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Chapter 1- The Truth Of It All

"When do you think you'll show up, Ken?" a raven-haired boy asked his friend, who was connected from the other end of the cell phone. Two weeks had passed since he, Stan Marsh, and two of his closest friends had moved into a cute little dump of a house off campus from their school. They were prepared to throw the party of the year, inviting anyone and everyone they could think of.

"Hey Stan! When is he coming? We have to get the keg prepared!" the boy on the cell phone's roommate inquired. He looked at the only other boy left in the house besides himself. "Dude, you know much Kenny drinks. We'll be lucky to get by with just one." He laughed a nervous laugh, well aware that they were all under twenty-one. He knew just how much trouble they could get into if they got caught. But it was the beginning of their sophomore year, and both of his roommates pleaded for a kickass party to start the new school year with. Kyle Broflovski wasn't about to back out of that chance.

He went on with the plans for everything, quietly promising himself that he would remain sober the entire night to monitor any disturbing behavior. He didn't mind staying away from the alcohol. It wasn't his drug of choice anyway ever since he discovered the joys of marijuana near the end of his junior year of high school. He wasn't too worried about Stan either. He was the soccer team's top athlete, and he had too much riding on his shoulders to screw up too badly. It wasn't even a threat that the king of keg stands Eric Cartman was their other roommate, because he was dating Wendy now, and she was going to be at the party too, much to the dismay of Stan. Yes, it was only Kenny McCormick, the "partier" of the group that he was worried about. Kenny was driving all the way from South Park with his roommate Paul to attend their party—he was going to go all out tonight.

He sighed at the possibilities that the night could bring as he carried a giant bucket from the back room into their kitchen. They purchased it exactly two hours ago, when they called up one of Stan's older teammates and learned they were going to be able to attain a keg that night. He picked up the keg and sat it in the bucket. He watched his friend close the flip phone. "Well? When should we tap this thing?"

Stan stared in confusion. "Do we even know how to tap it?" He walked to the side of Kyle and picked up the tap and looked at it as though it was a foreign device. "Hell if I know how to do this. Kenny says it'll be another hour for him. Better wait until Cartman comes back." Kyle noticed a slight flinch in Stan's voice when he mentioned Cartman's name. He knew that it had only been three months since Eric and Wendy started dating, and Stan was doing his best to get over it. But there were still times at night during the summer when Stan called Kyle up to get his mind off of his ex-girlfriend and his good friend.

It was weird to call Eric Cartman a good friend, but Kyle had to admit he had changed. Ever since he received an A in business and economics during high school, Cartman set career goals for himself. This, in turn, propelled him into somewhat of a more mature state. He made plans to attend a university, rather than sit on his ass at home eating cheesy poofs. He realized he was made of something, and made a conscious effort to try harder. Sure, his freshman year he partied harder than anyone Kyle knew, but he still performed outstanding in the given courses, letting Eric know that he was meant to be a businessman. He always enjoyed playing businessman when he was younger.

Thinking about Cartman back then and seeing him now was the biggest transformation of any of the four friends. Not only did he try harder mentally, but Eric Cartman gave into football his senior year of high school, toned up, and dropped the extra baggage he had been carrying from all those years. Now he really was just big boned. Big framed. Not quite as good looking as the rest, but he wasn't labeled a fatass anymore, except when Kyle called him that for old time's sake.

The biggest change in Cartman's life came this past summer, when Wendy Testaburger came home from college and saw what a man he was becoming. Though she had tried to repress her tendencies toward him in high school, mostly because she was still with Stan, she could no longer hide her attraction to him and his brilliance. The three months of summer in South Park for the new lovers was an explosion of emotion, and they hit it off so well they agreed to continue seeing each other, even when she went back to Stanford. This was a huge step towards maturity in Cartman's life, and Kyle was very impressed to see that so far, he seemed to be handling himself quite nicely. Granted, it was only two weeks into the school year.

Kyle snapped back to reality and saw Stan staring at the keg with a blank look. "Dude, you okay?" He knew the answer to his own question.

Stan shrugged. "It just bothers me that she is coming here to visit him, you know? She NEVER would have done that with me. That's why we broke up." He sighed. "I just don't get how she can want someone like Eric Cartman as a boyfriend. Its pretty fucked up."

