Not all Light is. And not all Darkness is.

Angela: Hm...

YB: Hm...

Marik: ... ?

Ryou: -sigh- Staring contest.

Marik: Why? OO

Ryou: ... Don't question it. You'll only get sucked into Angel-chan's tangled web of lies and twisted words.

Marik: Huh?

Ryou: Exactly.

Marik: ... Okaaay... Yeeeaah. Anyway...

Ryou: Mhm. She now own, you no sue, she won't have to kill you.

Marik/Ryou: -voices fade as they leave room-

YB: -blinks-

Angela: HAH! I win!

My name is Ryou. Ryou Bakura. I'm innocent. I'm naive, even shy. I have a yami who's cruel and viscious. A yami who beats me and locks me in my soulroom.A yami who hates me. Who'd rather me be dead than him be my yami. At least, that's what they think. Fools. Stupid, foolish Yugi and his friends.

Yami? Tch. No. I am the yami. I am the victim, the hikari. I am both master and slave. There is no Yami Bakura. The day I freed him, I killed him. -Snicker.- I became him. I am Yami Bakura and Ryou Bakura. Two sides of a one sided coin. And they don't even know. Oh, how little they know!

Yugi and his little lackies. Daring to call themselves my friends. Tch. They push me away, and pin the blame on my 'yami' when things go wrong. Dumbasses. I have no yami... The bruises and pain they believe he causes. Me. All me. As if anyone else could hurt me. As if they'd dare. No, no. I'm not crazy, far from it. -Manical laugh- Oh no, not at all crazy. I am simply... Amused. They believe me to be innocent. To be naive, timid even. But no. How wrong. How so very wrong Yugi and his friends. Oh so very... Wrong. And sad. 'Friends'. Pah ,who needs friends? After all, certainly not me. And they shall soon realize this... When I peel away the lies and reveal the Ryou Bakura who lives behind the mask... They will know.

Angela: Woot! Finally! A fanfiction (one-shot!) that does not involve Ryou being all lonely and depressed, I wrote! Instead, he;s crazy. But a good crazy!

Ryou: ... Hm... i like it. I'm not being all timid and pathetic! -smile-

YB: Psh. Like you'd ever kill a bug, never mind me.

Ryou: ... Wanna test that?

YB: ... No.

Ryou: Thought so.

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