Chapter 5

It has been half an hour since Neji lay beside her. He tried to sleep but all that keeps popping in his mind is her. She just admitted to him that she liked him and that gave him a sense of satisfaction. Hearing those words from her made him decide that he would never let her go. But there's something holding him back. She is his team mate. What if he reciprocates her feelings and it never worked out? What if they ended up hurting each other? What would just happen to their team then? What would happen during the missions? The team's coordination and unity is at stake. She's the only one who knows Byakugan almost as much as his clan. After all, she is his training partner. Without her, he cannot do much.

This is one of the few times that he had been scared to do something. This is one of those times that he had difficulty deciding what to do, deciding which one, the team or her. Troublesome. Now he's starting to sound like Shikamaru. What's making it more difficult is his attraction to her, his sexual attraction. Women never really turned him on but she's the only one that made his hormones rage.

He had his back on her but he still watched her. He saw her turned and looked at him. Puffy eyes. She cried again. Then she got up, took a pillow and a blanket with her and left the room. He didn't stop her this time. Maybe she needed to be alone.

He saw her proceed to the living room and then lie down the couch. She grabbed the tv's remote and watched some program. She's not watching actually, she's just staring in space, her thoughts were flying somewhere. Her lips quivered then she closed her eyes. A tear fell from her eye. She dozed off after a few minutes, leaving the tv on.

Leave her be. That's what he decided at first. But sleepiness never came to him.

He sighed her name. The feeling in his chest is getting heavier by the minute. It's like he wanted to scream so loud just to get it off his chest. He sat up at the bed and gathered his thoughts. He clenched his fists in frustration, in restlessness. Troublesome. He thought again. So this is what it feels like to be...what's love?

Finally he got up and proceeded to where she is. When he arrived at the living room, he saw her curled up like a little baby hugging her pillow. She's cute, in a sexy way. That's one of the unique things about her. He turned the tv off. He picked the blanket up and covered her. She stirred in her sleep. He sat down beside where her feet are and watched her closely. She stirred again and this time, she stretched her legs. One leg landed on his lap. She woke up when she felt it.

"N-Neji..." she said sleepily. "Why aren't you asleep?"

"I can't sleep." He said. "Why did you sleep here? It's cold in here."

"Yes, Neji. It's cold in here." She said to him blankly. You're the one who's making it cold for me.

"Yes, I sure did."

She looked at him. He had been reading her mind again. She looked away.

"What do you want?" She asked.


She looked at him again, this time she was surprised. But even so, her face remained impassive. She's not letting him off that easy.

"You're confusing me, Hyuuga. Last time I checked, you didn't want to talk about 'us'." She told him as she pointed to herself and to him back and forth. She looked away again.

"I…made a joke out of you to…push you away but still have the chance to interact with you…" He said while looking at the floor. He heaved a sigh. "I…was afraid. I know I'm speaking nonsense here but just hear me out. Please."

She looked at him but didn't say anything.

"I was afraid that it might not work out." He continued.

"What won't work out?" she asked.

"Us." He answered. "I was scared that our…friendship…you know being team mates and all…will be put at risk. You know…" Having difficulty with words, he paused for a while. He cleared his throat and breathed heavily.

"But now I realize that I have been taking risks all my life as a shinobi. I…mean…why would…this be any different. It's not that I don't care about our friendship…It's just that…"

"I...really have to tell you how I really feel about you..." He continued. "There's no use denying it, I'm only kidding myself…"

"I…am attracted to you. I have grown…quite attached to you." He cleared his throat again.

Tenten heart leapt. Whoa. Attracted? Attached? Guess he means he likes me too.

"You...?" She started to ask, doing her best to remain straight-faced.

"Not only that." His answer left her more confused. Then he looked away. "Well, not just sexually...but you. Again…I'm…really sorry for what I did." Every word that came out of his mouth is every brick taken away from his heavy chest. God. I didn't know that this is more difficult than fighting the Akatsuki. His palms were sweating and he was having difficulty breathing. He felt her gaze upon him but he can't look at her straight in the eye.

