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"An…Any…Anya…" Tara tries to whimper the ex-demon's name, finally getting it out.

"Yes?" Anya softly questions before going back to stroking her tongue from the bottom of Tara's slit, diving inside the woman briefly before sliding up and over her clit before doing it again, smiling briefly at the sweat laden, quivering witch.

Tara arches into the woman's mouth, while digging her fingers into the bed. Her desire at an all time high from Anya's slow steady stroking. "Goddess!" Tara whimpers continuously, her body shaking uncontrollably.

Anya stops licking the witch for a moment. "You taste so good, do you know that?" Anya whispers before licking over the witch again. "The musky rich taste." Anya smiles at Tara's loud whimpers, as she slowly starts the stroke again, wiggling her tongue inside the witch for an extra few seconds before continuing up over her clit, having to fight herself to keep from sucking the rock hard muscle in her mouth to give the witch the release she needs, wanting just an extra couple moments. "Would you like me to suck you into my mouth and slide my fingers inside you?" Anya questions before diving back in, ever so slowly licking over the witch again, giving her time to answer, if she can.

"Plea…" Tara tries to get out the word please, obviously having gotten enough of it out for Anya to acquiesce by sucking her swollen muscle into her mouth while sliding what felt like three fingers into her sopping center, causing her to climax instantly, crying out the ex-demon's name.

Anya keeps up her ministrations on the witch, stroking steadily in and out of the witch, her fingers curled to rub over her g-spot, while sucking and flicking the continuously spasming muscle, groaning at the sweet reward escaping from the witch, as Tara rolls from one orgasm into another. Anya works hard to keep up with Tara's bucking hips, breathing in deeply through her nose as she unconsciously sucks stronger on Tara's clit, making the witch arch up hard as another gush of fluid escapes from her, before she collapses on the bed, passed out from the pleasure. Easing away from Tara, Anya groans as she laps gently at the witch, enjoying the flavor of the woman immensely, smiling briefly at the continued twitching of the woman's body.

Grabbing the covers, Anya pulls them up as she eases up to lay beside Tara, wrapping her arm around the witch as she eases her body close to her side, kissing her gently on the cheek, Anya reaches back to turn the small lamp off before burying her face in the witch's damp neck, enjoying being close to Tara, before allowing her body to relax and slowly fall asleep.

Buffy nods to the bouncer as she walks into the Bronze, deciding to spend a couple hours at the bar before going home to the empty house via another trip around Sunnydale. Paying for the soda, she slowly works her way around the bar, smiling as she notices Willow with her girlfriend, sitting close to each other in one of the booths. When Willow notices her and waves her over, Buffy smiles and eases in the seat across from the two women.

"Christina, I want you to meet one of my best friends, Buffy. Buffy, this is Christina." Willow blushes lightly as Christina removes her arm from her shoulders to shake hands with Buffy.

"It's a pleasure to be meeting wee Willow's best friend." Christina smiles as she shakes the small woman's hand, surprised at the strength in the grip.

"I'm glad to meet you." Buffy smiles briefly, gauging the woman for a few moments. "So, I won't stay long, I just thought I'd spend some time here before heading home to an empty house."

Willow starts to open her mouth to question the words, when she realizes what it means and snaps her mouth shut, looking elsewhere. Deciding to change the subject, she smiles a strained smile at the slayer. "Busy night tonight?"

"A little bit busy, but not too bad." Buffy admits softly. "She ready, or do you want to wait?"

"You can't be serious?" Christina questions looking from Willow to Buffy. "I'm starting to wonder 'bout you my Willow." Christina raises an eyebrow looking at Willow questioningly.

"I know you don't want to believe it, but what I told you is the truth. If you're willing to walk around Sunnydale for a while, we can prove it to you." Willow softly states after looking around the area to make sure no ones listening in.

"Trust me, Christina. There are many, many things that go bump in the night." Buffy explains. "If you know it, and are prepared, there's a better chance that you'll stay alive. The people in this town have a habit of explaining things away instead of believing what they see."

"You two are being for real?" Christina frowns in disbelief. "Okay, just for the hell of it, I'll go with you. But you and I are going to have a wee talk after this." Christina states seriously looking at Willow.

"And when you find out what I've told you is the truth?" Willow questions worriedly. "I want to know if there's a chance…" Willow trails off turning her gaze briefly to Buffy, noticing the silent support. "…A chance that you'll still want to date me." Willow whispers softly, her gaze back on the pale blue eyes of the Scottish woman.

"Oh, Willow, my sweets." Christina whispers, the brogue a little thicker, brushing a thumb over the redheads cheek. "I don't think I'll ever not want to be with you. But I'm a wee bit worried about ye."

