jutsu to add to our family scroll. And two. . . You master Uwabamigusari to my satisfaction before the explanatory meeting in a few days."

"Ossu!" Haru salutes, grin broad enough to nearly split his face, "I'll do it!"

"Well then." Anko returns the broad grin, "Do you wish to begin now or do you want your celebratory dinner first?" Haru begins to answer but his stomach interrupts with a loud rumble. Laughing at the embarrassed boy Anko guides him to the table, "Dinner first then."
. . .

McGonagall edges into the cluttered office, "I don't want to intrude, Headmaster, but. . ."

Dumbledore looks up from a rather dusty book, his smile faint and eyes lacking their amused glint, "May I presume to think that you are asking about young Harry?" When McGonagall nods he closes the book with a faint shake of the head, "I have found nothing with even the most advanced of spells that I can manage. Fawkes has gone out to look but until then. . ." There is a long silence and when Dumbledore's voice finally breaks it, it is with the barest of whispers, "The Dursleys still abide at number 4 Privet Drive. I shall go to ask on Harry's whereabouts as soon as I can. Unfortunately the Minister requires my assistance on several far more important matters."

McGonagall looks like she is about to say something but subsides. Dumbledore smiles, "You may accompany me if you so wish when the time comes. Provided you don't have more important matters to attend to."

With a tiny sigh McGonagall relaxes, "Sir, will Fawkes be able to find Harry?" Her tone, though hardly changed, seeks assurance.

A small measure of the usual twinkle returns to aged blue eyes, "My dear professor. Fawkes has yet to fail me." Dumbledore returns to his book, "Of all magical creatures the phoenix is one with abilities most suited to this task. It is even said that once they take a task upon themselves they never fail. Not even with impassable distance and time itself arrayed against them. I think we can rest easy knowing that Fawkes is searching for our missing person."
. . .

"Haru!" Anko's voice thunders through the apartment, "You're going to be late! Stop acting like some civilian girl."

Haru grins distractedly and rushes past her towards the door, tugging on the hitai-ate tied around his neck. At Anko's questioning look his fingers seek out the scar on his forehead, "I kinda like it."

Anko merely shakes her head and holds out an apple and a box wrapped in a red cloth, "Obentou!"

"'gatou, Kaa-chan!" Mumbling around the bite off apple Haru leaps to the roofs, bouncing over them like some insane rubber ball. He reaches the academy building quickly and pauses to straighten his clothes before dashing into the classroom. Once inside, however, his confidence evaporates and he glances around at all of the unfamiliar faces of the other students, most of whom chatting excitedly about missions and adventure.

While most studiously ignore his entrance one boy, eyes painfully wide in a face wreathed with fly-away hair and bushy eyebrows, waves at him, "Morning! You must be the student who graduated early. I'm Rock Lee!"

Haru blinks at the boy's odd appearance, "Um, Hi? I'm Mitarashi Kazuharu." After a short pause he adds, "But you can call me Haru. Nice to meet you?" The shock melts into amusement and Haru's devil-may-care grin starts to return.

"Are you excited about missions?" Lee bows his head a little in greeting and moves over so that Haru may sit beside him.

"Sure. I've waited my whole life for this day, seems like." Haru laughs lightly, "You?"

"Yes! I was worried that I wouldn't even be able to pass but I have!"

"Worried? Why?" Curiosity peaked, Haru turns more of his attention to Lee.

Lee rubs the back of his head self-consciously, "I. . . I have a disorder or something. It prevents me from molding chakra consciously. I can only use taijutsu. But I'm still going to prove that I can become a good ninja. Even without ninjutsu and genjutsu."

Haru nods, "I used to have trouble with chakra too. But how'd you pass the exam? Isn't it—?"

"I was given a special taijutsu only exam." Lee glances around and whispers conspiratorially, "I think one of the jounin spoke to the teachers on my behalf."

Haru is about to reply but a soft voice interrupts, hard edges barely hidden, "Lee." The owner of the voice is a long haired boy one row down, back turned to them, "Shut up."

Lee stands up, radiating righteous anger but before he can speak, Mizuki enters the room. Cowed at the sight of a respected teacher Lee sits down abruptly. At Haru's questioning look he whispers, "Neji. Top rookie of our year. I looked into your grades when I heard you graduated early. You'd be tied for third in our year."

Neji turns around slightly and fixes them both with a disapproving gaze.

