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After an unknown amount of time, Clarisa awoke with a slight headache." Great, now where am I?" Clarisa complained, as she sat up from a stone floor in a dark but familiar and unwelcome room." Voldemort's thrown room, I'm in deep trouble!" Clarisa guess, as she noticed the skeleton chair across from her." Stupefy!" Lucius voice shouted, but Clarisa exploded in a shadowy explosion, and reformed into herself behind Malfoy." Stupefy!" Clarisa yelled, but Malfoy quickly dodge the black spell, and then faced Clarisa with a smile.

Once Malfoy faced Clarisa, he smiled." So the Whitewater family line still lives!" Malfoy started with an evil smile." My master, will be most pleased, that is the case, cousin!" Malfoy informed a wide-eye Clarisa." COUSIN, there is no way I can be related to you!" Clarisa shouted, but another voice sounded." It is true, since the Malfoy's came from a family line of Shadow Mages, which luckily lost their powers long before the laws came into effect!" Voldemort informed the teen, as he stepped into the room, causing Clarisa to gulped knowing that she was trapped.

It took a moment before Clarisa could speak." I don't care what you are, since I will never acknowledge that we are related!" Clarisa shouted, as Voldemort frowned." Malfoy, I think she needs some discipline, and hopefully soon she will be ready to marry Draco or some other suitors, so we can have more Shadow Mages on our side." Voldemort hissed, and Malfoy nodded in agreement." Maybe we don't need my son, since I don't mind taking in a mistress!" Malfoy greedily said, as he scanned Clarisa form, but hearing this Clarisa waved her wand to send several dark balls at Malfoy, both hitting him and hurling him into the wall." I will be no one mistress MALFOY!" Clarisa angrily shouted, as she faced a now unconscious wizard.

As Clarisa was focus on Malfoy, she didn't notice Voldemort wave his wand, and soundlessly sent a spell at her from behind, until it hit her." Ahh!" Clarisa screamed, as she fell to the ground in pain." Now Whitewater, will you join us, or you will not live to see the end of the week!" Voldemort madly hissed, and Clarisa looked painfully at him." I will never join you!" Clarisa yelled, as she rolled away and painfully stood up.

For awhile a hurt and battered Clarisa stared at Voldemort, until she grinned at a thought." I been wondering if you notice my name isn't on any wizarding records, since I'm sure you been sending your spies to find anything about me?" Clarisa asked, as Voldemort looked startled at the question." Why yes, I was wondering about that, so care to tell me how did the Whitewater family line lived, when all current records say they died out about two-hundred years ago?" Voldemort asked, as he looked interested." It is because they did die out, I am the result of an Heir Transfer spell, one sealed up in Azkaban prison to create a new Heir in the future." Clarisa hinted, causing Voldemort eyes to widen." POTTER, IT CAN'T BE!" Voldemort yelled in shock, and Clarisa smiled." I was Harry Potter, but now I'm Clarisa Whitewater, Heir to the Whitewater family, and your downfall!" Clarisa yelled, as she used this distraction to quickly create the Time Reversal Rune, and sent it to Voldemort incasing him in a Brilliant rainbow shield.

For a minute Clarisa sent many spells into the shield, which would make sure the Rune will do it job, but before she could finish, a shout alerted her of a new problem." Expelliarmus!" Yelled very familiar voice and the spell threw Clarisa to the ground, but luckily Clarisa still had held her wand, as a Death Eater stepped into the room.

As Clarisa painfully sat up, she was shock as she realized who her attacker was." RON, BUT HOW ARE YOU HERE?" Clarisa yelled, as the Death Eater removed his mask." My lord and Master saved me from becoming a Muggle, no thanks to you!" Ron spat out, as Clarisa stood to face her ex-friend." Ron you fool, why did you turn to the dark side?" Clarisa only could ask, since she was still shock in seeing Ron here." Why, my parents and those who I thought were light, made pack with a Dark and evil Shadow Mage that is why." Ron spat out, as he train his wand at Clarisa." Ron you fool, I'm not evil!" Clarisa tried to reason." You will not fool me!" Ron yelled, as he looked angrily at Clarisa." You will pay for what you did to me!" Ron said in a dangerous tone, and sent out a dark red spell, which Clarisa dodge by rolling to the side.

As Clarisa came out of her rolled, she noticed the rainbow shield glowing brightly." Ron we got to get out of here, I didn't finish the spell, the shield going to collapse!" Clarisa worriedly warned, as Ron stared not so nicely at Clarisa." So what, it'll only mean The Dark Lord triumph over your pitiful attempt to kill him!" Ron spat out, but was interrupted, as the shield collapse sending out a bright rainbow explosion, which went threw everything and everyone.

