Title: Shewolves

Disclaimer: Some very lucky people out there own King Arthur, but they are being complete dolls by letting me write a fanfic about the movie. So chocolates and strawberry daiquiris (nonalcoholic of course) to you.

Summary: 'Kay, so four friends are about to embark into the "real grown up world" when they end up in 467 A.D. Warning, this is a Mary Sue!

Rated: R, for language and implied naughtiness (shame, shame)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to my three sista's from another mista. You know who you are so give yourself a pat on the back for being such great muses.

Description of Characters (that I own):

Ann: 18 years old. Has shoulder length dirty blond hair. Hazel eyes and a medium figure. Voted most funny in class.

Louise: 19 years old. Shoulder length dark reddish blond hair. Hazel eyes and a slim figure. The valedictorian of her class.

Nicole: 18 years old. Long brown hair and dark brown eyes. Medium figure and is the youngest of the group. Voted most lovable in her class.

Haileen: 19 years old. Long very curly dirty blond hair with black streaks. Medium figure and is the oldest of the group. Voted most creative in class.

Chapter 1: The last day to Party-Hardy

"Where the hell is Ann?" Louise shouted upstairs, "She was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago."

It was the last day ever of summer vacation for Louise, Nicole, Haileen, and Ann. Tomorrow Haileen and Ann would go off to their one-year backpacking trip through Europe, Louise would start college at NYU, and Nicole had a wedding to plan for.

So to celebrate their last night together they met at Mrs. Doubtfire's home. Mrs. Doubtfire's home was actually an old house in the middle of Middleton's woods that Nicole's father had fixed up and tried to sell for years. Eventually he gave up and the girls turned it into their meeting place. They named the house after their favorite movie from when they were young.

"I swear," Louise came up to the main bedroom, "If she doesn't get here in two minutes I'm going to hunt her down and go Carrie on her immoral arse."

"Uh sweetie," Nicole said, "You'll be needing physic powers to go Carrie on anyone's arse."

"Yes and physic powers is something your big brain just can't conjure up my dear Lou," Haileen put in with a smile.

"Would everyone please stop calling me that!" Louise shouted, "Now if she doesn't get here I'm gonna really…"

At that moment the three friends heard the front door open and close.

"Ladies," a voice sang, "The fun has arrived." Ann ran into the room kissing them each on the cheek, "Did ya miss me chickababies?" (AN: This is not a slash. This is just how these girls treat each other.)

"You're late," Louise crossed her arms and glared at Ann.

"Jeez Lou," Ann answered, "Go have a cow and milk it."

"Would everyone please stop calling me that!"

Unfortunately no one was listening. "Ann did you bring the movies," Nicole asked. "Sure did," Ann replied with an excited smile, "I brought: Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom of the Opera, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Life as a House, Girl Interrupted, and for the grand finale…King Arthur!"

"OMG Ann," Haileen moaned, "You've brought that movie over one hundred times."

"That's not counting the twelve times you dragged us to the cinema to watch it over and over," Nicole agreed.

Ann looked to the floor ready to cry. Her friends knew how much she loved the movie so they quickly agreed. Besides, each had a thing for a certain knight. Louise thought Galahad was mighty fine (for a whiny pain in the arse), Haileen thought the tall, dark, and mysterious Tristan was…well tall, dark, and mysterious, Nicole just wanted to hang with Gawain (she of course staying true to her fiancée), and though she hated to admit it, Ann had a little thing for the cocky but hansom Lancelot. They all agreed that Arthur and Guinevere already made a great couple, so no need to mess that up in their minds.

By midnight the four had pigged out on pizza and ice cream and were now down to their last DVD. They got the electricity for Mrs. Doubtfire's home by 'borrowing' it from a nearby farm. Anyway, Haileen had just popped in King Arthur when it started to thunderstorm outside.

"Shit," Ann muttered.

"What is it?" Louise asked.

"Oh, I left the cover off my mountain Jeep and now the interior is going to be drenched."

"Well let's go put it in the garage," Haileen suggested. She paused the movie, and they all grabbed their coats heading out into really nasty weather.

Ann found that her Jeep wouldn't start, so they all were trying to push it forward. They didn't notice the house get stuck by lighting. A wire that connected the electricity got disconnected and started waving around in the air. Right above the girls and the Jeep.

"Holy shit, look out!" Nicole shouted. But it was too late, the wire fell onto the Jeep and the electricity surged into each girl and sent them flying to the ground.

That was the last thing each remembered before they all passed out.

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