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Azkaban Prison

Azkaban Prison

In the small cell, a messy haired boy, whom was barely fifteen years old, is suffering from the affects of Dementors, which roam the outside corridors, and making him relive the horrible night, that just happen almost a week ago.

Flashback Tri-Wizard Tournament end of third task

As Dumbledore and many of the officials watch from the stands, they saw both Harry and Cedric disappear from the center of the maze." Headmaster is this part of the tournament?" Fudge the Minster of Magic asked." No something is wrong." Dumbledore worriedly said, then using a sonorous spell." All professors, and Aurors, we need to remove the maze immediately, so everyone get on the grounds now!" Dumbledore voice sounded throughout the stands, and the ones that were called upon were quickly leaving their seats.

Sometime later, as Dumbledore and the others arrived at the center of the maze, Dumbledore was not surprised, at seeing his friend, the battled scar Made Eye Moody already at the center, but was horrified at what laid before him, a stunned Harry Potter, and a very dead Cedric." Mad-Eye, what just happened?" Dumbledore asked, as he and others stepped up to the ex Auror." Headmaster, I followed the portkeyed signature, and personally saw Mr. Potter kill Mr. Diggory with the Killing curse." Mad-eye informed everyone, as gasped was heard about." I was too late to stop Potter, but luckily I was able to stun him before he could escape, and then brought both back here." Mad-eye finished, as Fudge stepped up." Good job, a very good job indeed." Fudge said, as he looked to Harry." I knew he was going dark, it's too bad you all didn't see it until it was too late." Fudge said unkindly, and turned to his Aurors." Take Potter to Azkaban prison, and place him in the maximum security area, we'll keep him there until a trial can be arranged, which unfortunately will take a week to set one up." Fudge commanded, and the Aurors did as they told.

As Harry was taken away, many of his friends were not looking so nicely at Harry, including Dumbledore." Minister Fudge, I have Potter things brought to the Ministry, and personally break his wand." Dumbledore unkindly said." Good, hopefully we can find what tempted him to kill young Cedric." Fudge suggested, as everyone else looked sadly at the fallen Hogwarts champion, and angrily wondered why Harry killed him.

End flashback

Harry had awoken days later, and immediately was suffering from the effects from the Dementors, and not only that, he was getting visions from the newly resurrected Voldemort, and both saw and heard his friends and professors betrayals." I didn't kill Cedric, why did they think I did it!" Harry cried into his arms, as he lay on the bare stone walls, but as he did, his mind went blank, and all he saw was darkness.

In a sea of darkness, Harry was lost as he floated uncontrollably about, until a figure of an old witch appeared before him." Don't be afraid child, my name is Clarisa Whitewater, and I too was imprisoned for a crime I didn't commit, which was about two-hundred years ago." Clarisa informed a shocked Harry." Why are you still here?" Harry only could ask." I had a vision, that I will be needed in the future, and because of this, I trapped my soul, and magical abilities in this very cell, to fore fill it." Clarisa sadly said, as Harry looked to her." What does it have to do with me?" Harry asked, as Clarisa smiled." You see Harry, I was a powerful Seer, and it was unfortunately a vision of seeing a very important wizard son, get killed got me a life sentence, all because they didn't forgo my warning, they blame his son's death on me." Clarisa sadly started." Actually I could have done something to change my fate, but another vision of seeing you here, and me helping you escape from here, made me allow my fate to happen." Clarisa finished, as Harry looked startled." What was the other vision, and why did you allow yourself to die here?" Harry asked." For your first question, I saw the fate of the world, if you weren't there to help, and believe me, it was not pretty." Clarisa informed Harry with shudder, but did not go further into the vision." As for the other, I have special abilities, which had died out the second I died here, and I can transfer them to you, if you wish to have them." Clarisa finished, as Harry looked to her." What are these abilities?" Harry asked." You will find out, when I transfer them over to you, but unfortunately there is some catch." Clarisa stopped unsure what to say to Harry." What are these catch?" Harry impatiently asked." You must lose your birth name and image, to become my Heir to the Whitewater family, this is the only way you can accept my powers!" Clarisa informed an unsure Harry." My name and image seem to bring trouble to wherever I go, so I guess I can live without them." Harry started after a few minutes of thought." but you said there were more?" Harry asked, as Clarisa looked a bit unsure of her answer."There is, all heirs of the Whitewater families are always been daughters, so there is a ninety percent chance, that you will be turned into a girl, once my powers are set inside of you." Clarisa informed a now very unsure looking boy." I'm going to change into a girl? is there anyway around this!" Harry asked, as Clarisa sadly shook her head." I'm afraid once you accept my gift, this will be permanent." Clarisa firmly said, as Harry gave it a very long thought." I guess when I escape using your powers; I don't need to worry, since everyone will be looking for a boy." Harry uncertainly started, then with a gulped." I accept your powers, and will use them wisely." Harry firmly said, as Clarisa smiled." Then I Clarisa Whitewater hereby renamed Harry James Potter, to Shadow Mage Clarisa Whitewater!" Clarisa yelled, and cyclone of darkness, engulf Harry, and soon everything went black.

