A Cup of Lust Beauty and Affairs

Summary: Taichi, a photographer and artist fascinated by the beauty of the world, becomes captivated by the beauty of a customer at his parent's coffee shop. Innocent desires soon blaze into an unforgettable, insatiable affair. Taito/Yamachi

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Chapter 17 Blinded by Doubt

'I don't wanna lose control, but the minute I feel you next to me your fire takes hold.'

I ran into the Broken String soon after the store had opened. My mind felt drained and my limbs heavy. Sleep had been impossible last night, but it was no big deal; that was what coffee was for.

Peering around the desolate shop floor for Yamato's distinctive head of hair, with no music playing it was eerily quiet compared to usual. Soon enough I gave up and made a beeline for the dark haired man stood behind the till. As I got closer, I realised he was the same guy who had been in the store yesterday helping Yamato lock up. Akemi, I reminded myself, that was his name.

"Is Yamato here?" I asked, my hands landing against the edge of the counter.

"N-no, not today," Akemi responded with slight hesitation, his eyes analysing me with great care. Unnerved, I briefly peered across his shoulder at the 'staff only' door.

"Day off, or...?"

My voice faded. Akemi was focused on something, or rather, somebody else stood behind me. Before I could spin around, the hand which handed heavily on my shoulder quickly clarified who it was. I instantly shook him off me and prepared to hit him in the face.

"I told you to stay away," Makoto said the moment our eyes locked, his brow furrowed as if he were deciding how would be best to handle this situation. This wasn't like back at the coffee house where it'd just been me and him, and I decided to play this to my advantage.

"Did you think I would listen to you?"

"Well, I hoped you'd have the sense."

A witty response, and I was more than aware I'd stumbled straight into it. We stood there for several seconds, our gazes fixed on one another, only the gentle hum emitting from the power supply units of the instruments which were plugged in trying to distract us from our silent battle of wills.

Then, a heavy sigh fell from Makoto's lips.

"Yamato's not here," he said, folding his arms against his chest.

"Is he ok?" I asked; that was the most important thing to establish first; I could always find out what happened later.

Awaiting Makoto's answer, my body tensed up. I half-expected him to laugh and tell me it was none of my business, however, his eyes remained serious. The response he did give me only started off as promising.

"He's fine. Sora, not so much."

For a second, my heart froze.


Instantly, Makoto's eyes lit up, gleaming brightly behind the lenses of his glasses. Realisation had hit him square on.

"You don't actually know, do you?" He dropped his arms down to his sides.

Heat prickled against the back of my neck, etching its way down my spine whilst my chest tightened. A fresh torrent of thoughts tumbled around in my head, spinning too quickly for me to make sense of anything. Ignorance was never bliss.
During the night it had occurred to me that there was a strong possibility Sora was involved, but I hadn't predicted the severity of the situation.

"The fact he hasn't told you, puts things into perspective, doesn't it?"

Frowning, somehow I managed to resist the urge to wipe the smirk off Makoto's face. Yamato must of had his reasons for keeping certain secrets from me, I could live with that, but Makoto was loving the turn of events far too much for me to prevent clouds of anger plaguing my mind.

I had no time for him.

As I turned away, Makoto intercepted instantly, his hand grabbing my arm this time, spinning me back around, fingers squeezing tightly against the material of my coat to prevent me from leaving.

"Is that Matt's guitar?"

My teeth bared, immediately my fingers reached across to the strap of Yamato's guitar case hoisted over my shoulder. Makoto stared at me with an accusing glint in his eye, as if he believed I had stolen the instrument.

"Makoto," Akemi warned, his voice penetrating our dispute, like thunder drowning out the rhythmic pattering of raindrops during a storm. As Makoto let me go, I wasn't sure whether to be glad or annoyed that Akemi had stepped in, obviously concerned that things were about to get out of hand.

"Yamato left it at my apartment," I clarified as I smoothed out my creased sleeve. Odds were, Yamato had already told him that he'd been at my flat last night, but I hoped hearing this news come from me would sour Makoto's mood further.

"Leave it here then," he said in a low hiss.

I shook my head, a half-smile gracing my face.

"No. I'llreturn it to him."

"I doubt that's a good idea," Makoto said, harshness surrounding his voice. After that, his lips continued to move, but by then I'd had enough of his unnecessary lectures. I spun around on my heels and headed straight for the exit.

Outside in the bitter cold, I fished my phone out of my pocket as I hurried along the pavement, my trembling fingers tapping hastily against the keys as I sent Yamato a text, simultaneously trying to avoid bumping into the people walking towards me.

Just moments after hitting the send button, my mobile started to vibrate violently in my hand. On instinct, I answered the call without a second thought.

