.-Yume to Akumu-.
Part I: "Yume" ("Dreams")
Netto looked to the boy that was standing across from him a ways. Ijuuin Enzan. While he had called for and received the Dimensional Area, he was hurriedly preparing his PET for Cross Fusion. Shoving Chips he could use into it at a rushed speed. But usually, by now, Enzan had Cross Fused ahead of him... and he hadn't. Netto pulled his Synchro Chip, and hurried over to Enzan's side. He didn't have to ask why Enzan hadn't already Cross Fused for this battle, Netto took notice that his PET wasn't with him. As he opened his mouth to ask, however, he heard; and barely dodged; a blast of energy that hit between where the two boys had once stood. Despite his sudden concern for ihs friend, he knew he had to hurry to power up for this fight.

"Synchro Chip, Slot In! Cross Fusion!" Netto hurriedly fused with his Navi, and as he finished, Rockman's voice guided him on a course of action. Though Netto's mind was still on Enzan and his lack of a PET. The boy never went anywhere without Blues... at least not if he had a choice. But this was only the first of many strange things since he'd met up with Enzan this evening...

"Netto-kun! Try Shotgun! Maybe we can force that Navi into the light," Rockman repeated... as Netto hadn't heard a word he'd said the first time. Netto nodded, and looked over to the faceless Navi, he yelled.

"Battle Chip, Sho--" But Netto couldn't finish, as he had to hurry and leap out of the way. This was when he noticed that, despite the fact he isn't Cross Fused, Enzan still seemed to be battling as if he were... simply without any Battle Chips in his PET to aide him. As he landed, Netto realized that Enzan had distracted the Navi enough that he had a clear shot at it. It didn't matter that no one could see his face... His attacks dealt a great deal of damage and that was enough for Netto and Enzan to try and do what they can to stop him from continuing. He held up his right arm, already aiming at the Navi's back. "Battle Chip, Shotgun! Slot In!" The chip formed the shotgun over Netto's extended forearm, and he fired quickly. It looked as if it were a perfect hit, but it didn't even phase the Navi.


...that's a lie. It did phase it. It pissed it off. The Shotgun hits made it turn to aim and fire another blast of energy towards him. As he hurriedly dodged out of the way, and hit the ground rolling, Enzan's voice rang out through the area. He didn't care if the Navi with no face heard or not.

"Netto! Try hitting him with something that's not from your Battle Chips!" He sounded as if he knew because he'd already tried it. Despite that small oddity in the way Enzan spoke, Netto still took a second to think, as the other boy's suggestions usually were accurate, and almost always worked. Netto nodded, and yelled again.

"Battle Chip, Boomerang! Slot In!" The shotgun reformed into the Boomerang, and Netto fired it at the ceiling arches above the Navi. It collapsed immediately, and seemed to have worked. Netto grinned to himself, and the Boomerang disappeared. He headed towards Enzan, feeling rather openly triumphant. But he saw that the look on Enzan's face was less than relieved... which was also usually accurate. Just a moment later, the rubble that had buried the Mysterious Navi all but exploded outward, sending large chunks of debris flying swiftly in all directions.

"Netto-kun!" Rockman's voice yelled, hoping his Op had enough time to get safe. Enzan moved to dodge, but Netto had a better idea, and grabbed the boy's arm as he used another Battle Chip.

"Battle Chip, Area Steal! Slot In!" Both boys disappeared in time to avoid being slammed with a large, heavy, piece of stone ceiling. They reappeared a distance away, but still within range of the Navi that was attacking. Enzan wretched himself free from Netto's grasp and stepped back towards the Navi with no face. His voice had grown as cold as it used to be, and he didn't look back to Netto.

"Netto. You still get too full of yourself. You're still too sure. I thought you'd grown beyond that," Enzan moved to continue forward, and grabbed a long piece of pipe from the ground by his feet.

"E...En...zan...?" Netto felt stunned. Where had that come from? He wanted to follow Enzan, but he felt like he couldn't move.