Back in the prison cell, a fifteen year old girl, with silvery hair, and golden eyes, appeared looking startled." Oh shoot, what have I gotten myself into?" The now Clarisa complained, as she looked down, and noticed the body of her former self." I guess I don't need to worry about me escaping." Clarisa started, as she bent down, to feel a pulse on Harry's hand, and found none." Everyone will think I had died." Clarisa shuddered at seeing and feeling her former and dead body." I better get out of here now." Clarisa said, and closed her eyes." Thanks Great Grandma Clarisa, I will not let you down." Clarisa thought, before disappearing into the shadows.

Hogwarts an hour earlier

In the Headmaster's office, a green flame burst from the fireplace, and important looking face appeared in the flame." Headmaster, I got some news very bad news concerning Mr. Harry James Potter!" The head spoke, sound very worried." Minister Fudge, what is this news?" Dumbledore asked, as he looked worried about the answer." I just gotten word that He who must not be name appeared in Diagon Alley, and he ranted about framing Mr. Potter of Mr. Diggory's death, and not only that Mad-eye Moody, is a spy working for him, and then afterwards he destroyed the Alley, leaving very little survivors." Fudge worriedly said, both shocking and angrily angered Dumbledore." I will see about the spy…" Dumbledore started, but an Owl flew into the office, and he picked up the letter that was attached to the owl's leg.


By the time you get this, I will be long gone, and the real Mad-eye Moody will be dead, it was fun fooling you, and convicting the Boy Who live, whom I'm sure will be mad by now, since I know how Dementors affect him, but if not, I'm sure he will lose all faith in you.

Sign by

Bartemius Crouch Jr.

Once Dumbledore was done reading, he turned to Fudge." Minister, it was not Moody, it was Bartemius Crouch Jr., and he was the spy." Dumbledore gravely warned Fudge." But it can't be, he is dead, isn't he?" Fudge asked, now looking more worried." We get to that answer later, for now, I will go with you to get Mr. Potter." Dumbledore firmly said, and quickly left through the fireplace, once Fudge was cleared.

The Great Hall, Dinner later that evening

The Hogwarts Leaving Feast just started, and everyone was worried about the absence of their Headmaster, when the doors slammed opened, and the person they were waiting on, stormed up to the head table, and everyone could tell, he was not in a good mood.

As Dumbledore settled down on his chair, he took a few minute to calm himself, as the professors, and students looked worriedly at him." Students, and Professors, I have some grave news." Dumbledore sadly started, as soon as he stood up, and look everyone over." Just hours ago I received word, that Mr. Harry James Potter was framed for the murder of Mr. Cedric Diggory." Dumbledore continued, as cries of disbelief sounded throughout the hall." It was a man name Wormtail that killed him, just before resurrecting the Dark Lord Voldemort." Dumbledore stopped as he closed his eyes." Harry had to fight for his life to escape from him, and during this time, had brought Mr. Diggory's body back, only to be framed by Moody." Dumbledore stopped as he wiped his eye, and everyone could tell there was more bad news on the way." I just got back from Azkaban Prison, and I'm afraid, that Mr. Potter is dead, but is unsure at this moment of what killed him…" Dumbledore stopped, as he couldn't take it anymore, and sat down crying, with Mcgonagal supporting him, and many realized that they all had made the same mistake as Dumbledore did, and now grieved at the lost of a former friend and student.

