Central Intelligence Agency

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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Date: October 14th, 2008

Report submitted by: Special Assistant to Overseas Human Resource Administrator of the CIA, Joseph O. Garble

While investigating case #124563 in the town of Carlisle, Britain, I took a two day leave of absence to do some sight seeing, and decided to go see the ancient Hadrian's Wall. While there I met an old mentor of mine, Professor Elliot Wickham of Classical Archaeology at Oxford University. Professor Wickham was heading a group trip of his best students to see the newest discovery at Hadrian's Wall.

I spoke with my friend and he explained that a month before a hidden tomb had been found in this area. Its secret entrance laid under a stone base connected to Hadrian's Wall. Deciding to accompany Professor Wickham and his students to the tomb, we came to the stone base.

The base was circle shaped, and, at one time, had intricate designs of vines and roses crafted into it. In the middle was a type of knob; shaped like the North Star and pushed out of the base, so you could grasp it. Wickham bent down and, using some strength, turned the knob. The stone base we were standing on began to shake. Everyone immediately ran off for safety. Then the base revealed it had a split in the middle, so the two sides could detach and the entrance was revealed.

The entrance revealed to be a sharply steep stairway made of the same stone as the base, which we carefully headed down. After the stairway was a hall that led to a battered, but still intact, large wooden door with gold trimming and handle. But the door also had a gold tablet nailed to it.

The tablet, written in Latin, read:

Tomb built in 508AD

To place Lady Nicole the Angelic,

The first of the Shewolves to pass from this earth;

Here is also the resting place of Shewolf warriors

Queen Guinevere the Lionhearted

Lady Annallis the Daring

Lady Louise the Steadfast

Lady Haileen the Blissful

Enter only to gaze upon

These five remarkable women;

As requested by

King Constantine and Princess Igraine,

Son and Daughter of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere;

Sir Timothy, Sir Hector, and Lady Isolde,

Sons and Daughter of Sir Tristan and Lady Haileen;

Lady Shelby, Lady Jazeline, Lady Pavla, Lady Sonia, and Lady Ellen,

Daughters of Sir Galahad and Lady Louise;

Queen Arwen, wife of King Constantine, Sir Eric, and Sir Sirius,

Daughter and twin Sons of Sir Lancelot and Lady Annallis;

Prince Aleksander, husband of Princess Igraine, and Sir Ivan,

Sons of Sir Gawain and Lady Nicole.

After Professor Wickham translated this he explained that the ancient historic community had proven from this tablet and other that King Arthur had indeed ruled over Britain, and that his knights and Queen Guinevere had existed. Wickham also said that he and his colleges were still searching for answers on who the Shewolves were.

A memory came to me when I heard the names Haileen, Louise, Nicole, and Annallis. For years I have been an avid watcher of the Lifetime show, Unsolved Mysteries. One particular episode that I remember included the investigation of four teenage girls that disappeared in August, 2005. Their names were Haileen Cork, Louise Ralph, Nicole Whether, and Annallis Brooks. Even though it was impossible these two groups of girls could be the same, my curiosity was still peeked.

The door was opened and inside was a large circular stone room with pillars that held lit torches. Spaced perfectly apart, was five grand stone coffins with gold trim and jeweled designs. Each coffin had a golden symbol on it and gold letters that told of who it held and how long they lived.

The first coffin, to the right of the doorway, had a heart as a symbol and read:

Lady Nicole the Angelic

Arrived 467AD, Died 508AD

The second had a bold, gold and jeweled crown as the symbol:

Queen Guinevere the Lionhearted

Born 448AD, Died 518AD

Third was a coffin with a golden fox with emerald eyes symbolized:

Lady Annallis the Daring

Arrived 467AD, Died 531AD

A dagger with a jeweled handle donned as a symbol for the fourth coffin:

Lady Louise the Steadfast

Arrived 467AD, Died 531AD

The fifth and final coffin had a ruby rose as a symbol:

Lady Haileen the Blissful

Arrived 467AD, Died 540AD

At the middle of the room floor was a craved out picture of a crescent moon and howling wolf. Wickham took his class around and explained how the tomb was found and the known history of it. What I suppose impressed Professor Wickham so much about this place was that these women from that time were held at such a high honor that they got a buried with such wealth and being so renowned in words. The rest of my time during those two days was spent in that tomb. Taking pictures and making notes. There was just something that kept bringing me back to that Unsolved Mysteries episode.

I returned to the United States with my research and decided to pursue my hunch. I contacted the Unsolved Mysteries offices, and they told me where to find the four missing girls families. They also gave me copies of all the files their computers held on the girls. Then I talked to the Cork, Ralph, Brooks, and Whether families. Since it had only been three years since the disappearance of Haileen, Louise, Annallis, and Nicole, their parents and siblings were a bit reluctant to talk about it.