"Netto-kun... What are you doing? Go after him!"

"He can't fight like that. He won't survive. What's he doing? There's nothing here he has to prove..." Netto whispered.

"Netto-kun! Snap out of it and go after him!" Rockman yelled.

"There's... There's something wrong," Netto continued. Rockman again tried to tell Netto to move, but he was being ignored. Netto was essentially dazed, and because of that, Rockman knew his Op was in danger. He'd never be able to see anything coming, and could be hurt. Even more so, he knew Netto was right. There's no way Enzan could survive a battle like this without Blues. He had to try and snap Netto out of this. Fast.

"There will be something much worse if you don't listen to me!"

"No. Enzan doesn't act like that. He's not that cold anymore. Even when he was that way to me, he... he was never conceited enough to take on a battle he knew he wouldn't survive," Netto seemed to juts be staring blankly, and Rockman was frustrated... as well as a little more scared.

"I'm sure he's just frustrated, Netto-kun," Rockman said, hoping if he could get Netto to reply to him, he'd be able to snap him out of this.

"Why don't I remember anything about this Navi we're fighting? We never go off without getting information on the enemy, Rockman," Netto asked.

"You were too worried about Enzan to listen. You ran off to hurry here without getting the information, Netto-kun."

"But... Rockman... you always fill me in on the way even if it's through an argument. You've said nothing about this Navi; even after we Cross Fused; as advice from the information that should be known. We can't see his face, but he can dish out insane amounts of damage. This is the most unbalanced fight I've ever been in. I don't even remember actually asking Meijin-san for the Dimensional Area this time," Netto stopped, and seemed as if he looked up to the two in front of him. Enzan and the Navi with no face. A battle that Enzan was clearly losing... and badly. Netto's next words were whispered. "This isn't real..."

"Netto-kun?" Rockman's voice seemed a little father away than it should be, and it was enough to allow Netto to hear the other voice that immediately followed his Navi's.

"NETTO!" Enzan's almost panicked voice very close to him. He lightly shook his head to clear his daze, and saw the large blast of energy headed straight for him... too close to dodge. He closed his eyes, hoping he could at least withstand one major hit, and suddenly felt himself get slammed in the side, and knocked to the ground; landing in a roll across it. An explosion sounded where the attack had hit the ground hard. Netto stopped himself from continuing to roll, and after taking a second to regain his bearings, he got to his knees and looked over to where he once stood. He froze in position, and stared. Enzan lie under a large piece of rubble. He didn't look that well. Netto felt himself suddenly grow cold as he looked.

"Netto-kun! Wake up! Please wake up?" Rockman's voice sounded almost scared. As the Navi with no face slammed into the ground between the unconscious Enzan and the Cross Fused Netto, he screamed and jumped as the Navi made a swift move towards him...

As his eyes adjusted, he realized he was sitting straight up in bed... He sat completely still, letting it sink in that all of that was a dream. He finally breathed out, and shifted a hand up to hold his forehead. His other hand clutched lightly at his blanket.

"It... It was a dream...?"

"Netto-kun... I'm glad you're finally awake. You looked like you were having a horrible dream, but you weren't hearing me. I kept calling for you to wake up. I was getting worried," Rockman said, rather quickly. Though he'd started the sentences almost upset, he now sounded a bit relieved. And the reason would be that his Op; his friend; was finally awake. Netto blinked, and dropped his hand from his head, looking over to his PET in its cradle... and his Navi on the screen of it looking at him rather concernedly.

"...Rockman..." Netto smiled after a moment, and breathed a bit deeply reaching over and grabbing his PET. "It was more than just a horrible dream... I've never seen anything so vivid before. But... but there was so much wrong. I remember nearly all of it. I even remember that I figured out it wasn't real," he looked over to his bedroom door in thought for a moment. "But even still, I didn't think all of that could be just a dream..."