She stared at him wide eyed. Not just sexually? Ok. He means that he loves me? She laughed inside. He's so cute. She never saw this side of him. He's staring at the floor trying his best not to look at her. He kept wiping his palms on his pants. He's breathing heavily. Everything's clear to her now.

"Yes." He confirmed her thoughts. She stared at him for a moment then she simled.

"Look at me." She told him.

"I...I can't." He answered. "I don't know why but I can't."

She chuckled. He's shy. She crawled towards him and then held his face with both hands. She turned his face towards her and looked into his pearl eyes.

He held his breath as he looked into her hazel eyes. Her eyes, they're smiling. The same eyes that greeted him every morning before training. The same eyes that smiled at him when he returned safely after every mission. The same eyes that stare at him with concern even if he just got the smallest of the injuries.

Oh, this is too much. He suddenly captured her mouth into his. Both of them closed their eyes, holding their breaths, savoring the moment when their lips touched together. He felt so light. He felt his skin heat up. He felt all his chakra flowing out of his pores. Her lips were so soft, so gentle. He knew that she would be shocked at first when he kissed her but finally she returned his kiss. He felt her open her mouth slightly then he slowly snaked his tongue and probed her mouth. Her tongue did the same.

He let his fingers feel the smoothness and softness of her chestnut hair. Then his hands started to slide from her face down to her shoulders. Slowly, he pulled his lips away. He started kissing and sucking her neck, leaving marks like little rose petals. She moaned his name. He smiled to himself. Then he slid her lingerie way down to her waist thus exposing her breasts. He stared at them. They're beautiful. Her pink nipples stood out waiting to be tasted. He was mesmerized.

She blushed when her breasts were exposed. She covered them with her arms. He looked at her gently and smiled.

"It's ok." He said in a soft voice. "I won't hurt you."

His words were so gentle, so persuasive that she can't help but to comply. She nodded and placed her arms to her side. He placed one hand to her back and another to her shoulder.

"Lie down." He said. It felt like a command to her but this turned her on even more. She lay down the couch with her back upon the pillow slightly inclined. He kissed her again. His finger traced the side of her face, then her chin, down her neck, her collar bone. Then his hand reached the valley of her breasts, finally, he gave her breast a light squeeze. She moaned while their lips are locked together. She can feel her groin starting to ache in anticipation. She kissed him more intensely than before. He enjoyed it. Then he pulled his lips away again. He looked her in the eye. She saw hunger in them. He smiled at her devilishly. She swallowed hard. Without warning, he captured her nipple in his mouth. His other hand fumbled the other breast. She moaned again. Her thoughts were spinning. Her breath hastened. She can feel her blood flowing so fast in her veins. His tongue probed and played with her nipple. She felt a little pain. Then she realized that he slightly bit her nipple.

He found satisfaction in giving her pleasure. He smiled inside everytime she moaned. God! She's so beautiful. He can't resist devouring her. But he has to take it slow. Her breasts felt soft in his touch, in his mouth. She smelled so good, intoxicating his senses. He felt so lucky again. He pushed her away but she accepted him again, open arms. So he felt that he must return the favor. He smiled inside. He'll give her the night that she won't forget.

He turned to her other breast and gave it the same treatment. He licked the nipple slowly, gently. He sucked it and bit it slightly. It was driving her crazy. And if that wasn't enough, his hand vanished under the blanket covering the lower half of her body. She felt him yank her underwear off without difficulty. She gasped. He looked at her and smiled devilishly again. He showed her the underwear, teasing her. She went red. He chuckled and gave her a smack on the lips.

He looked so hot right now. His black hair flowing free and reflecting the small amount of light that came into the room. His pearl eyes hungrily gazing up and down her body. His chest chiseled leanly by the battles that he fought. But his hands, lethal as they may be, were warm, soft and gentle to her. Everytime his skin touches hers she felt electricity run through them.