"Yamato?" I said, breathlessly.

"Yagami-san? This is, Susumu Katashi, your landlord."

Disappointment struck me hard. I really had to start looking at the caller display before answering my phone.

"I haven't received your rent for this month." Susumu's tone was calm, but professional. I knew where this was headed, how serious the consequences were, but I refused to accept them.

"That's ridiculous," I stated, stopping at the pedestrian crossing zone, my fingernails scratching against the back of my neck as I mentally reviewed my recent incomings and outgoings. I was certain I had enough money sitting in my bank account.

"This is the third month in a row your payment's been late."

"Look," I said, jamming my finger against the pedestrian crossing's button, a few men dressed in suits now standing by me, no doubt secretly eavesdropping as they waited for the light to turn green, "let me check with my bank."

"I'm sorry, Yagami-san, but..."

Hanging up the call, I shoved my phone back into my coat whilst swallowing back the lump in my throat, burying away yet another issue. It made no different to me. In comparison to Yamato's well-being, my financial troubles seemed to pale into insignificance.


I gave up waiting around. By the time I reached Yamato's house, the sky was darkening, the sun hidden away behind a blanket of grey clouds. His car was sat in the drive, much to my relief, and Sora's vehicle was parked next to it. I could only hope that either or both of them were home.

Clambering out from my car seat, hungry and fatigued, I rushed up the driveway, towards his front door and pressed down on the doorbell. My heart drummed frantically against my ribs when, after a pause of silence, I heard the tentative pad of Yamato's approaching footsteps against the wooden flooring.

Soon enough, his figure appeared in front of the door, peering through the distorted glass panel. A few painful seconds passed before he finally opened the door. He was wearing his glasses again; somehow they framed his sapphire eyes almost too perfectly. Under the judgemental gleam of the hallway light, his skin seemed paler than usual, and his hair was sticking up wildly in all sorts of directions, as if he had only just rolled out of bed.

As we gazed at each another, Yamato's hand remained fixed on the door handle. It was likely he was toying with the notion of shutting the door in my face, but I knew he had more courage than most to not hide away from his fears.

Stepping aside, he invited me inside.

Yamato led me down the hallway, his footing uneasy and his breathing sharp and concentrated. He was trying so hard to keep in together.

The moment we stepped into the living room, my arms wrapped around his waist in a tight embrace. His body only tensed up for a moment, before he melted against me, his stubbly cheek pressed against mine as his body trembled and soft sobs departed from his lips.

"Sora, she collapsed," Yamato revealed, his voice barely audible. "She's in hospital."

Panic gripped my chest, squeezing tightly, almost making it a struggle for me to breathe. As much as it pained me that Yamato was hers, I'd never wished for any harm to come to her.

"Is she ok?"

Yamato's arms fell down to his sides, limply. Unwillingly, I released my grip sensing he needed a bit of space to regain his composure.

"She's been overworking recently," he said as he took a step back towards the sofa, his tone somewhat distant, suggesting his thoughts were elsewhere. "Her blood pressure was pretty low so they're keeping her in overnight to monitor things."

Yamato removed his glasses, revealing the dark shadows painted underneath his teary swollen eyes. A twinkle of guilt shone within the depths of his irises.

"Part of me feels I should have stayed with her, but she told me to go home and get some rest."

Of course, she was his fiancée, it was only natural for him to worry about her.

"It sounds like you've done all you can for now," I reassured, my hand reaching out to squeeze his shoulder. Neglecting my gesture, he turned away abruptly and placed his glasses down on the small wooden side table besides the sofa.

I sighed and shut my eyelids momentarily, rubbing my fingers against my temples, trying to soothe the dull ache lingering underneath my skin.

"Do you want me to go?" I asked, the words leaving my mouth before I could prevent it.

Yamato frowned as his lips parted in disbelief. The answer to my question was painstakingly obvious; he wouldn't have let me inside his house in the first place. This was no time for me to act like the victim.

"Are you hungry?" Yamato asked suddenly, his eyes darting towards the kitchen. It was a line he used all too often, yet somehow always worked in his favour.

"You always ask me that when you want to change the subject," I mentioned. No harm in confronting him on his methods of evasion, I figured.

"No," Yamato said, his mouth gradually forming into a small smile, "you're apprehensive when you're hungry, and I don't like it."

Despite being exhausted and famished, I was too tired to eat, but too hungry to sleep. What a cruel state of mind to be in, I couldn't help but muse. Still, after all he'd endured over the last twenty-four hours, there was no way I was going to let him cook for me.

In the end, as a compromise, Yamato heated up some leftover homemade chicken teriyaki, which still tasted as divine as the rest of his cooking.