Outside the old run down of Riddle mansion, a large group wizards and witches appeared, only to be caught in the largest magical explosion they ever saw before passing out on the lawns of the manor.

For an unknown amount of time, a white haired man sat up on the lawn." What just happen?" He asked, as he looked about, now seeing a large barely new manor, which he recognized as Riddle Manor." Clarisa's Time Reversal Rune it did all this?" He guessed, as a young red haired woman sat up." Albus what just happen." She asked, looking puzzled at the new sceneries." Well young Ginny, my guess is that Clarisa new Rune spell went out of control." Dumbledore informed a started woman." Um Albus, I'm Molly Weasley, why did you think I was my daughter?" Molly asked in confusion, as another red hair girl slowly sat up, whom Dumbledore recognize as a much younger Ginny." Everyone, we need to verify your age now." Dumbledore quickly said, as he waved his wand, creating a number of magical lines, and then he mumbled a spell which changed the lines into numbers." I'm again a hundred years old." Dumbledore said in shock as Molly did the spell." I'm twenty-seven years old!" Molly yelled, as her elders sons found out that they were again eighteen years olds, Fred and George were fifteen, and Ginny was thirteen." Does this mean we have to take the O.W.Ls again?" Fred and George asked Dumbledore, but he shook his head as to say no.

Once everyone checked their new age, a young girl spoke up." I have a problem." An Eleven year old Hermione shyly interrupted before anyone could speak, as she nervously looked towards Dumbledore." Don't worry Miss. Granger, once we get back to school, I will see about returning us back to our right ages." Dumbledore gently informed Hermione, but a twenty year old Jacob spoke up." I afraid Albus that this is irreversible, since Clarisa made the spell to be like a permanent curse, so nothing can reverse the curse accept for us to grow up naturally again." Jacob sighed, as Dumbledore nodded. "Then I guess we all have a new lease in life, and enjoy it for now." Dumbledore suggested, and everyone had no choice but accept their fate.

Once everyone accepted their fate Dumbledore had a much younger Shacklebolt checked how far the explosion went, and to everyone's relief it had stopped before hitting the outer perimeter of the estate.

Once everyone regrouped, Dumbledore and everyone ran forward to the newly reformed Riddle mansion, where once the doors opened, they were shocked at what they saw." Did Voldemort open a daycare center?" An eighteen year old Sirius confusedly asked, as children from all ages ran amuck." The Time Reversal Rune must have weakened when it went threw the walls and stuff?" Bill suggested, as Jacob nodded in agreement." You are right, everyone inside the mansion seem to have been reverted not only physically like us, but also back to their childhood memories." Jacob informed everyone, as Dumbledore sighed in relief." That will be good to hear, since there will no fighting for us today." Dumbledore said, sounding glad for the fact." Wait what about Clarisa, would she have change also?" Molly worriedly asked, as the others looked grimed at the idea, and ran forward hoping that Clarisa would be alright.

The group for the light ran forward, they only had to look at the children, since the younger they were the closer they got to the source of the explosion.

Far down into the basement, Dumbledore and the others was starting to pass preschoolers, toddlers and then infants, but stopped as they found empty robes that seem to have fallen into place." Poor souls, they must have reverted to before they were born." Remus grimly suggested, as everyone shuddered at their fate." There is nothing we can do for them, come let see where this explosion came from." Dumbledore sadly suggested, and led everyone to a newly created door, and opened it.

In a nicely decorated room, a lone figure stood among a number of fallen robes, and Dumbledore calmly stepped up to him." Tom Riddle we meet again?" Dumbledore firmly asked a sixteen year old teen, with a blank look in his eyes." Sir what is wrong with him?" Shacklebolt asked, as he quickly realized who the teen was." There is only one way to find out." Dumbledore firmly said, as he pointed his wand to Riddle's face." Legilimens!" Dumbledore simply said, and less then a minute he again spoke out." Riddle is now trapped in his body, with no memory of whom he was, in other words, Clarisa did it, she saved us all." Dumbledore informed everyone, as he looked relieved that the war was finally over.

Once Dumbledore declared that the war was over, everyone yelled and celebrated, but it quickly ended as Molly noticed Girl-Kitsune bent over a pile of robes, with a apprentice badge that was giving to Clarisa still pinned to it." That is Hogwarts robes…" Molly yelled, but dropped to her knees crying, as other realized who the Robes belong too." No, we lost Clarisa again!" Sirius cried, as an eighteen year old Remus comforted him.