"What... What happened to Enzan?" Rockman asked, after hesitating a moment. Netto froze, and looked to the screen of his PET again.

"How did you know anything happened to him in it?"

"Because you called out his name as if something was wrong," Rockman replied. Netto sighed, and flopped back on his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

"Rockman...? What time is it?"

"3:20. Why?"

"3:20! I'll never get back to sleep now. And there's no way I'll be awake enough for a test in the morning," Netto smiled, slightly. Rockman just blushed.

"N-Netto... kun... Somehow, I don't think a bad dream is a good excuse for that," Rockman commented, before he realized that Netto had to be tired... since he wasn't responding with anything more than a few mumbled words. Rockman smiled slightly and sighed softly. "Good night... Netto-kun..."


Netto again fell asleep about an hour before classes were finished, but Meiru had poked him in the side to wake him up. Which somehow had translated into him asking to be called on to answer the question he never heard asked. Mariko-sensei told him he needed to pay more attention before so adamantly volunteering an answer, and Netto gave the glare of death to Meiru... who just smirked at him. After class, Netto's mind kept going back to his dream, though he stood leaning on the broom handle while doing it...

"Netto-kun, you should have been finished about 5 minutes ago. Are you alright?" Rockman's voice snapped Netto out of his half-dazed state.

"I'm fine! I'm fine... Moving... Moving," Netto mumbled, and pushed the broom forward, going down another aisle of desks. After sweeping up the small pile of dirt and disposing of it, Netto put everything away, and stalked out of the room.


"What!" Netto pulled his PET from the holster on his hip and looked almost confused at Rockman.

"You've fallen asleep throughout the day, you weren't paying any attention while cleaning up, and now you seem like you're not all there. What's the matter with you? I know you had a bad dream last night, but you got enough sleep... You were late this morning," Rockman explained, with his arms crossed.

"I'm fine," Netto was interrupted with a yawn, "...Rockman." He replaced his PET in its holster and quickly put on his skates. Then took off rather slowly towards home.

"I'm hoping you're going home to take a nap, Netto-kun..."

Ijuuin Enzan sat outside a small cafe, staring at his cup. His PET sat on the table beside it, but Blues was not on the screen. He too seemed a bit tired, but looked to be more lost in thought than half-asleep. After a few moments of nothing, a short beep came from the red device as Blues returned to the screen.

"Did you find anything, Blues?" Enzan asked, without looking.

"A few minor reports that are above the normal number, Enzan-sama. However, I don't think that's anything to worry about since it's the end of the month," Blues replied. Enzan nodded, and picked up his PET, dropping change beside his cup as he got up to leave. Turning around, he spied Netto slowly skating towards where he was at, but it didn't look like he was paying that much attention... And he would be right. Instead of acknowledging him as usual, Netto went right on past Enzan, and continued down the street. He showed no signs of slowing to a stop at the upcoming crosswalk either. Making a face, Enzan headed after him. Not a moment later, Rockman's voice could be heard by just about anyone as he tried to draw his Op's attention.

"Netto-kun! Wake up! You have to stop here! You know that! You do it every day!"


"Eh!" Netto blinked, heard a screech, and felt his orange vest being yanked backwards; which landed him on his rear rather hard. "Ow! Hey! What was-- Enzan?"

"What's wrong with you!"

"What do you mean what's wrong with me? You're the one that--" Netto heard a car peeling its tires as it sped off... after the driver had slammed his brakes to stop when the he saw Netto just off the sidewalk.

"The one that just pulled you out of the way of that car, Netto-kun," Rockman finished, worriedly.

"I didn't see a car," Netto mumbled.

"You're lucky he saw you, Netto," Enzan half-scolded. Netto got up from the ground and brushed himself off huffily.

"Where did you come from, anyhow?"

"Where I always do at this time of day. The same place you normally wind up seeing me."

"Well I didn't see you today," Netto said, making a face. He then turned, looking to make sure he could cross, and sped off across the crosswalk.

