Authors Note: Okay, we jumped right into this one, didn't we. New characters, old characters, this is gonna be one complicated story. Enjoy, please.

Thanks to Scarlett Burns who got me started on this one after the end of Blood in the Sands.

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He walked out of the smoke, a cigarette between his lips, holstering both the 9s in the shoulder holsters. He was covered in blood, dirt and grime. The air that surrounded him was one of danger and death. Behind him, the warehouse burned in a smoldering fire. No other sounds coming from it, but the crackle of fire burning up the hundred and eighty kilos of cocaine that lay inside with the dead bodies of the cartel members that surrounded it.

One of the young men who was leaning against the black SUV waiting a good distance from the burning ware house, raised his head, from the paper back book he'd been reading to see the man coming towards them. He tensed a moment. The man was striding towards them, the very being of a coool black cat who'd just won the hunt.

Inside the SUV, a young man who was a carbon copy of the one standing against the car, rolled down the driver's window raising an eyebrow.

"I swear, Logan, he always gets me..." Luke Shields said from the driver's seat.

His twin brother, Logan turned their nearly black eyes on him and grinned a cocky grin. "Why's that, Luke?"

"Ah man, look at him! I mean he looks HAPPY to have been in there killing..."

Logan looked back at the imperturbable black cat that was coming closer "I wouldn't say happy to be killing, but he's obviously happy to be the winner." Logan replied.

"Yeah, cause the losers are toastin' in Hell boys. With about a hundred kilos of blow." Sheldon Jeffrey Sands said as he stopped in front of the SUV, taking the cigarette from his lips, drawing a long drag. He grinned a dangerous, cocky grin at the young men.

Logan couldn't help but grin back at his employer. "Get your man, Jeff?" He asked Sands. Sands turned his face towards the sun taking another drag.

"One of them." He answered.

The black sunglasses where causing a thin film of sweat on his nose and he pushed the frames back up his nose as he turned his head back to the twins.

"All right, Luke, Logan, lets get the fuck out of here. I've got a lot of business to take care of."

Logan followed him around the passenger's side. Sands climbed into the front seat as Luke started the engine.

"I bet the CIA'll be happy to be rid of Valadez." Luke muttered.

"That's what they pay me to do." Sands answered, still grinning dangerously.

Logan chuckled from his seat. "At least they pay well." He said. Sands continued to grin as he chunked his cigarette out the window.

The got back to Mexico Coty and pulled into the parking spot outside a new apartment building. This was their headquaters. Sands sat there a moment, thinking about the paqst six months. He was still in the CIA's employ, but occasionally took an odd job, running a mercenary team that suited his abilities.

He had five mercs under him. Sarah was still playing baby sitter, keeping an eye on him and Cerise for the CIA. Sands had chosen her to be his information officer as she'd always been, but she served her other purpose regardless of what Sands had her doing. She'd found love again in the arms of the Maraichi, much to Sands distaste, but if she was happy, he'd keep his mouth shut. They'd picked Letty, Scarlet Blaze, up from the Farm, a student who wanted MORE then what the CIA was offering and Sands had found real potential in her. He couldn't resist putting her on his team. Ryan had come from some windowless basement CIA gadget room, to be part of the team and they'd found Luke and Logan on the streets of New Orleans. The twins were nothing more then thieves but even Sands had a use for them and they made more money then they would have pawning off stolen items.

As for Cerise, despite the fact that she was still on the CIA's payroll, Doddson had seen to it she could live as a civilian when she wasn't working at Sands' side. She was back in the states in Texas, in the town Sands had grown up, from the time being, teaching a kindergarten class. And his daughter was about to turn a healthy four. It had been a few months since they'd been together, but he'd change that, right after he sent his report to D.C. He was flying back to the states tonight, to pick up his wife and daughter. God, how he'd missed his family! Even if it was just a couple months.

He got out of the SUV and led the way into the building. They boarded the elevator and Sands pushed the button for floor three while Logan pulled the gate closed.

"I'd say... All and all it was a good day." Logan said with a nod. Sands smirked. The twins had guts some times.

"Tell me something," Sands said, tilting his head back as if to look at them. "You two graduate highschool?"

Luke and Logan looked at each other, before grinning. "High school hell cats!" They answered together. Sands laughed out right as the elevator came to a stop. He doubted to many others would get the joke.

"Why?" Luke asked as they left the elevator, curious to know. The twins couldn't lie, they enjoyed wokring for Sands, but the man puzzled them sometimes. He was a true contradiction, an enigma.

"Just wondering. You two amaze me sometimes. Had to know where those smarts came from." Sands replied, teasing them.

Luke flipped him off and Sands heard Logan slap his brother upside the head. Sands just kept walking, smirking and taking the key from his pocket, unlocking the door.

The first room looked like an ordinary living room. But Sands turned to another closed door as the twins went towards a kitchen. Pushing the door open, Sands walked down the hall. What would have been the main hall for floor three, had had the walls knocked out and others added to connect all the apartments, so it was in reality now, one big apartment and command center. Most could to the other apartments by the way the twins had gone, but to get to Sands' apartment you had to go this way, through Sarah's apartment which was still connected to the original main hall.

He walked towards the study of the first apartment and knocked on the door frame as he heard the furious typing of a key board.

"What's up Jeff?" Sarah asked as she stopped typing, turning her chair to look at her good friend. She'd been typing out a report on Sands to sent back to Doddson when he'd interrupted.

Sands tossed her the mini video camera and Sarah caught it, turning to hook it up to the computer. Ryan had rigged it up for Sands and his operations, he recorded everything, brought it back and if it was for the CIA, Sarah sent it their way.

Sarah hooked it up and began playing it back. Sands listed with a half grin to the play back of what happened.

