Chapter 1

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Summary: Lacus Clyne, PLANTS most admired idol is on her way home one night when her limo ran into a guy. actually it was Andrew who drives the limo, but since it's Lacus' limo, then…She immediately send him to the hospital and he recovered eventually several days later. Lacus is relieved but the problem is, the accident caused him amnesia. What will Lacus do?


"What a tiring day," Lacus muttered to herself, and then she turned to the window at her right, staring out as a blur of street lights flew by outside. She was on her way home and Andrew was the one who drives her home. Her first concert has been held tonight. She was over the moon when the tickets to her concert was sold out and was more than delighted as she performed for her million fans.

Letting out a long sigh, she shut her eyes as she recalled that particular time. When she was standing alone in the middle of the enormous stage, when her fans sang along together with her and when…

She chuckled when she recalled something. When she finished singing one of her songs, out of nowhere an ecstatic young man suddenly leapt to the stage and handed her a red rose and told her he love her. She smiled at him, kindly receive his gift and replied that she love him too cheerfully. Then the man slowly collapsed in front of her because of her answer to him and the security guards had to drag him away from the stage.

"Seems like you have been enjoying yourself tonight, Lacus," Andrew Waltfeld said from his driving seat. "But you look a bit tired,"

She turned to his direction and smiled at him through the rear mirror. "Yes, but I'm not really that tired, Andrew," she answered him politely and smiled again. Andrew nodded though he know that Lacus won't be able to see it.

Andrew Waltfeld has been a good friend to her father, the late Siegel Clyne. Her had father passed away three years ago when she was fifteen years old, since then Andrew had taken care of her for the last three years. Although he's been like a father figure to her, he could never take her father's place. But that doesn't mean that she didn't like him taking care of her.

Lacus then continue staring out the limo's window while Andrew's eyes remained on the dark road as he keeps on driving. He inhaled deeply and focused his eyes on the road. Then he looked at his watch. It's already 11:30 p.m.

I better hurry or Aisha is gonna kill me for getting home late again. Andrew thought to himself.

The last time he came home late, Aisha had been standing at the entrance of their house and she was crossing her arms, looking very, very upset. And what's worst, he had to sleep on the couch about three whole weeks with no blanket to keep him warm during the night. Not to mention that Aisha wouldn't even talked to him and avoided any conversation with him.

So Andrew stepped down on the pedal a bit harder. He looked at the rear mirror and noticed that Lacus was beginning to yawn a bit as her eyes slowly fluttered close.

Andrew smiled while looking at her through the rear mirror. Looks like she's tired after all. I better send her home quickly then.

But several minutes later, his eyes too began to feel tired. He blinked a few times and breathe in a mouthful of air hoping that he'll stay awake. The road soon became darker as there are no street lights but only trees in both sides of the road. His foot came back down on the pedal harder this time and he took the next curve even faster.

But soon it became a terrible decision for Andrew. Trees are suddenly closing in on him on both sides, and standing smack in the middle of the road was a young man. His hand shielding his eyes from the headlights.

Andrew gasped out load. It was almost as if Andrew's hysterical intake of breath was the force that pulled his other leg up and slammed his foot down the brake.

With all his might, he swung the wheel to the side of the road trying not to hit the young man.

But suddenly, the young man seemed to be between him and the side of the road.


Lacus woke up due to the limo's suddenly violent movement. Then she noticed that the limo is swerving really fast and Andrew was stepping on the brake pedal really hard. And then she also noticed the young man that was going to be hit by the limo. The force of the braking threw Lacus forward but the seatbelt that she had fastened earlier held her. "Aaah!" she screamed, panicking.

Andrew then swerved to the right then to the left towards the center of the road with all his might, but he was going too fast for the limo to respond.

When they finally hit the young man, Lacus felt a sickness inside her such as she'd never felt before. There was no sound in the world like that of a car hitting human flesh.

The limo seemed to take hours instead of seconds to stopped, and both of them, Andrew and Lacus unfastened their seatbelts before leaping out from the limo and started running. The headlights provided the only illumination in the blackness and their hearts pounded. Both of them could see nothing.

Andrew was breathing through his mouth, though it seemed as if he's gasping for air to Lacus. Cold air was formed out from his mouth as he exhaled. Lacus on the other hand, held her breath. "Where is he?" she choked out, feeling frantic and very frightened.

"He must be somewhere near here. We didn't hit him that hard, have we?" Andrew said nervously to her. Then they heard a painful groan. Lacus immediately went tearing down the side of the steep embankment that ran alongside the road. "Lacus, wait!" Andrew called out behind her but then decided to catch up with her.

Lacus's long, azure satin dress caught on every fallen branch, and her high heeled sandals sunk into the soft leaf mold covering the floor of the woods, but she kept going. Please be alive…please be alive, she prayed silently in her heart.

The young man had fallen—or been knocked—several feet down the hill, so it took Lacus and Andrew to find him, and then Lacus almost stepped on him. Dropping to her knees, she had to feel him what part of him was where, since the trees blocked the light from the limo above. She felt an arm, then his chest and finally reached his head.

"Are you alright?" Are you all right?" she kept asking as she ran her fingers over his face. There was dampness on his face, but Lacus couldn't tell if it was blood or sweat or from the soggy air of the forest.

"Is he okay?" Andrew asked her. He too had trouble finding Lacus due to the darkness surrounding them. But he managed to find her, and then he knelt beside her.

"I don't know yet. I'm not sure," Lacus replied, smoothing the young man's hair back from his forehead. "Please tell me you're alright. Or at least say something."

The young man groaned again, and all she felt was relief. "Glad you're okay," Lacus said to him.

