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Fuuko found herself getting inside her one floored home. She even saw Yanagi inside already.

'How did she get there?' she whispered to herself.

She probably didn't notice that she was accompanied home. She had been to busy pondering about a certain silver haired, blue eyed bishounen.

Yanagi started to get worried since she saw her staring blankly at her feet.

"Ummm… Fuuko are you alright? Is there something wrong?"

Fuuko just smiled but it did not show her usual gleeful momentum, rather it looked very distressed. Yanagi, not wanting to make her feel worse, decided not to ask her about it anymore. She asked where the kitchen was and told Fuuko that she wanted to make tea for the both of them. She absent-mindedly pointed to the door across the hall and Yanagi fetched some tea.

Fuuko continued to walk inside and Yanagi finally came back bringing a tray with a beautifully painted teapot and teacups. Yanagi had just given Fuuko a cup of tea when she noticed Fuuko spacing out again.

'I wonder what Mi- chan feels about me. Does he feel the same way as I do? Wait, wait, wait. What the hell am I thinking! He's not worth it and you know it! But he's so…..'

Her trail of thoughts was interrupted by a gentle voice. It was obviously Yanagi's.

"Ummm. Fuuko don't you think you are getting too distracted?"

Yanagi smiled politely and pointed to her overflowing teacup. She had at least added cups of sugar and she was still adding some more.

"Okay, so you caught me. Yanagi what should I do? I really need you r help. I don't know how to say this… but I think I love Mi-chan!" She said as she shook Yanagi's fragile body.

"Okay, okay. Get a hold of yourself. We'll think of something." Said Yanagi and Fuuko finally let go.

After recovering from Fuuko's shake that was not in a very gentle manner, Yanagi gave Fuuko a sly smile that Fuuko never even seen before. She rose quickly and went straight to Fuuko's closet which had been toppled by her other things.

"Wait! What are you planning to do?"

Yanagi, with a mischievous grin and still saying nothing, got a match stick from the drawer, lit it up and before Fuuko could reach it, tossed it inside Fuuko's closet. It was harsh but it had the job done.

"We have to find you a new and a more feminine look. We're going to buy you knew clothes." Yanagi said excitedly.

"Whaatt!" said a half stunned, half awake Fuuko.

"Shhh. Don't talk." Yanagi put her slender finger in Fuuko's soft pink lips. She wasn't permitting her to say whatever she was going to. Yanagi use the other hand to dial a number in her phone.

After a while the doorbell rang and Fuuko could see a familiar shadow glazing he front door.

"Raiha, what are you doing here! I thought you were still abroad." was all Fuuko managed to say. She had only partially recovered at what she had seen just moments before Raiha came to the Kirisawa household.

"I'm here to repay a favor I owed Yanagi even before, although I'm not quite sure how. She just told me to come. So her I am"

"Oh good you are here. This is a very big favor and this is what you will do." Said Yanagi who was very satisfied by what was happening.

After a short period and after a few giggles from the tow girls and a sweat drop from the lone male guest, they finally finished.

And the brown haired hime said 'operation: make Mi-chan jealous will hopefully be a success."