Not Another Bad Fanfic

Title Of Story- Surface Color

By: SilverCrystal Tears

Making fun of: Title


Lily walked down the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She took a deep breath and looked out the window. In the window she saw her reflection. Blue. She closed her eyes and walked away.

She was lost in the world. Magic and non-magic world. She walked though a water puddle and looked down.

Again she saw her reflection. Dirty drown. She walked over to the stairs and sat down.

"What color am I?" She asked know one only the walls itself could hear her.

"Um... Lily are you okay?" James asked sitting down next to her.

"James what color am I?"

"What!" James just looked at her like she was crazy. "What do you mean by that question?"

"My cousin Voldemort is red. That guys head I blew off was orange. Snape is gray. Malfoy is yellow. What am I?" Tears fell from her eyes. James just sat there lost. He thought she was talking about skin.

"Wait! Hold up! Did you say Voldemort was your cousin and you blew some guys head off?"

"James I told you this before. Remember?"


They sat there in quite. James still thinking about her question. What did she mean by 'What color am I?'.



"Your pink."



Lily just sat there for a minute. How the bloody hell was she pink? She hatred the color more then her sister. She took a deep breath so she didnt yell at James for being so stupid!

"James why am I pink?"

"Because your the color you hate above all other colors."

"But Snape wears gray boxers. Malfoys teeth are as yellow as butter and Voldemort has red eyes. How do you know I hate pink?"

"You never wear it..." His face started turning red. Almost as red as a Weasley's hair.



"I dont want to be pink."

"Okay then your green like you eyes."

Lily stood up and walked into a bathroom and looked into the mirror. She smiled at her self and walked out and kissed James on the lips.

"Thanks James."




Lily and James turned around and saw Albus Dumbledore standing there dressed in pinks robes and a pink sleeping hat with a red rose. Dumbledore winked at them and walked into the girls bathroom.



"Im glade that you didnt want to be pink!."

"Me too!"

Lily and James started walking up the stairs when Lily stopped and looked in the puddle. She saw herself they way she also thought she looked. They walked a little more when Lily stopped at the window.

Again she smiled and walked away with James who smiled at her.

"Hey Lily."

"Hey James."

"Lily I dont want to be your boy toy no more. I love you Lily and I want to be with you forever. Lily would you go out with me sometime?" James asked looking her in the eyes.

"James... I would love to go out with you. You know James you are pink."

"Thank you Lily..."

"Your welcome James."


Albus Dumbledore walkes out of the bathroom naked. He looks around left then right and pulls his wand out. (I have know clue where is was) He waves it and music starts to play and he starts to dance.

"Do the naked dance!" He starts to do the pop when he heard books fall to the floor. He turns around and sees McGonagall standing there. Her eyes go into a glare and she crosses her arms.

"I can ex-"

"How could you start with out me?"

"Im sorry."

"Dont let it happen again"

Hello Everyone. This is my new Fanfic. The last part with Dumbledore and McGonagall was something I made up to take it...I dont Im a liitle odd. Could you see a naked Dumbledore doing the pop?

Anyways thanks Chrys for letting me use you story. If anyone else wants and or say I can use there fic please tell me!


Ps. When watching an owl fly towards you OPEN THE WINDOW!