Somewhere unknown

Just outside of a very dark two story mansion, a fifteen year old girl with silver hair appeared in the driveway, looking startled at the sight." Is this where Grandma Clarisa, set up for me to leave, when she was still alive?" Clarisa thought, but decided to enter the mansion, and the doors opened as she got near them.

As Clarisa entered, she was greeted by squeaky voice." Mistress Whitewater, welcome to Shadow Mansion, my name is Tibi." A young female house elf wearing a black maid outfit squeak, as she excitedly greeted Clarisa." Ah, nice to meet you Tibi, are there anymore elves working here in the mansion?" Clarisa asked, as she prayed that Hermione doesn't learn of this." Yes Mistress, you have fifteen house elves, but the rest are busy making the mansion presentable." Tibi squeaked." That's alright, but can you show me to an available room, so I can get clean up." Clarisa asked, since she was still wearing the same clothes, she had on, when the Aurors placed Harry in Azkaban." Yes ma'am, please follow me, and I will show you to the master bedroom." Tibi squeaked, and led Clarisa down a long hallway, which was nicely decorated.

The bedroom, was larger then the Gryffindor common room, and luckily for Clarisa, everything seem to be update to this time period, and had no problems getting cleaned up, except for being shocked when she saw how she looked like now." Oh great, if I was a boy, I might be drooling over my body." Clarisa thought, as she surveyed her entire body on the full length mirror." Oh well, I guess this way, no one will recognize me as Harry Potter." Clarisa thought, and headed out of the room, after putting on some wizarding robes.

Once back in the hallway, Clarisa explored the first floor, and found a large library, and the dinning room, which was lucky, since she was now starving." Tibi, can I have dinner." Clarisa called out, and Tibi appeared." It will take a few seconds, what does the Mistress want to eat." Tibi squeaked." Fried chicken, with all the fixings, and pumpkin juice will be fine." Clarisa informed the house elf, and Tibi disappeared, just as enough food for three hungry people appeared on a long table.

As Clarisa ate, she suddenly felt alone, and being in a large empty dining room was not helping." Great, what am I going to do now, since I know I can't go back to my friends, since they all betrayed me?" Clarisa thought, as she remembered the visions from Voldemort." Mistress, I got today's Daily Prophet!" Tibi squeaked, causing Clarisa to smile at the elf." Thanks, I was hoping to see what was happening in the wizarding world." Clarisa started, but stopped, as she saw the headlines.


Just this morning, Diagon Alley shoppers, was shock when the once thought dead Dark Lord, He who must not be name, arrived very much alive and with him, his fellow Death Eaters, but this is not all, when he made this statement." I am happy to hear that you all betrayed your own savior Harry Potter!" The Dark Lord spat, as he proudly announce it." It was one of my servants, which killed the kid, and not Potter." Once He who must not be name shocked the shoppers, he ordered the attack, killing almost everyone in the alley, but leaving a few to tell the tail of what just happened.

In other news, Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge, and Headmaster Albus Dumbledore made a startling discovery just hours ago, when they both left to Azkaban Prison to free The Boy Who Live from his wrongful imprisonment, only to discover our Savior lying dead on the floor of his prison cell, with no clue of how he had died.

Once Clarisa read that part, she quickly stopped, since she just realized that Dumbledore and Fudge must have just missed her." Good, this will work, since they think I'm dead, it will give me more time, since I need at least a year to fully train myself, with my new powers." Clarisa thought, as she finished her dinner, and decided to head to the library, while forgetting why she was upset earlier.