"Let's clear it up." Buffy states calmly looking at the two women as she slides out of the booth.

Willow takes a deep breath, smiling as Christina shrugs her shoulders but quickly follows Buffy. 'Please let her be okay with this.' Willow mentally states, the woman having been a salvation to her over the past weeks. The tall Scotswoman having wormed her way into her heart with her soft lilting tones, and sparkling eyes.

Buffy strides down the sidewalk, followed by the two women. Keeping her senses open, she listens to the two of them as they quietly talk.

"You mean to tell me that wee little slip of a girl is something like a superhero?" Christina asks incredulously.

Buffy smirks as they make their way closer to one of the busier cemeteries.

"Yes, Buffy is the slayer. She's saved the world…" Willow trails off thinking. "How many times have you saved the world, now?"

Christina looks at Willow, frowning, as the two women had been whispering to each other, and Willow even questioned Buffy in the same tone. Knowing there's no way the woman could hear them with her being a good 10-15 yards ahead of them.

"I don't know, six or seven I think." Buffy answers as she slows down at the entrance to the cemetery. Buffy chuckles at the shocked look crossing the Scot's face. "Keep an eye open, and try not to be too terribly surprised."

Christina slowly follow's Buffy into the cemetery, starting to believe the two women, even against her better judgment. Either that or both women need to be put in the crazy house.

Willow glances nervously up at the woman, noticing the thoughtful look on her face. Sighing quietly, Willow hunches her shoulders and follow's Buffy silently.

"We've got company." Buffy slowly eyes the surrounding area, her senses wiggling. "Be careful, there's more than one." Buffy whispers as her eyes zero in on a gravesite with a hand working it's way out of the ground. Continuing her perusal of the area, she slowly turns in a circle, searching out the shadows and the other newer graves. Seeing some movement in the dirt, Buffy nods her head before spinning around nailing the vampire sneaking up behind her in the jaw with her fist, knocking the demon back.

"What the fuck?" Christina blinks at the quickness of Buffy's attack, to the man… vampire?… she's fighting, noticing as the face changes quickly and the eyes turn yellow.

"Watch." Willow softly states keeping her eyes open as she peruses the area, pulling out the bottle of holy water and cross.

Christina watches as Buffy and the… vampire fight each other viciously, Buffy nailing the vampire with multiple punches before jumping up, kicking him in the face before dropping down to the ground, knocking his feet out from under him. As she pulls out a stake and the vampire disappears in a cloud of dust, Christina runs a shaking hand over her face.

Buffy snarls as she jumps up, running around the two women , jumping up in the air, slamming into the other vampire trying to sneak up on the two women. "You are going to die. You won't be given the chance to hurt anyone." Buffy growls as she picks up the vampire, throwing him a good twenty feet before running after him, dusting him before he can stand.

Slowly standing from where she was kneeling, Buffy sends her senses out, while intently studying the area. Finally allowing herself to relax after a few minutes, she walks up to the two women, brushing off her jeans after she tucks away the stake. Looking from a pale, stunned Christina, to a nervous Willow, Buffy sighs quietly.

"Christina?" Willow questions softly, placing a hand on the woman's arm.

"They're fucking real." Christina states in stunned surprise. "She fought them, and then she turned them to dust." Christina's gaze focus' in on the slayer. "What else is real?" Christina hoarsely questions.

"Werewolves, demons, Gods, or at least Hell Gods." Buffy shrugs. "A bunch of different kinds of demons, witch's, and warlocks." Buffy rattles off quickly.

Christina blinks as she tries to take in everything that she's seen and heard.

Willow gently squeezes the woman's arm, watching her intently as the stunned blue eyes turn to her, smiling softly as Christina's eyes warm and she hugs her softly. "Will it be okay, once it settles?"

"Well, it helps that I don't think you're fucking loony." Christina admits, allowing a smirk to cross her face for a moment. "And it also means I'm gonna be a lot more careful."

"Do you want to see anymore, or do you want me to walk you two back to your car?" Buffy questions, letting out a relieved sigh when she realizes Christina isn't going to freak out.

"I think I've seen enough." Christina's smile wavers slightly. "If you don't mind walking us back, I'd appreciate it."

Willow sighs and leans into the tall woman as Christina wraps her arm around her, the three walking back to the Bronze, where Christina was parked. "Thanks, Buffy."

"No problem, Wills. If you two need me, call. It was nice meeting you, Christina. Hope we didn't end up scaring you away." Buffy smiles apologetically at the woman.