Kyle nodded in agreement, keeping his own thoughts to himself. He thought Wendy and Eric were the perfect couple, give or take a few flaws. They balanced each other out, called each other out, and had enough passion for two different causes that their relationship would probably withstand the distance between them. "Just get over her, dude. That happened a year ago. You didn't really expect her to stay single, did you?" Kyle paused. He didn't want to go any further without getting feedback from the lonely Stan.

"Damnit, she was so wonderful. I was so in love with her. It just sucks," Stan griped. "It wouldn't have bothered me if she would have hooked up with other guys…just not THAT guy."

Kyle laughed. "Stan, I know you. You would have been jealous no matter who it was. Now get over it, and prepare yourself for this party. There are going to be plenty of other hot girls here in which you can take your loneliness out on. Wendy might even bring a friend—then you could get her back that way." He always tried to put things into perspective for his friend. Stan was his best friend still to this day, and pretty much everything there was to know about him, he knew. He knew how revengeful he was, and he knew just how to relieve sticky subjects such as this.

Sure enough, Stan brightened up. "Yeah, that girl that came to visit her this summer was pretty hot." He sighed again. "But not as hot as Wendy."

This much was true. Wendy grew up into the beauty they all knew she would become. Stan felt so lucky to have been able to be part of her life, much less be able to be with her intimately. The first time they made love, he knew he wanted to marry her and practically proposed. He was pretty sure that freaked her out, and she broke up with him two days later.

Four weeks later they were back together, this time for three years before she dumped him before college. That was the last time he was with her.

Stan had remained faithful to this idea that the on-again-off-again couple he was part of would soon become on-again. He casually dated his freshman year, mostly because he couldn't go anywhere without getting a girl ogling all over him. This made him feel special, but not as special as Wendy made him feel. He slowly gave up hope when she refused contact with him the second semester they were apart. And his dreams were crushed when he found out from Kyle that she and Cartman went on a date. It was too unbelievable. It was even more unbelievable when she told him herself—and he saw them together.

Kyle saw all of this in his eyes and patted him on the back. "I know you miss her, dude," he said reassuringly. "But look at it this way. You know that she is with someone else, so you can put your mind at ease about who she is with or if she is fucking someone. You've got to relax, put the past behind you, and raise hell tonight!" He grabbed an empty plastic yellow cup that was in a stack and signaled for a cheer.

"Dude, you're so gay," Stan said with a slight smile. Just the same, he picked up another cup off the pile and joined in the cheer. Success! Kyle had made him feel better yet again.

"Just to make sure you don't get all sad about her tonight, let's go smoke. It will calm you down. When you see her, you won't have a care in the world." Kyle knew that Stan didn't like to smoke as much as he did, but he thought the offer might be enticing. His friend reluctantly accepted it. As they were walking out of the room, Stan shouted, "CARTMAN BETTER NOT BE FUCKING HER!"


He pulled around to the front of the terminal into the little parking garage marked "Temporary Parking." It wasn't long before he had found a spot to cram his big gray truck into before practically skipping toward the front doors.

It had been three weeks since Eric last saw Wendy, and she was flying into Denver to spend the weekend with him at his new place at school. Hardly able to contain his excitement, he knocked over an older looking woman's luggage while she was waiting for the bus directly in front of the airport. He ignored her complaining and growls as he slammed open the only door that was not automatic, as if to say "Here I am, world!" He felt so ecstatic. Never in his life has anyone ever wanted to come visit him, much less his girlfriend! He had a girlfriend now!

And the best part was, it was Wendy Testaburger, and she was the one to go after him! Cartman had always secretly pined for Wendy ever since she kissed him at the South Park flag debate in the third grade. When she broke up with Stan, he saw it as his shining moment to swoop in, only realizing that she was going to go far away to college. Slowly, he began to forget about her as his freshman year went on. However, two nights after he came back from college, he was in the snack aisle at the grocery store when low and behold Ms. Testaburger strutted her stuff down the aisle to grab some pretzels. Dazzled by her beauty, Cartman immediately stopped paying attention to his number 1 love in life—food—and hopelessly gazed at her beautiful figure as she bent down almost beside him. Much to his surprise, once she grabbed the pretzels, she noticed it was Cartman who was standing near her, and she ran up and gave him a big hug. It was pretty much smooth sailing since then. Aside from the Stan problem.

