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Chapter 1

Rain poured heavily on the streets of Konoha, creating sounds like horses' hooves. All of the street lights are out due to consecutive lightning crashes. No one can be seen outside the streets. Every house, every store, every restaurant seemed like establishments of a ghost town. Not one single home has its light on. Except for one.

"Tenten..." Hyuuga Neji whispered to himself. He must find shelter right away, or else, fatigue will take its toll on him. It's 9 in the evening and it has been 15 hours since his last nourishment. Most of his chakra is gone. He had finished, ahead of time, the A-rank mission that Tsunade-sama assigned to him.

He first looked by the Hyuuga Clan's territory. All lights are out. Every home in the Hyuuga territory is locked using a sealing justu. Then he remembered. All of the Hyuugas except for him went to a remote temple to worship. They will not be back in week. Having no choice, Neji started walking towards Gai-sensei's house. He then stopped and thought not to bother him. Even Lee-kun's house is out of the question. He won't ask Lee for a favor if it can be avoided. Only one choice left: Tenten.

He headed for Tenten's house. A faint light emanated from her window. What is she doing this time of the night?

"Byakugan!" Neji activated his bloodline limit. Tiny veins protruded at the sides of his eyes, allowing his chakra to make the limit work. Past the gate, past the house's walls, he saw Tenten. She is wearing lingerie that falls an inch below the groin. Her hair looks damp, maybe she just came out after a shower. Neji watched her as she sat on her bed, grabbed a bottle of lotion and poured a sufficient amount into her hand. She then spread the lotion using both hands and applied it to her leg. She massaged it in a slow, sensual way that nearly made Neji forget what he is there for. Swallowing hard, he then deactivated his Byakugan. His heart is pounding in his chest. His face felt hot even in the heavy rain. He never saw her like this before. She was usually in a spar with him during jounin training sessions. She was usually throwing spears, kunais, shurikens, bombs, you-name-it weapons at him.

Before he did the A-rank mission, Tenten got mad at him. He was playing practical jokes on her lately. The reason, he's not even certain what the reason is. Yes, it was out of his character to do those things to her. He learned some things while spending time with Shikamaru and Naruto. Things about women. Shika told them that some girls like silly, funny guys. Guys like Naruto, only toned down by 5 notches. He just smirked at this idea, he considered it ludicrous. He never really cared about girls and what girls like. All he cared about that time was training, getting strong, and to have the reason not to lose.

After becoming a Jounin, he rarely had time seeing his Genin teammates. He missed them. Even Lee. Even Gai-sensei and his poses. Most of all, he missed Tenten. She is, he guess, one of the sane members of their team other than him. They were always paired during training because Lee wants to train with Gai. He never really felt that way towards her back in their Genin days. He considered her as an equal and, thus, he does not go easy on her during a spar. Thinking about those days, a part of him wants to be with her, yet another part wants to push her away. He kept denying himself that he feel nothing for her and that he just misses training with them...or with her. When they see each other across one of the academy's hallways, she just waves and says "Neji-kun." Just that, nothing more.

He's not the type of person that stops for a little chit-chat. He admits that he tried to talk to Tenten but it never happened. It's not that they have nothing to talk about, they've been best friends / team mates for God knows how long. It's just that he becomes speechless whenever he sees her. Cold feet perhaps.

He remembered when Naruto did something silly to Sakura to make her talk to him or just notice him. Sakura was furious at first but eventually thought that it was kind of cute because Naruto sustained injuries just to make her notice him. Neji thought it was childish at first and that no one would catch him doing that sort of stuff. But thinking it over, it might be effective if done his way. He just thought that if it worked for that stupid Naruto, then maybe it would work with Tenten. Then they can have something to talk about.

One time, using his Byakugan to know how far she is from him, he used a wire to trip her. He pulled the ribbons in her hair to ruin the buns that took her 2 hours to tie up. He did many other things and for every little joke he did, Tenten caught him and they always ended up sparring. She fought him seriously and furiously that she always went home tired and can barely lift a finger. He liked that. It worked for him.