When he gave her a small kiss, she didn't notice his hand vanishing under the blanket. He then probed the folds of her sex. She's wet down there and this thrilled him even more. She gasped and squeezed his arm. Success. He smiled to himself. Without warning, he slid a finger inside. She yelped. He slid the finger back and forth slowly building up the speed. This is overwhelming for her. She can't believe that they have gone this far. She moaned a little louder and longer this time. She squeezed his arm tighter, her breathing became faster. Then she tried to punch him in the face but he caught her fist with his free hand.

"Quit...Stalling!" She growled at him. She panted. Her eyes are now full of hunger and lust. He smiled at her. He nodded. He then threw the blanket to the floor. There, he saw her wholly. Her long, creamy, lithe legs open. He saw her womanhood covered by a thin layer of hair. She looked so beautiful. He was mesmerized again. Here, in front of him, is the woman that he truly loves. The woman that accepted him no matter what he did before. The woman that never left his side and helped him grow as a fighter and as a person even if he was bounded by the clan's rules. Now she is giving herself to him. She's giving the thing that she protected her whole life to him.

He yanked what was left of her clothes off then he stood up in front of her, his shadow looming over her. He then dropped his pants down and revealed his manhood. Tenten stared at it wide eyed, mouth agape. Whoa. That's huge…

"Thanks." He said. But she didn't seem hear him. He placed his hand on his hips and tilted his head to the right. He looked at her. She's still staring at it. Amusing. He thought.

"Mesmerized?" He snapped her out of her reverie. She turned to him and shrugged, pretending that it was nothing, that she wasn't at all enthralled. She swallowed hard and cleared her throat.

"Ah, so you didn't wear the boxers…" she said smiling.

"Hindrance. It'll slow us down." The corner of his lips arched. Then he knelt in front of her. He situated himself between her legs and looked her in the eyes. He kissed her again. He loved kissing her now.

"You ready?" he asked her. She nodded slightly and swallowed hard.

"Don't worry. It'll be ok." He assured her.

He guided her arms around his neck and positioned himself. He looked at her again and then locked his lips onto hers. She hugged him tightly and returned his kiss. She can feel the ache in her groin. She wanted him inside her and he knows it. Then he started to penetrate her. She felt the sharp pain puncturing her flesh. It was excruciating enough to make her pull her lips away and yelp in pain. He hushed her and comforted her. He massaged her legs as best as he could. He's halfway inside her. She held him tight and her nails dug slightly onto his back. She sobbed, tears started to fall down her face. He kissed her for comfort and she gladly accepted it.

"You okay?" He asked. She nodded, still sobbing slightly. This is her first time, he understood that. "You still wanna do this?"

"Yes, of course." She smiled weakly but her voice sounds a hundred percent sure. He nodded.

"Brace yourself…I guess." He joked. She chuckled and they kissed again. Then he inserted the rest of it in. This time, the two of them moaned because of both pain and pleasure. They both felt the warm sensation flooding their bodies.

He then slid himself in and out, slowly building up the speed. Her breathing hastened. Her vision spiraled. She never felt this good. It's as if God is slowly waking up inside her. She moaned as he rocked her back and forth, slower then faster.

Her warmth, her tightness, her moans, they were driving him crazy. The louder the moans the more that he wants to give her pleasure. The more that she screams his name, the more that he rocked her. Music to my ears.

She now held on to the couch as Neji rocked her more roughly. He watched her helplessly take every thrust that he gave her. This made him drive even more. His hormones raged to their fullest. He grabbed her by the hips and gave her thrust after thrust. Her breasts bounced, her moans turned to screams as he rocked her back and forth.

He started going faster than before, faster and faster. She screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He moaned. He swore. They reached the point where their minds became clear, where they never thought of or worried about anything. They reached the point where they felt as if electricity was running inside them, as if their charkas cycled at a rate greater than normal. They both came together. They collapsed in each other's arms trying to catch their breaths. Their foreheads came in contact. They smelled each other's scent. They looked at each other's eyes. Emotions overflowing and overwhelming, they kissed.

"I love you…" She whispered. "…Neji-kun."

He smiled and placed his mouth near her ear. "Me too…I'll never let you go...ever..."

They kissed intensely. There they slept in each other's arms, physically drained but emotionally fulfilled. Finally, they're one.

--the end--

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