Cartman had really outshined himself in college, truly gaining the respect of his two good friends, Kyle and Stan. He had stopped the childish nonsense sometime in between his sophomore and senior years of high school—now he was just an asshole sometimes. But that's what his role in their foursome was, right? When Wendy showed interest in him for whatever reason that was, he dropped everything to get with the woman of his dreams. Even if it meant risking Stan's friendship. Cartman didn't care that much about him anyway. Not if it meant his true happiness.

He wasn't sure exactly sure what Wendy saw in him. To him, she was an intelligent, sophisticated, and sexy woman who seemed very independent. But she was drawn to him for some reason, and he wasn't about to mess that up. He was falling in love with her…fast. And now she was flying in to see him, so that they could be together for the weekend. He was on top of the world.

Because of the strict airport rules, Cartman was only allowed to go as far as the security checkpoint. He waited faithfully for his lady to arrive. He felt as though Wendy had turned him into a whole different person. She was so perfectly suited for him.

Oh no, what if she doesn't show up, he thought. He remained in one position for a few more minutes, and then started to pace around frantically. What if she was going to stand him up? What if this was all a cruel joke? It was not unlike Wendy to be so devious. That was one of the things he loved about her.

He had shown up to the airport in a red polo shirt and khakis, so as to make a good impression. Once inside, he found a flower shop, where he purchased a single rose for his lady. His chestnut hair was slightly longer than what he would have liked, but he gelled it for added style. He was going to look like a complete dumbass if she didn't show.

That was one of the things Cartman despised—looking like a dumbass. Sure, when he was at a party and really drunk with his buddies, it did not matter. But as he grew up out of his bullying phase, he became very self-concious of what other's thought of him, even more so than when he was little. He already had to deal with his mom being a whore (and technically being his dad); he had to make a name for himself. With Wendy at his side, an intramural rugby player, and a business degree to accomplish, he was sure to overcome the Cartman family curse of ending up a nobody. He had the brainpower to do so.

But this was really starting to piss him off. He glared up at the departure/arrival times, feeling his body temperature rise. "I will NOT be made a fool," he said through clenched teeth, ready to tell Wendy's answering machine off on the phone when he got back in the truck. He glanced down at his watch. 9:27. Her plane was supposed to land at 9:15. It said "on time" next to her flight number up on the arrival screen. He punched the wall, instantly regretting doing so. Yelping in pain, he held his hand and turned to face the wall so that no passersby witnessed his stupidity. "Goddammit Wendy!" he angrily cursed the wall.

"What the hell did I do, Eric?" he heard an angelic voice from behind him retort. He spun around to find his dream woman standing there, looking as pissed as he was two seconds ago. She was wearing the most seductive purple low cut shirt he had ever seen, and form-fitting blue jeans with her hands on her hips. Her jet-black hair was held out of her face by a single rubber band, with wisps of bangs falling down around her face, framing it. She looked absolutely beautiful. He immediately felt remorse for doubting her loyalty. Her expression suddenly changed to delight when she spied the rose in Cartman's damaged hand. "Oh, Eric!" she gushed, wrapping her arms around his thick neck and embracing him in a passionate kiss. He felt like a giant compared to her. Small, petite little Wendy.

"I, uh, got you this rose. It looks as beautiful as you," he replied, feeling lame for trying to be romantic. "Are you ready to get out of here?" he quickly changed subjects.

"Yes! I hate airports. Mr. Garrison was right—they suck ass!" she responded. "I just want to get to your house as soon as possible." She stepped closer to him until he could feel her hot breath on his chin. "I have a surprise for you, Eric."


Kenny glanced over at his friend, Paul, who was on the cell phone with his girlfriend, Bebe. He liked the song that was on, so he turned it up on full blast. Plus he hated hearing his friend's conversation with his girlfriend. They talked to each other as though they were babies. It was all "I miss you more, honey" in the coo-chi-coo talk. It was enough to make him sick.