"There's something off about all this," Enzan said, softly.

"I get the feeling that if you hadn't stopped him from crossing, he'd have been in those reports, Enzan-sama."

"I do too..."


The moment Netto got home, he collapsed tiredly. He never made it to his room. He plopped himself onto the sofa; having stopped only to take off his shoes. It was almost as if he went deaf... in the fact that both his mother and Rockman were calling to him, but he wasn't hearing them. All he wanted was more sleep. And he was comfortable now. Forget moving to his room, this was perfectly fine. He DID think he heard another voice he knew call to him, but his eyes were already shut. He made one sound of a mumbled 'good night' before he shifted his head towards the sofa cushion.

"Netto-kun, you can't sleep out here!" Rockman sighed, and mumbled to himself. "Though here is definitely better than the sidewalk, the street, or the classroom... Eh?" He blinked, and looked over to find Roll heading towards him. "Roll-chan? What are you doing here?"

"I came to find you and Netto, Rockman," she replied, smiling. She stopped beside Rockman and grabbed his arm. "But it seems Netto's not interested in getting up."

"He's tired, Roll-chan. Let him have a nap," Rockman replied, blushing slightly.

"But why's he so tired?"

"Well... He didn't sleep so well... last night," Rockman looked down. "I'm very grateful we made it home in one piece though. I think Netto-kun was sleep-skating half of the time," Rockman's voice sounded very concerned. Roll's face mirrored that.

"Netto! Come on, you lazy thing! Wake up!" Meiru was trying everything to get Netto to reply to her, but he continued to sleep. Though for a moment she wondered if he was sleeping at all, the mental question was answered with a loud snore and a shift of positions by Netto.


"Netto...?" Meiru blinked. She didn't remember Netto ever talking in his sleep before... At least not like that. The boy sounded overtly concerned, despite the fact he was asleep.

"Netto-kun! Wake up?" Rockman made sure he was heard, but the only one that heard him was Meiru. Netto's mother had busied herself cooking, hoping dinner would get the boy conscious and moving again.

"Pa...Papa...? Wait," Netto shifted, his PET being shoved to the floor since the holster came unclasped when he'd plopped on the sofa. "No..."


"Netto... Wake up," Meiru sounded to he asking politely. Her face showed worry and she tried to gently shake Netto, hoping it would help wake him up. It seemed the longer he stayed asleep, the more often he would speak.

"Papa, please wait... It's not you I'm worried about... No, Rockman... Rockman is..."


"ROCKman?" Netto jumped, and pushed himself into a kneel on the couch. He blinked before he realized he was awake.

"Netto...? What's wrong!" Meiru demanded. Obviously she knew he'd been dreaming, but was both worried, and confused. However, Netto didn't reply to her. He reached for his PET, but finding it missing, he blinked.

"Netto-kun, the PET's on the floor," Rockman said, flatly. The reply from Netto was a snatched sort of pick up and a hug against his chest.

"Netto! Say something!"

"I'm sorry I fell asleep," the boy replied, without looking up from the floor.

"That wasn't what I had in mind," Meiru sighed. She moved over and sat beside Netto on the couch. "I've never seen you so tired, are you sure you're alright?"

"Netto... Have you been having trouble sleeping? I told you not to eat so much before going to bed!" Haruka said almost scoldingly.

"Mama! It has nothing to do with food!" Netto made a face, but didn't look at his mother... nor did he look at Meiru.

"Maybe you're overdoing it?" Meiru suggested.

"What would he be overdoing? Sleeping?"

"Roll-chan!" Rockman's face looked almost insulted for his Op.

"Sorry, Rockman," Roll blushed and sweatdropped in reply. Netto rubbed his eyes, and grumbled something incoherent before he replaced the PET in its holster on his hip.

"Maybe I'm just worried about the lack of attacks. Normally there've been more by now. It's too quiet I guess," Netto finally said, as he got up off the couch.