"It's a wee bit on the scary side." Christina nods her head in acknowledgement of that fact. "But it also makes other things make a bit more sense. Pricing of housing, how cheap it is to go to school here, the death rate." Christina rolls her eyes, sighing quietly. "Let me take the wee one home. It was nice meeting you, too." Christina allows a genuine smile to cross her face, a dimple showing on her right cheek.

"Just be careful, and try not to be out by yourself at night." Buffy smiles then chuckles as Willow hugs her quickly. "Call me, Wills. You still need to come by and meet Phoenix."

"I will. I promise. It'll probably be after school ends, though." Willow releases the slayer before climbing in the vehicle, smiling up at Christina as she shuts the door. Waving to Buffy as Buffy winks and walks away. Willow watches as Christina walks around the car, climbing in beside her. "Are you okay with this?"

"You didn't make it happen, Willow. You just know about it." Christina starts the vehicle, quickly driving towards Willow's house.

"I don't just know about it, I actively participate in the fighting of it." Willow admits, her gaze turning to the window, looking at the passing houses. "I got so deep in it, that I went to far, hurt the people I love." Willow frowns hard looking down to her lap, where she's wringing her hands together tight, smiling as Christina gently places her hand over them, squeezing softly.

"Is that how you lost Tara?" Christina questions gently before pulling her hand away to turn down Willow's street.

Willow sighs deeply, nodding her head. She'd told Christina about her and Tara breaking up, but not giving her any details. "So much to explain and tell you. Needless to say I am…was a witch. I abused my powers, and for all intents and purposes raped Tara's mind. And I'd understand if you don't want to have anything to do with me." Willow whispers before opening the door, to quickly stride up to the door, fumbling with the keys as she tries to unlock the door, whimpering as she feels two hands land on her shoulders, turning her gently around.

"Come here, my wee Willow." Christina pulls the woman into her arms as she hears the sobs starting to come from the redhead. Taking the keys from the unresisting redhead, Christina holds her against her in one arm while unlocking the door with the other hand. Gently urging the redhead to walk into the house, she looks around, shutting the door and walks to the couch, dragging an unresisting Willow down onto her lap, cradling the sobbing woman in her arms.

After a few long moments of crying, Willow finally brings her tears under control, an occasional shuddered exhale working it's way out of her.

"Feel like talking about it?" Christina questions softly, placing a kiss on the top of Willow's head while continuing to stroke gently over the woman's back.

"I don't come out looking very good." Willow admits. "I pretty much became a power hungry bitch and thought I was above everyone else. Don't interrupt, please." Willow whispers as Christina starts to open her mouth as she looks at the woman. "Let me get everything out, then you can decide to run the other way, or…" Willow shakes her head, not wanting to think about the possibility of the woman staying, not wanting to get any deeper into hoping for something that probably wouldn't happen. Taking a deep breath, Willow slowly starts to explain the strange world that is her life, explaining being a witch, as is Tara. Falling in love with the blonde woman, the problems the Scooby group had with Glory, what happened to Tara after their argument, going after Glory after the Hell God stole her mind, through getting back Tara's mind before they finally destroyed Glory, but not before Buffy sacrificed herself. Taking a moment to get control of her emotions. Willow bites her lip thinking heavily, before continuing on to how she took charge of the group, ordering them around to where she finally decided to bring Buffy back. Explaining how her best friend was ripped out of heaven by her own hands, to how she and Tara argued about Willow's abuse of the magic. The first forget spell, taking Tara's memories from her, because she didn't want to argue with the woman through finding out about Buffy's being in heaven and the subsequent second spell after promising Tara she wouldn't do magic.

Christina frowns deeply, but continues to stroke her hands over the redheads shaking back. Trying to comprehend what the woman's saying with the fact that she just found out that everything the woman's talking about is real. As she continues to listen to Willow explain how she finally stopped using the magic, knowing it's too much of a temptation to go back to what she was like, and really truly hating the thing that she'd become to how after months of them being separated, Tara discussed how she could never be with the redhead again, and her own subsequent moving out of the slayer's house to move back home to help her get her head back in the right frame of mind.

"I'll understand if you don't want to see me anymore, Christina." Willow whispers, afraid to look up into the woman's eyes, afraid of the condemnation she'll see there.

"Oh, my wee Willow." Christina allows a tear to ease down her cheek as she pulls the redhead in tighter against her. "You've been through a rough life, haven't you my wee little one?" Christina gently pushes Willow's head into her neck, smiling gently as the redhead finally wraps both arms around her, crying softly.

"Please tell me you aren't going to leave me." Willow cries out softly, finding an immense amount of comfort in the woman's arms, not having thought she'd ever feel this way about anyone again.