As we ate, the atmosphere was still tense. There was so much I wanted to discuss with him, particularly the mystery of Takumi. Clearly it was a topic Yamato was evading, and one I could not push him to open up about without the involvement of alcohol.

"Let me clean up," I volunteered, but before I could move from my seat, Yamato had already stood up and stacked up our cups and plates. He told me to sit and relax as he disappeared into the kitchen. It was a difficult thing to do when I was fretting over him.

"You're welcome to stay the night," Yamato offered when I poked my head around the kitchen doorway whilst he was busy scrubbing away at our plates by the sink.

"Is that a good idea?" My hand gripping tightly onto the edge of the doorframe, holding on for support. Even if Sora wasn't here it was still her home as much as it being Yamato's. No matter how exhausted I was, it didn't feel right to sleep over.

Yamato peered over his shoulder, eyes narrowed.

"You can barely stand, I'm not letting you drive, " he said bluntly.

A frown fell across my brow, although even I knew I was in no condition to drive. As for Yamato, he was certainly not in a fit enough state to take me back home himself. There was no point in grabbing a taxi either since I would only have to return for my car another time.

Reluctantly, I caved in to Yamato's invite.

"Our guest bedroom is down the hallway, second door on the left. Do you want me to show you?" He asked. Pain still lingered in his eyes; naturally his concern for Sora was something which would not vanish, even if their relationship was strained.

"I'll be ok," I said, my voice betraying my smile.

I found the guestroom without any issues. Fumbling around for the light switch, flicking it on the moment my fingers located the cold plastic. I slid the door shut and stood still for a few moments, allowing my eyes to adjust to the light and to soak in my new surroundings.

The room was basic but spacious enough for one person to manoeuvre about in. A low double bed rested against the wall to my left. Facing opposite was a chest of oak drawers with a few sheets of music scattered across its top, reminding me that Yamato's guitar was still in my car. I made a mental note to give it back to him in the morning.

Yawning, I pulled off my t-shirt and shuffled out of my jeans and socks before flopping down onto the mattress. There were plenty of things I wanted to reflect on, but the moment my head touched the pillow I was out for the count.


The acoustic relaxation of gentle guitar strings and a voice that sounded like silk and honey were what awoke me from my slumber. My eyes opened gradually. The blinds were still drawn but the lamp on the bedside table was switched on.

Yamato was sat next to me on the bed, cross legged, still dressed in the same clothes from last night, an old guitar cradled in his arms his fingers effortlessly playing a soft melody. I propped myself up slightly, enthralled by the beauty of his talent, like he had once been with mine.

The tune he was playing soon slowly faded. Carefully placing his guitar down, Yamato leant over my body. His cool hand brushed my fringe away before he planted a gentle kiss on my forehead then nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Morning," he murmured. His scent, although not fresh, was still sweet and delicious. I'd thought, or rather hoped he would have chosen to sleep besides me last night, but judging by the shadows still lingering underneath his eyes, it looked like he had experienced another restless night.

We remained locked in each other's arms in a blissful silence for several minutes. I was ready to drift off to sleep again until Yamato slowly sat up.

"Would you like to take a bath?"

The wash room was far more spacious than I anticipated, but that may have been down to the morning light seeping in through the half-drawn blinds. The rays radiated down onto a lone ceramic bathtub situated in the middle of the room, which was more than big enough for two people.

We removed our towels and perched ourselves on two separate wooden stools that rested side by side. Peeking over as he ran the soapy washcloth over his lean body, his eyes peering over at me every couple of moments, I tried so hard not to desire him despite it was only natural for my body to yearn for his affection.

Once washed and rinsed, I stepped into the bathtub, sighing as the warm water soothing my muscles as I sunk down. Yamato slid into the tub from behind me, his legs either side of my body, the water rising up even higher, threatening to trickle over the edge. Leaning back against him, the first thing I felt was his hardness pressing up against my lower back. Electricity shot through my lower abdomen. Suddenly, I was wide awake.

"I need you." His deep voice sent shivers through every fibre of my being, despite how inappropriate the situation was. This was their home; off limits. But, as his fingers traced down my sides, I realised rationality was hopeless. If this was what Yamato wanted, if this was to take his mind of things, I was powerless to deny it.

A few minutes later, my hands were gripping onto the sides of the bathtub, knuckles turning white as he placed his hands on my hips, encouraging me to move up and down on him. The water sloshed around us, splashing up against our already scorching skin, although most of it seeped over the edge of tub.

His hand pumping up and down my shaft, his lips and jaw grazed against the side of my neck, I gasped out. The steam from the water disorientating me, my head sinking into a dizzy state of ecstasy, heartbeat pounding, echoing deep within my skull.