Kenny was still adjusting to the fact that Paul was the only one of his friends left in South Park. When Stan, Kyle, and Cartman moved away to college, Kenny didn't have enough money to attend even a community college, and so he was stuck working at J-Mart like he had been since he was fifteen. He had met Paul there when he moved to South Park at age seventeen. He and Paul felt a connection almost instantly, though the other guys didn't seem to care for him too much.

Paul's family was just like Kenny's: dirt poor and alcoholics. They had to move because his dad refused to support his mom anymore, so she remarried and took Paul with her. She was a drunken whore that literally displayed these talents by stripping at a nearby Gentleman's Club. When Kenny was old enough, he went down to see her show, ignoring Paul's furious attempts to stop him. His mom was hot.

When Kenny turned eighteen, he and Paul decided to move out of their dumps of houses and get an apartment together. He knew this was going to take a lot of money, and there was no way he could start saving for a college fund until he found another job. He applied at several places, getting turned down at most everything in South Park due to such a small town's gossip. After almost giving up, he applied at the Mountain Town Grille in North Park, getting hired immediately. It could have something to do with the fact that he slept with the manager. It didn't matter though, he was making enough money to be able to take off the weekend to go see his other friends, and attend the biggest party he would ever get to see that year. He drove his hunk-of-junk Corsica all the way up to Denver, where he was sure to have the time of his life.

Kenny didn't mind his life anymore. It was horrible when he was living at home with his dad, mainly because his dad would beat him up in a drunken stupor. His mom never had enough guts to stand up to the bastard, and let Kenny take all of the wrath. But since he and Paul lived together, they had found their common interests—music and ladies. They were in a band called Kenny's Most Wanted with Kenny as the singer and guitar player, Paul as the drummer. Kyle occasionally came and rocked out with them on his guitar during the summers. They had a couple gigs here and there, but it wasn't enough money being pulled in to even buy a loaf of bread. Kenny was in it because he loved to sing, and because, well, girls love rockers. He had had his share of women since he lost his virginity at age fourteen to a sixteen year old with pierced nipples. He was the wild man of his group, and he didn't mind that at all. And it wasn't going to stop anytime soon. No, especially not tonight, where there would be an ample supply of willing college girls. He was so excited at the thought he could barely keep his pants on.

"Get off the phone, dude!" he screamed at Paul, who was still all sappy with Bebe. He met Bebe when Stan and Wendy broke up, and they started dating a few months later. He said she was the one for him, but he constantly flirted with the idea of scoring as many girls as Kenny. Perhaps he was just jealous. Paul didn't have the looks that Kenny McCormick was renown for. One girl was probably all that he was going to get.

"Alright, honey bunny. I love you too," Paul gushed. "No, I really have to go or Kenny is going to drive us off the road! No I love you more…no I love you more…"

Kenny reached over and grabbed the phone from Paul's grasp. "Bebe? Yeah, Paul loves you. I'll make sure he doesn't hook up with too many girls tonight, k? Bye bye now." He laughed at his cruelty as he hung up the phone.

"Dude! What the hell did you do that for? Now she's gonna be all mad at me! I've gotta call her back," Paul exclaimed. Kenny growled as he handed the phone back over to Paul, knowing the rest of the trip was going to be him and his stereo.

Fifty-three minutes later, he pulled up into a creepy alleyway filled with cars. Paul was still on the phone. "Dude, GET OFF THE PHONE!" he yelled, practically angry this time. "I need to know directions, which house is theirs?" He had already been circling the same block four times now because stupid Paul couldn't give him the right directions the first time. He was relieved to see his anger worked nicely as Paul finally hung up the phone for good.

"It says go halfway down the alley and park next to the dumpster on the right. Their house is white with a brick porch thing," Paul read. He pointed over to a house that matched the description. "This looks like the one!"

They peeled themselves out of the car, arriving to their destination at last. "This place looks awesome!" Kenny shouted out. He was already jealous that the boys were in college, now they had an even better looking house than the second story apartment Kenny called home. "Stan? Kyle! Is this right?" he shouted out, loud enough for probably the entire neighborhood to hear.