"Shhh. Try and relax, my sweet red Willow." Christina gently rocks the woman, continuing to stroke over her back. "I'll be here for as long as you need me."

Willow allows herself to relax more into the woman, hugging her tightly around the neck. "Thank you." Willow whispers as she gently rubs her cheek against the woman's shoulder.

Buffy unlocks the door, easing into the house, smiling down at Phoenix as she jumps at her barking. "Let's take you out, Phoenix." Buffy locks the door behind her before walking to the kitchen, following an eager puppy. Sitting down on the back steps, Buffy sighs quietly as she watches Phoenix run around. "Just you and me tonight, Phoenix. I don't much feel like going to sleep, what do you say we throw in a movie and eat some popcorn?"

Phoenix tilts her head, panting at the woman after using the bathroom and running back to her.

"Well, let's see if you did any damage to anything in the house." Buffy smiles at Phoenix as she scratches her head. Heading back into the house, she smiles as Phoenix stops to lap up some water before looking at everything with a critical eyes, looking for accidents and any teeth marks on anything. Working her way from the kitchen into the dining room, Buffy doesn't notice, or smell anything. Walking into the living room she chuckles as she sees the half gnawed rawhide and the toys strewn around the living room. Seeing a pillow shifted on the couch, Buffy walks over to the item, chuckling as she notices little black hairs on the item. Continuing her perusal of the room, she doesn't notice anything else wrong.

"Well, huh." Buffy turns around looking at the room again, before glancing down at her tail wagging puppy. "You didn't have any accidents in the house, and I don't see where you chewed on anything you shouldn't have. Of course, it looks like you made yourself at home on the couch." Buffy narrows her gaze on the puppy as she barks at her before jumping up on the piece of furniture, looking at her.

"Damn animal. Let's get you a treat." Buffy mutters walking back to the kitchen, digging out a couple of the small milk bones, chuckling as Phoenix barks excitedly. "Tara said she was working with you on sitting. So, sit, Phoenix." Buffy states authoritatively, chuckling as Phoenix tilts her head looking at her. "Sit, Phoenix." Buffy states again, kneeling down in front of the puppy, smiling as Phoenix finally sits down. "Good, girl." Buffy hands her a bone, rubbing her head firmly. Standing up, Buffy puts away her weapons before grabbing the remote to curl up on the couch, smiling as Phoenix runs in, jumping up beside her on the couch. Turning the television on, Buffy relaxes while rubbing the puppy's stomach as she flicks through the channels, finally coming across a movie that looks promising.

"Easy, my wee one." Christina whispers as Willow jerks away, looking around disoriented.

Willow blinks her eyes, realizing she's still curled up in Christina's arms and that it's morning. "Goddess, I didn't mean to fall asleep on you."

"You're okay, Willow." Christina smiles at the woman as she eases off her lap. "But I would be a liking you to tell me where the bathroom is."

"Oh, follow me." Willow blushes deeply leading the way upstairs to the bathroom. "If you want to take a shower or anything, I can get you towels."

"That'll be okay?" Christina questions as she stops in the doorway to the bathroom.

"Of course. Here, wait a minute." Willow smiles at the woman before walking over to the linen closet pulling out a couple towels and washrag. "Here you go, let me by you for a second." Willow blushes again as Christina shifts out of the way. Kneeling down in front of the bathroom cabinet, Willow pulls out a fresh deodorant, toothpaste and razor blade. "If you need anything else, let me know."

"I would say fresh clothes, but I be a thinking that yours won't fit me." Christina smirks as the redhead as she eases by her.

Willow laughs quietly, shaking her head. "I somehow doubt even my socks would fit you. I could get you a t-shirt and look through my father's things, see if maybe he might own a pair of sweatpants. That'll be your best bet." Willow offers looking up at the woman.

"I can put my clothes back on. Thanks, Willow." Christine reaches up to run a finger gently down the redheads neck.

"So, I haven't managed to scare you off?" Willow questions after swallowing hard.

"No, no matter how hard you tried. I'll not be running off that easy, my wee one." Christina smiles. "I've decided I like you, so for better or worse, you're stuck with me, unless you tell me to leave."

Willow bites her lip, blushing lightly as she looks up into the smiling countenance of the tall Scotswoman. "Let me see what I can find for you." Willow whispers before turning to go to her parents room, her heart feeling lighter than it has in a very long time.

Christina smiles as she gently closes the door to the bathroom, setting the towels down on the sink before turning to the enclosed shower, turning the water on to get hot. Slowly stripping, Christina folds her clothes before stepping into the shower, groaning at the water beating down on her, sighing. "I do like you, wee one. You've seen what you've done and you're regretting it. I don't think you'd be making the same mistakes again."