I did, though, learn a lot about the girls' personalities. The four girls had been friends since they attended camp together when they were six. Haileen Cork was the unofficial leader and mother figure. Louise Ralph had the most complicated personality, because of the suicide of her sister and death of her mother. Louise's father and brother describe her to be fiercely loyal to her friends; she opened up to few others than Haileen, Nicole, and Annallis. Annallis Brooks, known better as Ann, left behind only her mother, who described Ann as a bright, witty girl that had a never ending supply of energy. The youngest of this quartet was Nicole Whether. From her parents surrounding I guessed that Nicole lived a privileged life. Her mother and father said Nicole was a sweet, good girl. I also found that right before Nicole's disappearance she broke off her engagement to her long time boyfriend, Ryan Leaf.

The more I learned about who these girls were the more they sounded like four of the ladies entombed at Hadrian's Wall. But how is that possible? How can four girls match in both first name and personality to four women that lived over one thousand years ago? I asked myself those questions every night before I went to bed during the next few months, when I set aside the case to turn my attention to other work duties.

Two months after I put aside (what I had come to call) the Hadrian's Wall case, I got a call from my connection at the Unsolved Mysteries offices saying that the FBI agent, who had worked on the disappearances, wanted to meet with me at the FBI office in Boston, Massachusetts.

I flew to Boston and met with Special Agent Sharon Powers. She asked questions about why I had become interested in the cases of Haileen Cork, Louise Ralph, Annallis Brooks, and Nicole Whether and what I had found out. After several minutes of passing information to one another I told Agent Powers my theory on Hadrian's Wall. To my surprise, she didn't laugh. In fact, Agent Powers nodded, as if in understanding, and passed me a single piece of paper. Without another word she left her office; leaving me alone. After her leave, I read the paper and found it read the message, 'Meet me at the entrance of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.' I left the FBI office and went and changed my home ticket to one to go to Washington D.C.

On Tuesday, at the Library of Congress, I waited at the entrance in anticipation. Sharon Powers showed up at exactly noon and asked me to follow her. We went inside the building and Agent Powers led us to the very back where on elderly women, looking in her early seventies, sat at a desk. Behind the desk were several file cabinets. Powers showed her badge to the woman and asked for 'the key' and a file she had asked to see before. The woman handed Powers a ring of dozens of keys and a very thin file. Then my guide led us from the desk to a door in the very corner of the library.

She handed me the file and said to read it while she tried to find the right key to open the door. I opened the file and found a paper that had a FBI report written:

Date: January, 24th, 1902

Report submitted by: Special Agent in X files department, Harold B. Webb

Prophecy found in northern England. Inscribed on a tablet and reads, "I, Merlin, leader of the woads, am of twenty winters, and the first to write down the Aquiluses Lupuses prophecy my forebear foretold. 'Four girls will come from a land far of distance and time. Four girls will come from a land of freedom and wealth. Four girls will first gather in fellowship in a sacred place of peace. Four girls will bring both confusion and hope to us. Four girls will be wolf then human. Four girls will save our land'." This prophecy has been critiqued and submitted into the X files.

Although this report talked of impossible things, an official Federal Bureau of Investigation seal.

I couldn't question Agent Powers on the old report, because she had unlocked the door and headed down to the basement of the library. I followed and when the lights of the basement were turned on, I found it to be filled with hundreds of file cabinets.

"These are the X files of the FBI," Powers told me, "And here is where you will find out what really happened to those fours girls."

Speechless, I was led though the maze of cabinets and only watched in silence as Agent Powers opened a cabinet and flipped to find the right file. When she did, she held it in front of me and said, "This file will tell you that Haileen Cork, Louise Ralph, Annallis Brooks, and Nicole Whether got caught in what we call an Alternate Time Break. It will explain that those four girls' consciousness traveled to a reality of King Arthur's time, came back, and then returned again."

"How is this possible?" I asked.

"We don't know," she admitted, "But it happens all the time. For some reason the victims of Alternate Time Breaks and Alternate Reality Breaks are usually young women and girls, and they disappear to realties that only exist in our world by book, movie, or television."

"Are you telling me that somewhere a girl traveled to Harry Potter world?" I asked with pure disbelief.

Even though she knew I didn't believer her, Agent Powers didn't changed expressions. She answered my question, "About five cabinets over is the file of J.K. Rowling. When she was eleven years old, she traveled to the reality where Hogwarts exists. That's why we file these cases. Even though most of the victims don't return to this reality, some do. Sometimes they even return dead, so we must keep every Alternate Time and Reality Break filed. Then sometimes, the victims that returned write down their adventures and the realities that they were in."

"Does this also go for J.R.R. Tolkien and Gaston Leroux?"

"Yes, they have files as well."

Agent Powers and I talked some more. She told of how the CIA also has a department for Alternate Reality and Time Breaks. The departments have always been kept under wraps. Before we left the basement she even made me promise never to tell of what I had seen.

After leaving Washington D.C., I went back to my department and asked my administrator if such a department of Alternate Reality and Time Breaks existed. He confirmed that such a department was in the CIA. I found out it was called the Mary Sue Department.

So I have written this report to you, administrators of the Mary Sue Department. It is not only to tell of what I know, but also so I may relinquish my research and need of this case to you. From what I have found I now know that those four girls lived happy lives, in whatever reality they were in. On my honor, I will never speak of this matter again.

Signed out: Joseph O. Garble