"It's unlike you to worry so much. That's always Enzan's place," Meiru replied. That sentence, however, made Netto stop walking. "Netto?" Meiru stood as if she were going to go over to him, but Netto sighed and shook his head.

"Maybe you're right," he started, "but I guess I'm just afraid with a break like this it's going to be worse when the next one hits. As much as I don't like fighting all the time, I also hate it when people get hurt because of me." Netto continued towards the door, putting his shoes back on, and left... Ignoring the calls from both his mother and Meiru.

"Where did that come from?" Meiru asked, staring at the door. Haruka sighed and looked at the same place, worriedly.

"I wonder what's gotten into him?"


Enzan sat behind a desk, alone, leaning on his right arm, his left arm's hand was sitting motionless beside his PET. Blues was silent, though he wondered what exactly his Op was doing since there were no sounds nor any movement. In truth, the boy's blue eyes were closed, and he seemed half-asleep... if not completely. Fearing this to be the case, Blues decided to try and get Enzan's attention.

"Enzan-sama?" No reply... "Enzan-sama!" ...still nothing. "Enzan--" Blues never got to finish the third attempt before he heard a soft thud come from the desk. Enzan's hand had slipped, and he now rest his head on his arm completely. It didn't wake him, however, as he continued to sleep. "...sama... Hn..." Blues crossed his arms, and stared ahead... at the ceiling of the room, as it was the only thing he could see from the screen of the PET.

"Enzan?" A familiar voice was disturbing his sleep... "Enzan?" Too familiar... and a bit grating... "ENZAN!"

"What?" Enzan sat straight up in his chair, and glared at the owner of the voice; Hikari Netto. Enzan was none too pleased at this method of being woken up, and his face showed that quite clearly. Though Netto seemed oblivious to it... his own face showed he was there for something much more relevant than waking Enzan up from his impromptu nap. "What's the matter, Netto?" His voice was a bit less harsh this time.

"We have a small problem..."

"Give me your definition of 'small' before this continues," Enzan replied, flatly, as he stretched and stood up.

"Papa was working on a new program for Rockman and he has my PET... but something triggered the Dimensional Generator, putting a Dimensional Area around the Labs," Netto explained... almost too calmly. Enzan just blinked and stared at Netto.

"...Repeat that? I don't think I heard you right."

"I said Rockman's inside a Dimensional Area with Papa at the Labs," Netto repeated.

"And you call this a SMALL problem?" Enzan asked, trying not to sound as dumbfounded as he felt.

"Well it would be bigger if the Viruses were inside the Dimensional Area... but they're outside of it," Netto continued. Oh how badly Enzan wanted to just facefault through the floor at this.

"This is insane, Netto! What's wrong with you?" He grabbed his PET from the desk, and put it into his pocket as he ran out the door... essentially ignoring Netto altogether.

"Hey! Enzan, wait up!" Netto yelled, and gave chase to the taller boy... after making a small face.

"Enzan-sama... Maybe you were a bit snappy?" Blues said, softly.

"Honestly, I'm surprised to hear that, Blues," Enzan replied, without stopping.

"Well how exactly would you react if the situation were reversed?"

"I wouldn't go to him and tell him I had a small problem, for one," Enzan muttered.

"Yes you would," Blues replied, calmly. This made Enzan slow to a stop and pull the PET from his pocket to look at the screen.

"What do you mean, 'yes I would'?"

"Recently you've gone to him more and more. He helped you to get me back after the Dark Chip took over completely," Blues started. "You're no longer just his rival and his friend, Enzan-sama."

"Blues, you have no idea what you're talking about. Netto is..."

"Yes?" Netto's voice spoke from nearby, having heard Enzan's reply, but not what Blues had said. "I'm what?"

"Nothing," Enzan made a face, glancing back at Netto, and moving forward.

"Wait... I'm 'nothing'?" Netto blinked, and hurried after him.