Catching sight of pupil-less white eyes Haru murmurs, "A Hyuuga?" At the other boy's nod Haru asks, "Do you know Hinata-chan then? A cousin perhaps?"

"Hinata-sama, is a disgrace to the clan. She is weak."

"Don't you—" Haru's angry snarl is cut off by the Mizuki's voice ringing out over the students.

"You've all graduated the academy. Congratulations." Mizuki pauses, smile not completely hiding the disdain in his features, "Now the real hardship begins. You're all new rookies, genin. You're inexperienced. I'm sure some of you naively believe that everything will be those heroic glossed over fairytales that civilians think the ninja life is." Mizuki's gaze lingers pointedly over several of the students, including Lee, "Well it isn't. Blood, pain, death, war, intrigue, assassination. . . But you won't be sent out alone. To help you improve and grow you will all be divided up into three man teams and put under the leadership of a jounin who will be your sensei until you rise in rank." Mizuki seems to relish the shock of the students before finishing blandly, "I will now announce the teams. Then you will be dismissed for lunch and some time to get acquainted with your teammates."

In the flurry of shocked murmurs Haru frowns, "Well it makes sense. I know Kaa-chan wasn't telling everything. . ." He turns to Lee, who is nearly trembling with excitement, "Lee?"

Lee grins, "Teams! I hope I'm put with Neji."


"Because if we're on a team we'll be training together and one of my goals is to defeat him someday." Lee blissfully ignores the glare from Neji.

"Well, I hope you get your wish. So. . . What sort of teammates do you think the other students will make? You know them better than me." When he doesn't get an immediate response Haru nudges Lee.

Lee returns from his contemplation of possible teams and smiles brightly at Haru, "Don't worry. No one here would make a bad teammate. At least, I don't think they would. We're all hardworking ninja of Konoha."

Haru nods and turns his attention to Mizuki, who is carefully intoning the teams.

"Team 4: Mitarashi Kazuharu, Inoue Chikara, Geirin Kenji. Team 5: . . ."

Haru perks and looks inquisitively at Lee. Lee fails to hide a slight grimace, babbling to cover up for it, "They're both very good ninja, Haru-san! Chikara-kun practices taijutsu with me sometimes, she's quite good. And Kenji-san is supposedly very good with. . . um, things. . ." Lee trails off and turns to pay attention to Mizuki once more.

"Lee, could you tell me. . ." Seeing that Lee's attention has been stolen by hearing Neji's name Haru sighs, "Well I'll have to see for myself then. . ."

"Team 6: Hyuuga Neji, Tenten, Rock Lee."

The entire room winces at Lee's jubilant shout.
. . .
. . .

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To bookworm51485: Thanks for the long review. As for the crossover. . . Well, Naruto-tachi going to Hogwarts is very much overdone (and usually less than believably) so I wanted to try something less common (and Harry-ninja is love in my mind). And pairings. . . well, not the focus but if some turn up it's a tossup over whether they'll be yaoi, het, or yuri.

To I HATE POTTER: Um, thanks? And are you masochistic by any chance? Because no one is forcing you to read it and you seem to have read it anyway, in spite of your claim to hate such crossovers.

To tenshi213: Thanks for the review. As for the tense: I apologize if it bothers you but I have no intentions of changing it unless it is proven to have very significant grammar faults with my use of the tense itself. My use of present tense is a personal thing.

To Moonraker One: Thanks for the wonderful critique. I'll be the first to admit that comma usage is my weakness. Every time I think I've gotten using them properly down someone comes along and says I'm doing it wrong. Oh well. . . I suppose I'll get it right one day. And thanks for the compliment on the present tense.

To Itasuko-chan: Thanks for the review. Makes me wish I spoke French. is wary of potential false cognates
. . .

Japanese terms: (my translations and explanations should be taken with a grain of salt. I am not a native speaker.)

Kaa-chan- A more affectionate way to address one's mother. (the more common form of address in anime is Okaa-san or Kaa-san)

chan- an honorific added onto names. Usually used for girls or young children. Occasionally used as an endearment between family members. When used inappropriately it can be insulting.

kun- honorific. Used for those equal or below the speaker in status. Often added to boys names but teachers (canon in Naruto) can address any student with kun.

san- the basic honorific. The way I understand it san can be used for almost everybody in polite situations. Can also be added to occupations but not as often.

sama- honorific for people above the speaker in status.

nukenin- a renegade ninja.

uwabami- python

manrikigusari- a chain with weighted ends that is used as a weapon

Obentou- boxed lunch

Shishou- master, as in the master of an apprentice.
. . .