"We should bring him to the hospital right away. Can he get up? Or should I carry him up?" Andrew helped him to stand up on his feet and slid his arms under his and helped him to stand. He practically was dragging the guy all the way back to the limo.

As they approached the limo's headlights, Lacus noticed that the young man had dark blue hair that slightly reached his shoulder. As Andrew slowly reached the limo, she helped him opened the door while he gently placed the guy carefully on the passenger's seat. Lacus then decided to sit next with him.

Luckily the limo's engine was still running and they're now on the way to the hospital. Lacus placed the young man's head to her lap and tried her best to stop the bleeding with the handkerchief Andrew had handed her. She didn't mind the blood stain on her dress and she definitely didn't mind when he suddenly grasp her hand tightly. Instead, she responded by squeezing his hand back. Then the limo stopped and Andrew turned back to face her.

"We're here," he said.


Lacus sits beside his bed as she wipes his face with the towel she drenched in cold water earlier. It's been five days since the accident, and it's been also five days she had been taking care of him. Andrew had convinced her that the hospital staff will be taking good care of him but she insist on staying.

He had first woke up from his unconscious two days ago. As Lacus remembered the memories, her eyes saddened and she reached out her hand and touch his forehead, then smoothed back the hair at his temples. Tomorrow will be the last day he will be staying in the hospital. But, where would he go when he doesn't even recognize anyone here? When he don't even know where exactly he is?

As she placed the towel back to it's original place, she stared at his face for a long time. Tentatively, she traced his jaw line with her fingers gently. He looked so sweet and peaceful lying there, his eyes closed, only the moonlight from the window illuminating his handsome features. Feeling like a mother with her child, Lacus slowly bent forward to kiss his forehead. And then she leaned back, and continue to admire his adorable face.

Andrew went out the room quickly to called out for the doctor as he woke up. Several minutes later, he came back with the doctor along with a nurse. Lacus stared at him with great concern, her eyes slightly narrowed as the doctor examine him.

He winced in pain as he tried to sit up and Lacus immediately helped him. "Hello, I am Doctor Yagami. How are you feeling?" the doctor asked, his left hand was holding a clipboard while the other was holding a pen.

"Where am I?" he asked ignoring the doctor's question as he placed his right hand to his bandaged forehead. He was shocked to find that his head was bandaged.

"I'll take that as fine then," the doctor said, jotting down at his clipboard.

Then he started to got out from bed but Andrew quickly stopped him. "Relax, you're at the hospital," he told him.

"Hospital? What am I doing in a hospital?" he looked at Andrew with a confuse expression. "Who are you anyway?"

The doctor looked at him with suspicion. Narrowing his eyes, he looked down at his clipboard. "Athrun Zala, aged eighteen, born in PLANTS, height 1.75 meter, weight 65kg, dark blue hair, green eyes, blood type O." then he looked down at him.

And he was staring blankly back at the doctor. "Does this mean anything to you?" the doctor asked. Then he shakes his head to both sides slowly.

"Well okay, now could you tell me your name?" the doctor asked him again. All the while his hand are jotting down something.

"My name?"

"Yes, your name,"

"My name is….," he narrowed his eyes as if he's trying to recalled something. "My name is…"

"It's okay then, you don't have to force yourself. Now, can you tell me your age?" the doctor asked again.

"My name is…my name is…" he kept on saying, ignoring the doctor's question. The doctor looked at Andrew then at Lacus.

Sighing, the doctor stopped jotting down and gently placed his hand on his shoulders, so that he would looked at him in the eye. "It's okay, you don't have to force yourself," he told him. Lacus moved closer to Andrew and he placed a hand on her shoulder to comfort her. Why couldn't he remember his own name? Lacus thought.

"Can you remember anything, before you got here?" the doctor gently asked him. Then he immediately moved his head as the doctor let go of his shoulders. His eyes narrowed and his breathing started to get faster. Then his eyes widened as if he remembered something, "My name is…" but the words trailed off. "What is my name?" he looked down and clenched his fist, shaking his head.

"Are you okay?" the doctor asked him as his hands tentatively tries to reach him.

He began to panicked and waves his hand violently when the doctor tried to calmed him down but strangely when Lacus caressed his cheek, he calmed down. It was as if her touch itself soothes his distressed feelings. The doctor then thanked her because if he didn't calmed down, he may have to be injected with a tranquilizer. "It's going to be okay," Lacus spoke softly to him.


Athrun sat quietly beside Lacus in her limo. Today had been his last day at the hospital, so he decided to checked out himself. But before he could do that, Lacus told him that she already helped him so. He thanked her for that and for all the things she'd done for him while he's still recovering and smiled. Lacus smiled back, and then suddenly she invited him to stay with her. He hesitate at first because it was all of a sudden, but since Lacus is the only person he knows since the accident that happened to him, he somehow felt closer to her, so he decided to accept her invitation.

And so here they are, on the way to Lacus's house. Athrun didn't dare to face Lacus and kept staring out the window. Because if he did face Lacus, he would definitely blushed. He didn't remember a thing about his past but ironically, in some way he kinda remember Lacus as she was PLANTS most adored idol, as he'd discover.

When they finally reached Lacus's house, Andrew was the first one to welcomed them. Athrun noticed that Lacus's house was not a house, but a very big mansion. He looked around again and spotted a woman in a lovely dress standing at the house's entrance. She was smiling and waving happily at them. Andrew guided him towards the mansion and introduce the woman to him. She's his wife, and her name is Aisha.

Hmm, what a familiar name, Athrun thought as he shook her hand.

And as for the rest of the day, Lacus cheerfully shows her guest around the mansion.


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