"Jeff..." Sarah said in THAT tone. "Did you have to make it a wet job?"

"They started it." Sands replied in his defense as if he were a child.

Sarah sighed. He was right this time, they had started it. "All right, I'll send it off to HQ."

"Thank sugarbutt, I'll see you in two days." Sands replied turning from the door way.

"Give Cee a hug for me." Sarah called after him. Sands gestured her off. He headed down the hall to the end and unlocked the door that stood there.

This was his apartment. He kept it locked off the from the rest. It was connected to the main apartment via Sarah's.

Sands had chosen this one, because the layout shadowed his apartment in D.C and he and Sarah had spent to days moving the furniture around to match the old apartment to the tinniest detail. There was even a balcony off the bed room that over looked the complex's pool. It made it easier for him to move around and he didn't need the use of his cane. Occasionally, he bumped into things in the other apartments which annoyed him to the greatest and usually the person responsible(the twins) got an ear full for moving it.

Closing the door, he dropped his keys on the table next to it and headed towards the kitchen. Out of instinct, he turned on the light and frowned darkly at himself for doing so. Slapping the light off, he headed over to the fridge, running a hand over the counter. He heard the pawing of a large dog and waited for Martitus to come over. He rubbed his head against Sands' hand, and Sands scratched him behind the ears, as he opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water, unscrewing the top. Taking a long drink, he walked back to the start of the kitchen, Martitius following and his fingers sought out one of the two phones he kept in his apartment, hitting the play button on his answering machine.

"Sands, not here, leave a message." He listened to the play back of his own message. Short and sweet. He grinned slightly and listened on.

"Daddy!" Laughter followed it, a woman's musical laughter that started his heart beating faster and his grin grew large and goofy.

"Obviously," That sweet British voice said, "We called at a wrong time. Sorry missed you darling. Wanted to call and wish you a happy birthday."

"Happy Birdday!" Lily added. Cerise laughed again on the message.

"Well, there you go. Can't wait to see you again, we love you. Say bye bye Lily."

"Bye Bye!" He could imagine Lily waving good bye as the message shut off.

Sands contined to grin as he left the ktichen. Messages and phone calls like that, had been the only thing that made the last few months bearable for him. He let the messages contine to play as he wnet into the bedroom, grabbing his bag from by the door and zipping it shut, pausing to remember if he'd forgotton to pack anything.

But he stopped, another message came to the answering machine.

"Hey, Jeff, laddy."

He knew that voice. He knew it all to well and a mixture of feelings began bubbling inside of him. "Son of a bitch!" He left his bag where it was and headed back towards the ktichen, cutting through the second door from the hall.

"I suppose you're wondering how I got this number, or prehaps you're REALLY wondering, HOW I could be alive... Well I am. And here's a secret I didn't get to tell you on our last converging. I'm working with our good man Monterio. The point of this call is to inform you, that we're gunnin' for ya friend. Hope you've made your peace with the Devil, cause you have SO pissed off Mr. Monterio. Oh and I owe you!" There was venom in those last words.

Sands screamed in rage and grabbed the bottle of water from the counter, sending it crashing into the wall. Martitus stood beside Sands, growling dangerously, a red Doberman on the edge of attack with a command from his master, Sands. Sands was seething in anger, his breathing heavy, his heart pounding in his ears. He was so sure that the bastard was dead. He was so ready to put it all behind him, and give up searching for Monterio. Now this. This was not happening! This COULD not be happening! Not now!

He mind whirled, he felt light headed and his breathing was heavy. He didn't need this right now! He clutched the counter trying to stop the room from spinning. He should have killed the bastard! He should have KILLED him! He was stupid enough to leave him alive and now it was going to cost him!

Sands fumbled but grabbed the tape from the player and stormed out of his partment, slamming his door open and striding down the hall to Sarah's.

"What?" She asked timidly, having heard the slam of the door and upon seeing the scowl on his face. Sands threw the tape at her. Sarah managed to catch and blinked, but put the tape in the player, playing back both messages. She gapsed at the second message.

"He's alive!" She nearly cried, looking up at Sands, but almost regretted it. Sands was standing in her door way, the darkest look she'd ever seen, on his face, anger radiating from him.

"Find him!" Sands ordered. "Pull out all the stops, I don't care what has to be done, I wanna know where that son of a bitch is, 'casue I'm going to put him in his grave!" Sands hissed in that soft, calm and dangerous voice.

"I'll get right on it."Sarah answered softly.

"Yer gonna be late for your plane!" Logan called from the other hall.

"I'm comin'!" Sands shouted back angrily. He turned back to Sarah and pointed a finger at her. "Do it Sarah! I don't care HOW, but find that mother fucker! And not a word to the others, yet!"

"Right, get going Jeff!" Sarah said, already typing away.

Sands went back to his apartment and found his bag, zipping it shut. He started for the door, with Martitus on his heels. Then he stopped at the door and turned his head in the dog's direction.

Martitus, a red Doberman, the Emperor's Breed as they were called, had been with Sands for the last three and a half years. And from time to time, Sands took him with him on an operation, to watch his back. And Martitus did a very good job of it. But he was also Sands' companion and best friend. When Sands couldn't take Martitus with him, he had his very good friend, Rick Blaine look after him. But this time, he'd moved Martitus down to Mexico with him. And now he'd decided to take him with him back to the states. Since losing his eyes, Martitus had taken his job at watching Sands' back even more seriously.

Sands grabbed the leather leash from the table by the door and patted his thigh. "Come." He told Martitus. And Martitus, who obeyed only Sands' one word commands, came trotting over. Sands attatched the leash opened the door. "Lily'll be happy to see you." Sands told the dog, and wasn't surprised to feel the tail wagging happily. Sands grinned slightly, taking Martitus down to the car.