As Clarisa closest friends and family cried, Girl-Kitsune opened the robes to reveal a two week silver hair infant, which giggled at the sight of Kitsune, while at the same time alerted Dumbledore." Clarisa?" Dumbledore only could ask, as Kitsune stood carrying an unclothed baby girl." Everyone Clarisa is alive!" Dumbledore yelled excitedly, as he relieved Kitsune of her burden." Clarisa Whitewater, you had us worried sick over you!" Dumbledore lightly scolded, but found himself suddenly wet, while at the same time Clarisa giggled." I should have seen that coming." Dumbledore smiled as he remembered that little Harry had done the same to him when he was an infant." Um Molly, I guess this will be your department." Dumbledore suggested with a grinned, as he pass a wet Clarisa over to Molly." Clarisa Whitewater that is not a very nice thing to do to your Headmaster!" Molloy kindly scolded, as she conjured some wizarding diapers, and baby clothes to place them on baby Clarisa, once she had dried the child up.

As Clarisa was being passed about, Hermione looked to Dumbledore whom was drying himself off." Sir, what's going to happen to Clarisa now?" Hermione worriedly asked, as Dumbledore sighed." I already checked Clarisa, and I found she has no memory of her teenage self, so I'm afraid she will need to relearn everything as she grows up again." Dumbledore regrettably informed a sadden teen." This is not fair; first I lose Ron, now Clarisa!" Hermione pouted, but stopped as she now noticed another pile of rags moving, and she carefully removed a two week old baby boy, with a very familiar red hair." Um does this baby look familiar to anyone?" Hermione asked, as Molly looked to her with wide eyes." This is Ronald Weasley but how?" Molly asked, as she took baby Ron from Hermione." From the looks of those robes, I believe that Ron may have joined the ranks of Death Eaters." Dumbledore sadly informed Molly, whom was shocked at the discovery." But how, I thought he was living as Muggle?" Molly only could ask, as she tried to dismiss it, but the proof was in her hands." I'm afraid that can't be answered, but it appears Ron has a second chance to redeem himself, if you are willing to accept him back into your family?" Dumbledore suggested, and Molly agreed." I will, and this time I will make sure Ron will accept Clarisa for what she is." Molly firmly said, as she quickly dress up Ron, before any more accidents could happen.

Later that night, once all the children of Riddle manor been rounded up, and placed in Ministry custody until their families could be notified, the occupants of Shadow Mansion sat in the main living room discussing about the plans for two special babies." I guess this will be the best for Clarisa, since she couldn't fully live as a girl with the memories of being a boy." Sirius suggested with a sigh, as they started their talked about the now sleeping babies." Not only that, Clarisa will get to live like normal children do, since she won't be sent to the Dursleys." Molly smiled, but sounded disgusted at the last part." Now, now lets not talk about Clarisa's dark past, and I think it will be best that we leave it in the past, and not mention it to Clarisa ever." Dumbledore firmly suggested, and everyone but one agreed." But sir what are we going to tell Clarisa when she start asking about her parents and such?" Remus asked Dumbledore." We can tell a half truth, by saying her parents was killed during Riddle's second rise, and make then make up a story that combines her former parents with a fictional one, which we can create later." Dumbledore suggested, as Molly stood up." That can be done in the near future, but for now let put these charming babies to bed, and we can finish this talk later." Molly suggested, as she picked up both babies from a cradle near her, and left the room, while the others hope that this time around, Clarisa will live a life free of Dark Wizards, and other dangers that affected her former life.



Hermione Granger; after graduating Hogwarts at the age of twelve, she went to a Muggle school to continue her Muggle studies; while at the same time every now and then would be seen at Shadow Mansion visiting Clarisa and Ron.

Ron Weasley; became a good brother to Clarisa, and shared new adventures while attending Hogwarts with her.

Clarisa Whitewater; now free of the memories of being a boy, she is happily living with the Weasleys, and had again started her Masters classes at the age of sixteen, which at the same time, mastered her new powers that Dumbledore had Christened Light Mage.

Dumbledore; along with a now fifty something Mcgonagal" she was also caught in the blast, forgot to add her to that part of the story" not only watch Clarisa grow up to be fine young woman, also had presided over her wedding to a certain red hair young man.

Kitsune; she lived long after Clarisa and everyone else died and buried, but continue protecting future Light Mages.