Pure pleasure consumed my being for what felt like an eternity. As I tried to catch my breath, Yamato was quick to stand up and hoist his body out from the bathtub. Without him there to support me I fell back, but quickly grabbed onto the sides of the tub, managing to steady myself.

Almost tripping over his own legs, he grabbed his dressing gown hanging from the hook by the door and threw it on as I clambered out from the bath. I caught up with him just as he stepped out into the corridor, my hand grabbing onto his shoulder to prevent him from fleeing.

"I have to go check up on Sora," Yamato said, his eyes focusing on the droplets trickling down his legs, splashing against the floor.

My arm fell back down to my side.

"I'll drive you there," I offered.

Yamato shook his head. He pulled his dressing gown closer to his body before he hurried down the hallway, disappearing through the door opposite the guestroom.

I knew not to follow him.

Heading back to the wash room I cleaned up the mess we'd made then dried myself with a fresh towel draped across the radiator next to the sink. Wiping away the condensation on the mirror, I sneered at my reflection. Despite I had managed to get some sleep, I still looked like shit; eyes bloodshot and my hair dishevelled, well overdue a cut.

Turning away, I peered over my shoulder, and studied the fresh scratches and bite marks decorated the majority of my upper back. A solemn sigh escaped my throat before I returned to the guestroom to get changed.

I had just tugged my t-shirt over my head when the door slid open without warning, almost resulting in me falling back onto the bed. Yamato came rushing in, eyes wide glazed with an unmistakable glint of panic. My heart stood still.

"Is Sora ok..."

"...Tai, it's Mimi."

Yamato held his phone out to me. Narrowing my eyes, I was about to question why Mimi even had his number, until I heard the audible sobs coming from the other end of the phone. Immediately, I snatched it from his hand and pressed the object up against my ear.


"Tai? I need you now," she pleaded between sniffs, her voice filled with terror. "I'm at my flat, please come here."

"What's happened? Are you hurt?" My fingers tightened around the phone.

"No, I'm... please, just come here," Mimi pleaded, desperation surrounding her words before she broke back down in hysterical sobs.

"Shh, sweetie, it's ok. I'm on my way, stay put." I tried hard to mask the fear in my own voice.

Quickly giving Yamato back his phone and hurried out of the room, heading towards the front door in complete auto-pilot mode.

"Is she ok?" Yamato asked as he followed me through the living room and into the lobby.

"I hope so," I said, my tone almost inaudible. I slipped into my shoes then pulled my arms through the sleeves of my coat which Yamato had just handed to me.

"Come with me." My words came tumbling out without any thought. In all honesty, I had no clue what was going on and I just needed him by my side. "I'll drop you off near the hospital along the way."

"Just make sure Mimi's alright," Yamato responded as he unlocked the latch and opened the door. It was difficult not to ignore the stab of rejection that tore through my chest. I realised it was his way of saying 'don't worry about me', still, I lingered at the door awaiting some form of reassurance that he wasn't going to do anything reckless.

"I'll be ok, honestly, I'll get a cab," Yamato sighed when he noticed my scowl of disproval, his fingers brushing through his fluffy fringe. I wasn't entirely sure I could trust his words, but I didn't exactly have the time to doubt him.

Sprinting to my car, I jumped inside, slammed the key into the ignition and drove.


I realised she wasn't going to answer by the fifth time I'd knocked and after the third time I'd tried phoning her. Thank goodness I still had her spare key

Almost tripping over a pair of ugg boots that has been disbanded in front of Mimi's living room doorway. Looking around the room, I noticed that her favourite winter coat was draped carelessly across the sofa. It was something she would always hang up in its proper place, even when drunk.


My ears wide and alert, I picked up on the soft sniffling coming from the bathroom. Rushing over to the door, I grabbed the handle then paused for a second.

"I'm coming in."

I pushed the door open cautiously and stepped inside the brightly lit room.

Mimi was dressed in her pink silk pyjamas perched on top of the toilet lid, her head lowered, arms crossed against her chest. Her mobile phone was resting on the edge of the bathtub, still within her reach. I could only guess she had been sat there like that for quite some time.

As I approached her, my foot nudged against something; a small pink and blue cardboard box. Looking closer, the knots in my stomach tightened as my eyes scanned across the label. When I noticed several more opened boxes scattered across the floor, alongside the contents within. The shock of the situation started to sink in.

Kneeling down besides her, I noticed that one of the plastic test sticks were still clutched in her trembling hand. I was no expert, but I was plenty sure the plus sign on those things usually only meant one thing.

"Oh, Meems."


Song lyrics (At the beginning of the chapter)

Matrix & Futurebound - "Control"

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