Title: Happiness

Disclaimer, ya'll: Gravi isn't mine. Kumagoro isn't mine. Sakano and Ryuichi are not mine. (Sadly. Can Ryuichi be mine, please?) Happiness is not mine. Charlie Brown is not mine. The musical, "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" is not mine.

Dang. Do i own ANYTHING?

Rating: G... cause Ryuichi is too cute to be anything else, nanoda!

Warnings: Na-daaaaa!

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Now, for the feature presentation:

Kumagoro-san, guess what!

Sakano-san asked me a question to-day!

He said… "Sakuma-san…

What is it that makes you so happy?"

Let's see…


Happiness is finding a pencil

I feel happy when I find something knew.

Pizza with sausage

Mmm… food is good too.

Telling the time

Is that… why I'm happy, though?

Well, I sure love music.

Happiness is learning to whistle

Fun little tunes…

Or maybe things a long time ago…

Tying your shoe

That was fun!

For the very first time,

Was that what made me happy?

Maybe it's banging around on stuff.

Happiness is playing the drum.

And maybe it's Tohma, and Noriko,

In your own school band.

Hah… people sure make me happy.

I feel happy when other people are happy

And happiness is walking hand in hand.

I like hanging out with Shuichi-san!

Happiness is two kinds of ice cream...


You know what else is fun?

Knowing a secret...

Except sometimes…

That makes me feel sad.

Climbing a tree!

Oh! And seeing for miles away!

Being out in the air!

Happiness is five dif'rent crayons...

Drawing, too! I'm always happy when I do that!

Or, after it gets dark

Catching a firefly...

I love that!

But then I feel sorry for him…

Setting him free!

That's what really makes me happy.

Sometimes I go away from people…

Sometimes I go away from myself.

Happiness is being alone ev'ry now and then.

And that makes me happy. Sometimes.

And happiness is coming home again.

Yeah! Happiness was Tohma-san meeting me

When I came back from America.

Wow. It sure isn't hard to be happy.

Happiness is morning and evening,

Yeah. Happiness is always!

Daytime and nighttime too.


For happiness is anyone and anything at all

Yeah! That's it!

Happiness is EVERYTHING

That's loved by you.

I hafta tell Sakano-san!

Happiness is having a sister

Happiness is everyone!

Sharing a sandwich

It's when you get to make others happy.

Getting along-

Happiness is singing together when day is through.

Happiness is a lullaby at night

And happiness is those who sing with you.

Like Tohma! And even Sakano-san!

Happiness is morning and evening,

Rain on a dry day,

And also sun on a wet day.

Daytime and nighttime, too.

Sakano-san! I know the answer to your question!


Happiness is anyone and anything at all

That's loved by you.

A/N: I kinda stole FadedLace's sonfic style, at the end. So go read her stories... cause I stole here style.