Upon arrival at the Labs, it became hard to miss not only the Dimensional Area that was there, but the seemingly millions of viruses that almost wanted into the area instead of destroying the surrounding area. Enzan looked at this scene a bit puzzled. Netto just looked past the Dimensional Area and viruses to the Labs; worriedly. Enzan looked to Netto for a moment before he spoke.



"Are you sure the Generator was turned on by accident?"

"Papa would have told me if he'd done it on purpose." Netto looked from the Lab buildings, to Enzan as if he were an idiot.

"You said he was working on a new program from Rockman. Are you sure that he didn't put this up to prevent anyone from getting to it before it was finished?"

"I don't think... that... the program... could be... that important..."

"You have no idea what is and isn't important to anyone, Netto," Enzan said, almost annoyed, and looked around. He spied two Mettools trying to attack the barrier together, but only damaging the concrete underneath themselves and bouncing the attacks back to hit whatever was behind them. 'That's... odd...' Enzan thought, but moved to look farther, hoping to spy a steep enough hill or some means of gathering a lot of speed. The way they're created may be different, but; so far as anyone knows; the means of passing through the Dimensional Area's barrier is the same. Speed and Timing. Something both boys have already achieved before.

"Enzan? What are you doing?" Netto's voice sounded a bit miffed.

"I'm trying to find us a way through the barrier. I suggest you do the same," Enzan replied, without looking at the brunette.

"But I don't have my PET with me, how--" Enzan spied a road that was a steep hill, but would be close in terms of how long it was until it met up with the barrier's edge. With this, he interrupted Netto.

"Let me use your skates to build up speed down that hill. You'll have to hold onto me, but I think your added weight might help increase the speed to hit the barrier right. When I activate Cross Fusion, it should take both of us through."

"Enzan... I did that once... It's not as easy as you make it sound," Netto bit his lip.

"That doesn't matter, Netto. That is, unless you want to stay out here?"

"Fine, fine!" Netto handed over his skates, grumpily, and the two boys headed off towards the top of the slope. Once there, Enzan put the skates on, standing almost precariously as he clutched his red PET tightly. Enzan looked over to Netto.

"Alright, let's do this if we're going to. Hang on to my back, it'll keep from your feet slowing us down," Enzan explained. 'Why does this feel weird?' He thought, as Netto hesitantly wrapped his arms around his shoulders and they took off. 'I'm only doing this to get Netto inside the Dimensional Area...'

"Enzan-sama, almost," Blues quickly said. Enzan just nodded, and readied the Synchro Chip. However, two feet in front of the barrier's edge, a few viruses gathered as if planning on facing the incoming boys.

"Damnit!" Enzan yelled, as he shifted his weight to make the skates turn to the sides in hopes of a stop. However, as fast as they had been going, that wasn't going to stop them from continuing down. Both Enzan and Netto heard a loud snap, and a group of about 6 wolf-like Garauss viruses leapt towards the two incoming humans. Enzan gritted his teeth, and grabbed Netto's arms. Without any warning, he tossed the brunette over the wolves... but unfortunately, when he landed, Netto rolled right into the edge of the Dimensional Area's barrier.

Enzan didn't have time to feel guilty.

He let himself slam onto the ground, and managed to roll under the leaping Garauss. Of course, the sort of landing he just pulled essentially shredded the sleeves of his jacket...

"Enzan-sama?" Blues' voice sounded more distant than it should. But it was because of his Navi's voice calling to him that he realized the Synchro Chip and his PET had skittered in two different directions when he hit the ground.

"Blues!" Enzan winced and hurried to his feet. He only stumbled a step of two before he yanked the PET from the ground, and continued forward another three steps. He looked from the PET's screen over to Netto, but realized that he still couldn't see the Synchro Chip anywhere, his mind wasn't able to choose what exactly he needed to pay attention to the most. The lost chip, his PET's condition, or Netto...

