Heya guys- this just popped into my head as I was getting out of the shower, of all places. I'd say it's a drabble coz it's kinda short, and it's probably for Zarya coz it's a Yura. Enjoy!

Tell Me

"Yuffie, please come to the movies with me 'n Riku 'n Kairi!" Sora pleaded.

Yuffie gagged. "A double date? I'll probably be sick just watching those two."

"Yuffie!" His voice sounded desperate. "C'mon, please Yuff. You wouldn't leave me with them, would you?"

I guess Sora's feeling kinda down. I mean, him and Kairi went out for three months before she dumped him and went out with Riku a month later… "All right. But-" she placed her hands on her hips, looking smugly triumphant. "-you have to tell me why first."

The cherub-faced boy looked confused. "Why what?"

The black-haired ninja girl poked him in the chest. "Why you want me to go with you."

"Um…" Sora scratched his spiky head, thinking. "Because you're my friend and you're funny."

She crossed her hands and glared at him. "Not good enough."

"…because I like you more than Selphie?"

This time she hit him on the shoulder. "I don't think you really want me to go with you, Sora."

"Wait! Come on, let me think…" he held up his hands in defence. "Okay. Um. Yuffie, would you like to come to the movies with Kairi and Riku and I? I'd enjoy having you along."

"Better…" the small girl uncrossed her arms and looked up at him with big dark eyes.

It's hard to think when she does that… "I'd like to have you along?"

"Keep going…"

"I'd love if you'd come with me to see a movie, Yuffie."

She beamed at him. "I'd love to go with you, Sora!" Abruptly she giggled, and hugged him with one arm. "See? All you had to tell me was that! But Sora?"

"Hmmmm?" he responded a little absent-mindedly.

"Next time…" she stood on tiptoe and whispered onto his ear, leaning on his shoulder. "Next time, you'lll have to tell me something more," she told him with a spark of mischief, lips brushing his ear. With that, she skipped off whistling, leaving behind a very red and confuddled Sora.

Wonder what she means by that…
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