Not Another Bad Fanfic

Title Of Story- Little Lily

By- La' Ruelia

Making Fun Of- Title and Story


Lily, James, Sirius and Remus sat in the kitchen having tea. Lily looked down at her stomch which was really really big. The soon to be Harry Potter was in there kicking at Lily's side.

"I hope its a girl." Lily smiled up at them her bright green eyes even brighter.

"I want a boy. Girls are to much to take care of." James said with a sigh and a small smile at Lily.

"Yeah remember when we had to take care of Lily." Sirius said.

Remus and James sat up and looked over at Sirius. There eyes in a glare. Lily looked at them with a really lost look on her face.

"James what is he talking about?" Lily asked in a sweet calm voice.


"Remus what are you guys talking about?"

"You see..."

"Sirius!" Lily glared at Sirius. Sirius felt him self grow very very small .

"Lily we went back in time and took care of you when you were a kid and we also gave you a donkey tails and a hamsters head." Sirius said looking her in the eyes. James and Remus hit there heads with there hands. "Stupid..." they whispered.

Lily grabbed Sirius by the front on the robes and pulled him closer to her. Sirius looked at the others for help but they turned away and looked at something else.

"Why do you always pick on me? Why not someone else. It was bad enough that you peed in my bed!"

"I what!" Lily said letting him go.

"Yeah Daddy Jamie and Uncle Remie were there remember?" Sirius asked.

"Daddy Jamie, Uncle Remie and Siri, Big uncle Rudy, Grandpa and Grandma and Doc." Lily whispered.

They three boys looked at her and backed away from her. Yeah the last thing they wanted so to be near Lily at the moment.

"You never told me!"

"We thought it for the best, Lily." Remus said.

"The best! The best for who? YOU! I think I had the right to know that I was little again. You could have told me I had Hen Hocks. I would have helped Molly out but I couldn't because I thought I never I them"

"Lily calm down."

"Did I just say Hen Hocks?" Lily sat down and took a deep breath and put her arms on her stomach.

Remus, James and Sirius were all looking at each other.

"I remember..."


"Dont talk to me right now James Potter!" Lily yelled standing up.

"Lily what is the big deal?" Sirius asked

"Sirius! Its like finding something out about me that everyone else knew about but me! How would you feel?"

"Lily you should sit down and take.."

"Remus stay out of this!"

"Lily!" James said standing up.

"Im going to Grandps's I mean Dumbledore's for a while!"

With that Lily walked out of the house leaving the three men alone to talk and think about what had just happened.

"Its all you fault James." Sirius said.


"Yeah didn't I just say that?" Sirius asked looking at Remus.

"Hey leave me out of this." Remus said looking away from them.

Then it was quite. They didnt speak or look at each other for a long time then Sirius started laughing. James and Remus looked at him like he had gone crazy.

"Do you two remember when Lily played in the mud when we were sleeping?" He asked them.

"Yeah she got it all over the place. Oh and the time when we took her swimming?"

"Yeah thats not a good one Remus. Or the time I took her flying."

"Or when the Doc yelled at you because of all the paint you and Lily threw."

"You cant forget about the painting!"

James stood up and walked out and when he came back in he had the picture Lily had made of there... funny family.

"Yeah James was like Lilys Dad and McGongall was Lily's Grandma and her mum at the same time."

"Or then we me and Lily got Hen Hocks."

"Or when we cooked pizza."

"I miss the way she killed her food."

"Yeah she was thinking about you Sirius."

"Shut up Remus!"

They all sat there not saying anything again. The back door opened and Lily walked in with a smile on her face. She sat down and looked at them.

"So you guys had fun watching over me?" she asked with knowing eyes.


"Not really."


"Thats not what Doc and Grandpa told me."

"Lily you have gone crazy." Remus said with a smile

"I think its my Son." Sirius said hitting the table

"Sirius its my Son!" James said looking at Sirius.

"Its a girl!" Lily said above James

"Not in this one!" Remus turned away and started to make tea.

"James!" Lily yelled

"Sirius!" James yelled

"Lily!" Sirius yelled

"What about me?" Remus asked.

"REMUS!" They all yelled at him.

"Lily dont get that tone with me!" Remus said standing up

"Im not a baby no more!" Lily said tears running down her face.

"Remus you made her cry!" Sirius and James said together.

"Im a big girl now and he acts like Im a baby!"

"Lily to me you will always be little." Remus said trying to calm her down.

"Im older then you!"

"Lily we loved watching you when you were little. You were so cute and funny. We all had lots of fun and now that I remember watching you I want a little girl." James said. Sirius and Remus just nodded there heads.



Soon Lily fell alseep at the table while they told her all about when she was little. Lily loved the stories thet told her and everything.

"Good night little Lily." They all whispered.

Megumi Ohira- I know it had nothing to do with it but it was still funny!

Wolfy- So you liked it...?