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Yanagi and Raiha were mildly shocked at what they'd seen. It was a silhouette of a familiar couple standing face to face so close that it appeared as if they were kissing. It also didn't help that the man's hands seemed to be on her waist and hers wrapped around his neck for support.

Carefully as to not disturb them, they pulled away but still close enough that they could see what was or what they thought was going on. Yanagi extremely satisfied, beamed a smile at Raiha, probably expecting that he would have at least a similar reaction to hers. After all, what they had seen just meant that the plan was a big success.

However, she received one of the biggest surprises of her life when she found him standing stiffly, eyes glued to the scene and silently praying for them to stop soon. At least, soon enough to avoid the feeling of him being completely shattered.

But upon suddenly noticing that the girl beside him was staring worriedly at him, he forces a small sad smile. It would have been enough to fool anyone. He was still dangerously handsome when he did it.

If only that anyone that could be fooled wasn't Yanagi. She knew him better than that.

Yanagis brown eyes widened as a sudden thought occurred to her. And she absentmindedly whispered it to herself.

"Could it be that he has…"

And she stares at him dumbfounded, realizing that he had willingly sacrificed his own happiness for the sake of hers. And now, deeply distressed that they had no idea about this until it was too late; she continues, her question ending more like a statement.

"…already fallen helplessly in love with…Fuuko…"


"I think we better go now, Yanagi," he says to her in a soft voice.

"Yeah, I guess we should."

They ride their separate cars and go their own ways, but instead of going straight home, the heartbroken man decided to make a short pit stop. He parked his car, walked out and heads for a wooden bench just beside his favorite tree. He sat there alone and depressed looking as far as the eyes could see while scenes from the past plague his mind.


A little girl in a blue Sunday dress fell down the tree beside a wooden park bench while her mother was away buying film for their camera that hot summer day. She slid down the side of the tree knee first and lands behind a young boy sitting on a bench by that same tree.

The little girl who now has her purple locks in disarray, inhaled deeply in an attempt to force her to stop crying even before the tears actually flooded her eyes. She looked at her left knee and winced as she pushed the rubble and dirt away from the wound.

The little boy turned his attention from his book to where he thought he heard something drop and was surprised to see her carefully blowing at her wound. And as a reply to the shocking thing that had happened, he put his book down and ran to the nearest water fountain splashed some water in his handkerchief and came back to where the little girl was.

And she, upon seeing a shadow of someone slightly taller standing in front of her, brought her head up and was surprised to see a young boy, at most 2 years younger than she, offering her what appeared to be a wet handkerchief. He had somewhat long black hair tied neatly in a high ponytail and dark expressive eyes that lit with concern behind small reading glasses. The little girl gratefully took the hanky and pressed it on her wound.

"Are you alright?" he inquired; as he squatted hear her to take a better look at the wound.

"What happened here?" said a voice of an older woman very familiar to the little girl who now looks at both of them.

"She fell down," the boy replied and then pointed to the branch where the girl probably had been.

"Fuuko," her mother scolded as she approached them, " didn't I tell you not to climb the tree? Now, look at what happened," she continued.

"Good thing this young man was here to help," her mother said again.

The lady turns around to face the startled boy, "What is your name young man?"

"I'm Raiha, ma'am," he replied as he looks at her mother then to Fuuko who has just stood up.

"Raiha, is this handkerchief yours?" she asks with a smile as she points to the wet hanky that the little girl had just tied to her knee.

He nodded, "she can have it. I don't mind," he said politely.

"How nice. Thank you for taking care of my troublesome little while I was away. Hey, how about a picture of you two? Please just one, you really look cute together."

Upon hearing this, Fuuko sticks out her tongue and Raiha blushes. And with 2 quick clicks, 2 pictures were taken and immediately printed. The lady took the other one and handed it to him.

"Here. Think of this as a souvenir and a thank you for helping my bothersome little girl. Thank you."

She bows and he follows and soon they started to walk away. He glanced at the picture. It was beautiful.

She was beautiful.


Raiha, even though still feeling heartbroken, graces his lips with a faint smile. He slowly closes his eyes and slightly lifts his head, enjoying the feel of the soft and cool breeze caressing his face. He sighs.


Meanwhile, still very much distressed, Yanagi decides to check up on Raiha as soon as she got home. She approaches her phone and dials his landline number worriedly. Much to her dismay, no body answers. She sets the phone back in place.

'He should be home by now' she whispers to herself, "where could he have gone?'.

She reaches for her phone again, but this time dials another number. Someone who probably needs to know what is going on as well.

'I hope he's alright. I think it would be best if Fuuko learns about this. I just pray that I'm doing the right thing…'

And the phone rings at the Kirisawa household.


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