Author: Fififolle

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Spoilers: Eventually Rising in the last few chapters, I'll warn you first!

A/N: Did someone say they wanted more Carson back-story? Written then for Purpleyin, Admiral Lily and nightpheonix. I have attempted to give Carson an authentic Scottish environment and career path, drawn from my own similar age and background hehe!

It may help to understand that in the UK (this includes Scotland, where Beckett is from), most hospitals and therefore doctors work for the state, within the National Health Service (NHS) and there is an emphasis on sharing best practice across organisational boundaries. Of course, it may not help at all.

I intend no disrespect to Glasgow or it's wonderful NHS staff. Please forgive my fictional abuse. It's a pure dead brilliant city ;-).

Summary: How did Beckett come to be in Atlantis?

Chapter 1

Dr Carson Beckett laid down his pen, and rubbed his temples with his fingers. Being the Chief Surgeon in Atlantis was hard work. Minor injuries, major trauma, Wraith dissection, and even pharmaceutics from scratch. The long hours and mental stress were hard, and he sighed heavily. Being in this city was certainly a challenge. He felt privileged though, and he didn't want to change anything. Thinking about the pressures he was under made him realise that, ironically, it was the desire to leave a city that had led him on this path in the first place. He smiled to himself, knowing his spirit of adventure was still strong. Lifting his pen, he continued writing his patient notes.

Twelve years ago…

"I don't want to hear about it, Stuart!" Carson said gruffly.

"Carson, what's up with you? I thought you'd be interested." Stuart downed his coffee.

"I'm fed up hearing what's going on at the Royal! For heaven's sake, they're not the enemy!" Carson stabbed at his pasta.

"Keep your shirt on…" Stuart Hogg was also a Resident Senior House Officer at Glasgow Southern General Hospital. They were currently in rotation in Elderly Care. The nurses on those wards often swapped shifts at a similar hospital across the city, the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, and came back with stories 'from the other side'.

Glasgow's hospitals seemed to have a permanent air of competition. Personnel of all types, from medics to physiotherapists, porters to secretaries, fought for the best jobs, jumping from location to location, with each site vying for the best reputation. It was starting to grate on Carson's nerves. It made him question his priorities. What happened to patient needs? What happened to team spirit? Weren't we all working together in a National Health Service for lofty aims and noble goals? This city seemed to have lost all that, or at least, that's how it appeared to Carson. His senior colleagues just seemed to care about their careers. Carson was getting sick of it.

"I'll tell you something, Stuart." Carson's voice was low and harsh against the high-pitched chatter of the canteen.

Stuart knew that phrase could only signify something serious. He rolled his mug between his hands and listened to Carson.

"When I'm though this year, I'm not staying. Glasgow's not for me." Carson seemed sad, and his face was downcast.

Stuart was shocked. "What do you mean? You can't leave? Where else would you go?"

Carson shook his head in disbelief. He stood up, and put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "I'll see you later, Stuart. I've got discharges to do." Carson picked up his meal tray and headed out.

Stuart Hogg could only watch in puzzlement. What was Carson on about?


A/N: This fic starts slowly, but I promise it won't go on forever, perhaps a dozen short chapters, most written already. Hope you like this taster.