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Piotr held Kitty against the wall of the pool, one arm around her shoulders and the other around her hips, pinning her with his body while protecting her back from the rough cement. The water made her petite limbs sway and brush against his body with a slick weightlessness. She was whimpering, her fingers digging into his upper arms while her nails scratched at his shoulders. Her legs rubbed against his as his hips slid between her thighs, his groin pressing against her through the thin fabric of their swimsuits.

Pulling his mouth from hers, he nipped at her jaw line before moving down the slim line of her neck to her shoulder. Careful to be gentle, making sure that he didn't leave a mark, he suckled the skin of her collar bone and the curve of her shoulder.

"Peter…" Kitty panted, finally hooking a slippery leg around his hip, arching into him encouragingly. With a slight hiccuping breath, Piotr jerked away, sucking air through his teeth while trying to calm himself. It wasn't easy with Kitty wrapping herself around him like sticky plastic. Though the cool water of the pool helped.

"Katya, Sweetling… I think we need stop."

Kitty shook her head, pushing against the pool wall so that she could hook her other leg over his hip. Her lips feathered over his ear before suckling at the lobe. Piotr could feel her soft panting breaths ruffling his damp hair and he groaned, leaning a little more heavily into her.

"Peter," Kitty wiggled against his weight in pleasure. "I want to go upstairs now."

Piotr looked up from where he had been panting against her shoulder, and glanced around. It was summer, and most of the other students had gone home for the summer. Illyana had gone to the mall with some of the others who had chosen to stay behind or had nowhere to go. Piotr calculated that there were no more than 4 or 5 people on the mansion grounds at the moment.

Kitty, meanwhile, was still trying to persuade Piotr to take her inside and up to his room. She hoped that it would be better with Piotr than it had been with Lance. She had dated Lance Alvers before she met Piotr, and not long before he arrived, Lance had finally pressured her into having sex with him. Kitty didn't like it and had realized that she was too young. After Lance tried to force her to do it again, Kitty broke up with him and used Logan as a threat to keep Lance away. She hadn't been more than 15 at the time, and while some of the girls at the mansion were fine with sex at that age, Kitty wasn't. She couldn't deal with it. Good thing she was 19 now.

Nibbling his ear lightly as her thighs tightened around Piotr's swim-shorts, Kitty yelped when he suddenly pushed both of them away from the wall of the pool. He waded over to the stairs, while Kitty was still wrapped around him. In the years that Kitty and Piotr had been dating, whenever Kitty had suggested that they take it further than heavy petting and dry humping, or in this case wet humping, Piotr had changed the subject or turned her down.

When Piotr had his feet on the grass surrounding the pool, he nudged her down so that she was standing on her own. Then he grabbed her hand and their two towels before turning towards the house. It took a little tug to get Kitty moving, but then the two of them were jogging towards the house, Kitty giggling like mad.

Piotr opened the door slowly and peered inside, before swinging them both inside and shutting the door. Then they were moving quickly towards his room, up the stairs and peering around the halls to make sure it was clear.

Then they were in Piotr's room. Kitty's giggling had coaxed a few chuckles out of Piotr as they had scampered through the house, but now that they were in Piotr's room, standing just inside the door, the laughter faded slightly.

Before it could turn into an awkward moment, Piotr reached for Kitty, pulling her into his arms and lightly kissing her mouth. Their skin was cool from the water and their dash through the house in nothing but their bathing suits, but leaning against Piotr's broad body, Kitty could feel them both warming up.

Piotr still had the two towels in his hand and she could feel the terry cloth against her back while his arms were around her. He pulled away slightly and brushed his wide palm from her forehead to the base of her neck.

"Katya… You are sure you vant to do zhis?" He nuzzled his cheek against her temple, despite the fact that he had to stoop slightly in order to do it. "We not have to."

Kitty nodded slowly while looking up at him. "I'm sure. I love you Peter." Kitty paused, her slim fingers stroking the short, soft hairs at the nape of his neck. "I trust you."

Piotr sighed, tightening his arms around her briefly. Then he moved, keeping her tucked against his side with one arm, while the other threw their towels over his laundry basket. Kitty rubbed her face against the side of his chest, before he urged her to lay down on his bed.

His bed was made, as usual, so she lay down on top of his comforter. She could smell Piotr on the sheets, but it wasn't as if he hadn't washed his sheets in a long time… It was a good smell. He scooted himself up next to her, he on his side while she was on her back, one of his hands rubbing over her bare belly. He looked a little nervous. Suddenly Kitty was struck with a thought.

"Peter… You have done this before, right?"

Piotr flushed bright red but he nodded. "Da… But, zhis is you. I vant…" He waved his hand vaguely, as if he couldn't find the words for what he wanted to say. He paused, dropping his forehead to her shoulder. He began to whisper in her ear. In Russian.