The answer would give itself up momentarily as the unconscious Netto was being approached by a few of both Viruses. A missing chip wasn't going to help him now; but if he lost that chip, it couldn't be easily replaced for a future situation that it would help him in. Enzan gritted his teeth and did his best to look around for a glint of the shiny green surface in the center of the Synchro Chip. Unfortunately... he spotted it. It was in the way of an approaching Mettool, and the Virus was sure to crush it. How it had managed to skip over that way, Enzan didn't ask. He took a step, then bolted over towards both his Synchro Chip and Netto.

"ENZAN-SAMA?" Blues' voice shouldn't be more distant from him than it had been last time. It should be closer... He was holding the PET in his hand against him. Blues also seemed much more scared that he should honestly be in this situation. Still, he shook that off in time to dive for the chip before the Mettool on a Crash Course with it could take the fateful step.

Enzan wound up skidding along the ground, catching the very arm he'd just grabbed his Synchro Chip with on the foot of the Mettool he was trying to save it from. His shoulder felt pulled in the wrong direction...

"WAKE UP! ENZAN-SAMA!" Blues' voice jerked the boy straight up, but the motion also shifted his precarious postion and slid him off his chair into the floor. Sadly, on the way down, he smacked his forehead on the desk. "Enzan-sama? Are you alright!" The red Navi's voice was full of true concern, and what seemed like residual panic.

"Ow..." Enzan grumbled, and shifted, using the arm that was not mostly asleep to pull him up from his postion under the desk. "I think I was... until you scared me like that. Blues, don't do that," Enzan made a face, rubbing a small red mark on his forehead that now also stung.

"I'm truly sorry... but you weren't replying to me, Enzan-sama. I've been trying to wake you for nearly an hour now," Blues explained. His Op looked at the PET on the desk oddly before he settled himself back in the chair and picked up the device itself.

"3:20 AM? I can't have been asleep here that long... It wasn't even 10 when I last looked at a clock," Enzan continued to stare at the time display in the corner. Something Blues occasionally did through the night, or at times when Enzan had somewhere very important to be on a rather tight schedule. Blues just nodded.

"You finished what you came here to work on, but you fell asleep on me, Enzan-sama. However, you've only been asleep for about 3 hours, at best," Blues explained freely.


"Three hours and twenty minutes if you want to be technical."

"I didn't," Enzan grumbled to himself and shifted his position in the chair. He stood up, immediately hearing his Navi's voice before he even finished.

"I can get a car for you if--"

"No. I can walk home," Enzan interrupted, "The cold outside will keep me awake."

"Very well, Enzan-sama..." Blues made a face after Enzan put the PET in his pocket.

Despite what he believed, the night air wasn't as cold as Enzan had thought. It took him almost 2 hours before he made it home, but he wasn't finished yet. He still had to make it inside, up the stairs, and to his room before he could collapse until morning. Of course, to Enzan right now, this felt like it was a lot longer than a walk across town had been. Still, he let himself in, locked the door behind him, and made it about halfway up the staircase before he had to sit down. This was stupid. It shouldn't matter that it was so short in actual duration, he still had already slept over 3 hours. He'd walked farther than that before, and it never made him this tired.

"Enzan-sama?" Enzan pulled the PET from his pocket and looked to his Navi, tiredly.


"You're almost there, are you feeling alright?" Despite the lack of true eye contact, Enzan could still see concern on Blues' face.

"I'm fine... Blues..." Enzan sighed softly, gave up, and flipped himself over, deciding that actually getting to his bed was more important than how he did it. So... climbing the stairs on all fours was no longer such a stupid thought to him. After getting to the top, he was able to use the wall the rest of the distance to his room. He didn't even put Blues on the charger. The PET itself wound up under his hand on the bed beside him as he flopped onto it. The red Navi gave his own, soft sigh, realizing his Op was easily half-asleep before he'd even hit his pillow... If not completely, just a moment after.

"Good night... Enzan-sama..."
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