His eyes lit up when he saw a boy with black hair walk over to the back screen door. "Hey Ken!" Stan greeted, motioning the two travelers to come on in. He led Kenny through a dark back room where the washer and dryer were into the kitchen. "Look what we have!" he proudly stated, and introduced Kenny to the keg. "Drink up guys, its going to be a fun night!" He tossed Kenny a cup. Kenny removed his wallet out of his worn jeans' back pocket.

"How much do I owe ya?" he asked, almost routine.

Stan shook his head. "Dude, you're the guest of honor. It's on the house. I'll even let you do the honors."

Kenny stared down at the keg, noticing it was untapped. "You don't know how to tap it, do you," he said to his clueless friend. He motioned Stan to give him the tap, and effortlessly clamped it to the top. "Cheers," he signaled as he and his friends filled up with the newly tapped beer.

"Kyle! Kenny is here!" Stan yelled loudly, interrupting the cheers. "We've been smoking a little. It might be awhile before he gets out of his room."

Kenny laughed. It was just like Kyle to get stoned before anything was about to happen. Kenny didn't mind smoking, but he chose beer over anything. And Cartman despised it, claiming that only hippies smoke, and so Kyle was restrained to smoking in his room. Alone, most of the time.

Kyle was brilliant. Kenny was sure he was going to be an amazing organic chemist, or whatever he went to school for. He was one of those kids that was just so damn smart it made your head hurt. And smoking to Kyle was a way of life. Something he did to chill out, hang out, and keep him sane. Sometimes his brain overloaded with knowledge, and when that happened, he would always disappear for ten minutes. When he came back, he would have red eyes and a glazed expression. The saying that marijuana kills brain cells must have not been true for him, or maybe it just balanced them out so that he didn't pop a blood vessel from intelligence overkill.

Stan waited a few more seconds, and then sat down his beer. "Hang on one sec, Ken, I'm going to go get him." Kenny thought it was funny how Stan was the only one to call him Ken. He didn't like it much, but didn't bother to correct him. To him, it sounded like some overly mature old fart who didn't score high with the ladies. "Oh hey, Paul!" he greeted, as he breezed past the two to ascend the stairs to Kyle's room. Stan was the nicest to Paul besides Kenny, including him as much as possible into the group. Kyle didn't really care too much, and Cartman always gave him crap about being poor.

"Hey I'm coming with you, I want to see your house!" Kenny replied. He followed Stan up the wooden staircase that creaked with every move. To the left, he passed a small bathroom, which Stan didn't bother to spend time on. He was sure he was going to be seeing enough of it tonight. Stan walked down the hallway a few more feet and opened the door next to the bathroom. "This is my room," he said in monotone.

Kenny peered into the desolate room. The walls were wood, which was cool, but other than that, Stan had kept it pretty bare. There was a double bed, a dresser, and a computer desk in it. There wasn't much room for anything else. "Cool," he said, still jealous.

Stan retreated back into the hallway and opened a door on the right. "This is Cartman's room," he stated, letting Kenny walk into this giant rectangle of a white room. It was the most boring thing Kenny had ever seen, but it was really long and narrow. "Enough space for the guy," Stan said, as if reading Kenny's thoughts. He slipped in, "he needs it." Stan was still one to make fun of Cartman's weight, even though he wasn't that overweight anymore. Kenny took a mental picture of the room. He wasn't jealous of this room at all. There was enough space to hide a small circus, but there was no personality. All the walls were still bare white, and Cartman had a giant mattress in the corner with a TV set at the base of it. All of his clothes were scattered about outside of the closet, and the only other thing in the entire room was an alarm clock in the middle. There were pictures of Wendy taped above the mattress.

Kenny followed Stan back out into the hallway, able to catch the glare he had in his eye when he too noticed the pictures of Wendy. "Follow me," he said, as to forget about the whole thing. He walked down to the end of the hallway where an old wooden door that was painted off white was. Opening it, Kenny saw there was yet another set of stairs to climb. "This is Kyle's room," he said, with a hint of hostility still in his voice. Kenny climbed the stairs only to be greeted by a window. He had a choice of whether to turn left or right. It didn't matter. Stan turned left and stepped up onto the floor.

