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Warning: Hinted at perviness, yaoi, short

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Surprisingly the day at Shigure's house had been fairly quiet... which meant that something was obviously going to happen soon.

"WHA- Kuso DOG!" Came Kyou's voice from the rooftop, inside his study Shigure raised an inquisitive face. What could he possibly have done to his dearest Kyonkichi? Unless... but no Kyou would never have gotten a hold of that. Hearing a series of thumps that meant Kyou was heading down the stairs and storming towards him Shigure sighed and exited his study, it would do no good for it to be ruined by the cat's rampage.

Kyou shook a book in front of Shigure's nose. "I can't believe you! Not only do you write gay porn about the two underage cousins you've been peeping!"

"Peeping? Whatever gave you that idea Kyo-kun?" Shigure smiled winningly at the bristling cat, that was about the only complaint he could counter. His name was on the book, the looks and personalities of the characters were similiar and the names were just played with versions of the real life counterparts names. Still, he really had never expected either of the two muses to get their hands on his book, he had never thought the boys were actually into the type of thing. It was something that made his fantasies just that more realistic

"You've got my freaking Measurments your Hentai!" Shigure's eyes widened at this outburst.

"Reeaaalllly?" The dog leered. "My Kyou-kun you really are quite well endowed."

"PERV!" Kyou threw the book at Shigure's face and stomped upstairs. Picking up his precious book from the floor Shigure flipped through it idly, stopping on the writing on the inside front cover.

'To Kyou, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. -Black Haru'


On the roof Kyou stared at the sky darkly. "Why'd I have to be the uke dammit!"