Kitty only knew a few words, and she caught almost all of them in what he was saying. Love. Beautiful. Little one.

Piotr's hand hooked over her hip and dragged her closer, so that despite the fact that he was on his side, she was slightly under him. He took a deep breath and settled his mouth against hers in a possessive kiss. His mouth was dominant but his touch was gentle, and Kitty sighed in pleasure as she wrapped her arms around his thick neck. Soon Piotr was leaning farther over her, and Kitty was being pressed into his mattress.

Nipping at her mouth, Piotr's warm hand drifted up her arm, making her shiver. His fingers stroked over the strap of her bikini top, slipping under it and slowly rubbing up and down her skin with the backs of his fingers. When his hand slid down farther on the damp material, until his fingers were stroking the sides of her breasts, Kitty broke the kiss and sucked in a gulp of air.

Glancing down at where his hand was touching her, she looked back up at Piotr, who had raised his head in order to give her a little space. Kitty slipped her hand to the strap and slid it down her arm, wiggling a bit in order to free it completely. When it was hanging limply at her ribcage, she reached for the other side.

Piotr beat her there, kissing the curve of her shoulder as his hand slipped under the strap and began to drag it down. He planted firm kisses down her arm, following the path of the strap. When it slid free, he let it dangle in the same way as the other. Her breasts were still mostly covered by the thin stretchy fabric of her swimsuit.

Piotr settled his body against hers again, this time with his cheek level with her chest. He rubbed his chin across the top edge of the fabric, before dropping his mouth to grab the material with his teeth. Kitty felt the light touch of his teeth before the top of the swim suit was pulled down, then cold air rushed over the moist skin. Kitty trembled beneath Piotr, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders.

He gently kissed the chilled flesh for a few moments before opening his mouth over her nipple. His breath was hot as it moved across Kitty's chest, and she gasped when he began to suckle. Her whole body was quivering, and Piotr shifted, covering her more fully with his.

His wide chest was pressing down on her hips and thighs, but Kitty knew that he still wasn't putting his full weight on top of her. With each warm tug of his mouth, Kitty tried to shift her legs, but his weight wouldn't let her. She arched under him, half trying to wiggle her legs around him, half trying to get more of her breast into his mouth. When he moved to the opposite side, his calloused hand cupped and massaged the flesh that his mouth had just left.

"Peter, my... my legs." He didn't respond other than shifting his weight slightly. When she wiggled them out from under him, sliding them around his hips, he made a soft sound of approval and settled his weight against her core.

Reaching down with a smile, Kitty hooked a finger in his swim trunks, her own thumb in the waist of her bikini bottoms. Phasing them off, the wet fabric flopped over the side of the bed. Piotr looked down in surprise, then gave her an approving glance before returning to his attentions on her.

His skin was cool on the surface, hot underneath, and Kitty arched under him as his length pressed against her slit. He lifted his head, gritting his teeth, and funbled in the dresser for a condom.

Swiftly he put it on and began guiding himself into her. She winced at the stretching pressure, adjusted her self slightly, and finally her body gave way letting him slide into her. He was about three quarters deep when he stopped, the pressure and resistance increasing. Kitty muttered and shifted her body again, exhaling a few times, Piotr feeling every flex and twitch of her muscles.

She nodded at him with a smile and he pressed forward again, Kitty's smile immediately falling as her head dropped to the pillow, her mouth parted as she panted for breath. Her body was twitching around him, tightening then relaxing as it tried to accommodate his invasion.

He chuckled feeling her holding off, fighting her body as it tried to orgasm. He dropped a moist forehead to her hair, his mouth at her ear. "Katya. You will come for me, now." She bit her lip, and he nipped her ear, twisting his hips slightly. She gasped, her body clenching with a flood of heat and wetness.

He waited until her body loosened again, and he flexed his hips to finally be seated fully inside her. With only slight movements, thrusting only an inch in and out of her, she came again, this time loudly, followed by his hips loosing their rhythm as he lost control. His own release came with a few grunts, before he finally settled against her, breathing hard.


An hour later, after Kitty had taken a short nap and Piotr had cleaned them both up, they lay together talking.

"Katya. You are happy, da?" Piotr traced blunt fingers over the skin of her neck and shoulders, down to her arm and finger tips.

She nodded. "Are you?"

"Of course, mine kitten." Piotr planted a kiss on her nose.

Kitty hesitated. There was a rumor floating around the mansion that he was planning to go back to Russia. " Peter... Will you ever go back to Russia?"

He looked confused. "Yes. I must settle things there before I come back. This is mine home."

"Really?" Kitty nearly glowed. "I'm glad."

"Home is where you are." He chucked her under the chin before rolling onto his back and settling down to sleep. "I love you, Ekaterina."

She smiled, snuggling into his side with a smile.


The End.

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