Kyle's room was incredible. It was the attic room, and all of the walls and ceiling were wood, with the ceiling forming an A-frame. At the right side was a computer desk with a very high-tech looking computer sitting on it. There was a couch where Kyle was sitting, a chair and an entertainment center at the edge of the room, with another door exactly opposite to the window. That door led into the true bedroom, where Kyle had a bed, a dresser, and an alarm clock, much like every other room in the house.

"This house is awesome!" Kenny exclaimed. He loved college houses and wanted to live in one so badly. If he lived there, it would mean he went to college. The only other college house he had been too was his old girlfriend's, and her house was pretty cool too.

"Hey Kenny!" Kyle said, very long and drawn out. He was obviously high. "I was just watching some TV. "Is Cartman here yet?"

Stan grumbled. "No, not yet."

"That's cool, I guess," Kyle replied. He went back to watching the TV show. Kenny sat down beside him and sat up straight. He studied Kyle's face for a little bit before shouting, "GET UP OFF YOUR ASS, KYLE!"

Kyle jumped almost ten feet in the air. "Dude!" he exclaimed, blinking several times. Stan just laughed.

"Ken's right. Get up before you pass out. You HAVE to last this whole night. I'm not letting you get out of this one," Stan added.

Kyle sat with a blank look on his face for a few seconds longer before snapping out of his daze. "Okay, okay, I'm coming! God!" He looked as if he was in slow motion, lifting himself off the couch, turning off the TV, turning off his computer monitor, shutting off the lights, and following Stan and Kenny downstairs. A little fresh air would do him good.

They were greeted downstairs by Paul, who had his phone out, text messaging Bebe. "Hey guys, whats up? Thanks for inviting me to your party."

"No problem, dude!" Stan said. It seemed like he said dude every other sentence. Kenny rolled his eyes at Paul.

"He is so fucking whipped," he whispered to Stan, who was walking toward the back porch to join Kyle.

"I heard that!" a voice from the kitchen responded.

Kenny sighed. "You are!"

Kyle was sitting on the back steps staring up at the sky. He was about to get into one of his existential moods when he saw the faint glow of headlights turn into the alley. A minute later, the diesel engine stopped, and Eric and Wendy jumped out of the vehicle on their respected sides.

Stan's jaw dropped and he paused in mid motion. He eyed Wendy like a hawk. Poking Kenny, he whispered, "Damn she looks hotter than ever!"

Kenny swallowed hard. Yeah she does, he thought. "You're just imagining it, Stan. Ignore her, okay? For your sake and hers?" He hated how obsessed Stan still was over Wendy. So they went out. Big deal. There were plenty of other hot girls out there. Kenny was going to get with a few of them tonight for sure. But he had to admit, Wendy Testaburger had something that all other girls didn't have. He wasn't sure what it was, but he shared the same lust for her as Stan did, even though Stan's was based on love. Kenny just wanted to fuck her.

"Hi guys!" Wendy said overly bubbly. She left Cartman behind to carry her ridiculously large suitcase into the house. She stopped in front of Stan. "Hi Stan," she said genuinely.

Stan muttered something inaudible under his breath.

"I said, HI Stan," she repeated, growing a bit angrier.

"Hi Wendy," he said softly, with a look of devastation worn all over his face. "A good trip for you I hope." He spoke with little emotion.

"It was great! Especially when Eric here showed up with this rose! Look!" she exclaimed, knowing full well he was going to get pissed at this remark.

Stan took a deep breath. "Yeah, ERIC sure is the romantic type." He stepped aside to let her through the doorway. Kenny heard him mutter "bitch" under his breath.

Kyle looked up at Stan. "Dude, you just gotta let it go!"

Sitting down beside Kyle, Stan frowned. "She purposely said that to rub my face in it. She pisses me off so much sometimes!" He took another deep breath, as to cleanse his thoughts. "All I want to do tonight is have fun. Help me forget about Wendy. Help me let go, guys. That's all I ask."

Kenny and Kyle nodded. A few more moments of silence and then a, "let's get this party started!" Cartman was walking up toward the house with Wendy's overgrown baggage.

Stan glared at him for a second before he joined in. "YEAH! Lets do this thing!"

Cartman looked at Kenny, who turned to Stan in concern. Stan was watching Kyle, and Kyle was staring up into the night sky.

Hopefully this is enough to get started. It was kind of like the intro chapter to get to know the characters. To be continued