Seinai Jashuu- often translated as 'Hidden Snake Hands'

Bunshin no jutsu- clone/replication technique
. . .

Name meanings for OCs:

Chikara uses the kanji for 'power'

Geirin uses the kanji 'gei' for art, the same kanji used in geisha, with the kanji meaning forest

Kenji uses the kanji for kimono design (though Kenji in this case is written in katakana)
. . .

A brief essay on my theories of chakra and magic as concerned in this crossover:

Chakra in Naruto is a combination of physical and spiritual energy that can be shaped and controlled to create various effects. For my purposes the energies behind magic is also a form of chakra. Therefore, in theory, wizards could train as ninja (as Haru has) and ninja could learn magic. But to make things more interesting (and to try to even out the universes a little) it isn't easy.

I've decided that wizard chakra is different (and wizards have a vastly different skill set) than ninja chakra. Both groups can use chakra but they do it in very different ways. To clarify:

Ninja: it seems to me that ninja consciously control their chakra and train not only to improve their levels but their control as well. The control is a mental discipline. Also, for my purposes, hand seals guide and aid in molding and controlling chakra. This means that very skilled ninja (jounin and above) don't need most or all the hand seals for simple jutsu (bunshin or kawarimi etc), and that most ninja quickly learn how to do various non-jutsu skills (tree climbing, water walking, the prodigious leaps and bursts of speed and power) without needing the seals to concentrate chakra. Also, because so many jutsu are amazingly powerful and destructive, I'm assuming that even the simple jutsu take a great deal of chakra (much more than say, a civilian would have) and that the chakra has a significant physical component. Let's say that basic chakra is about 50/50 physical and spiritual power mixed together.

Wizards: Wizards don't seem to consciously control their magic (especially accidental magic) and neither do they train to increase their magic power or to control their magic. Intentional magic seems to be dependant on both wands and incantations (though they can be silent) and thus I am assuming that wands channel and amplify magic-chakra while the incantations (with wand movements) guide and aid for specific spells. So, no wandless magic. Accidental magic is simply an undirected and completely uncontrolled burst of sheer power caused by emotional/mental distress and a strong desire for something to happen. However, because of the wands the magic-chakra needed for all but the most powerful spells is negligible compared to the chakra needed for comparable jutsu. And because wizards deal with such small amounts, any wizard that learns to consciously control their chakra will have unbelievably good fine control. Also, the basic magic-chakra mix is more heavily spiritual energy, probably 20/80 physical/spiritual. Lastly, because the amount of chakra used is much less, wizards naturally have a significantly lower chakra reserve than the average ninja (though still much higher than a civilian).

What all my babbling means for the story:

Ninja can become wizards but spells actually take more chakra than jutsu (because the different basic chakra mix has much less spiritual energy) and they will have a great deal of trouble controlling their spells unless they already have absolutely perfect chakra control for even the tiniest amounts. (i.e. the best choice to train as a wizard would be a medic-nin) Ninja would also have to understand how the spell works in order to perform it because they lack the ability to subconsciously control their chakra as wizards do.

Wizards can become ninja but they will have several big obstacles. The first being their low chakra reserves. The second is the fact that all of their natural chakra control is completely subconscious and jutsu require conscious control. The third, and most important, is that their chakra mix is different and most jutsu require specific mixes (though all ninja chakra is around the 50/50 range).

What it means for Haru specifically (yes, he will eventually go to Hogwarts):

He's going to be very bad at magic, especially to begin with. Being trained as a ninja all his life has stripped him of virtually all of his subconscious control (This makes him about on the starting level of Neville or maybe even Filch. In my little AU a squib is a wizard who lacks that subconscious control. Train a squib to be a ninja and then, maybe, they'd be able to learn magic to the extent that a normal ninja can). Also, his chakra mix has adapted and changed from wizard to ninja and while it's theoretically possible for him to control the mix. . . Well, someone will have to figure out what the different mixes are to begin with. The only thing that anyone knows right now is that ninja chakra and wizard chakra feel different.

. . . I hope that makes sense. It makes sense to me but it might not make sense to others.