The Joker's Steward

Note that: Final Fantasy VII belongs to Square-Enix.

Yuffie Kisaragi was high on adrenaline. She had managed to slip into the 60-storey SHINRA building through their air vault without beating up the guards or getting their attention after a week of careful planning and observation from the outside. She had packed light for the occasion, hopeful that such a huge company would bring her lots of materia and accessories to last her nine lifetimes. Right now she was crawling up the air vault towards the laundry room, to get a few useful uniforms to cover up her ass if she got into trouble.

She knew there were some BIG shots in the building. First of all was the head Regent Shinra, who first introduced the world his creation, Mako reactors. She knew that because they tried to introduce their product to Dad but he refused hands down. Afterwards it was practical they forced and budged their way through and it took quite a few good ninjas to take them out. Next in line was his heir Rufus Shinra, notorious for his smart and sharp comments. The news network system practically loved his face; there were the paparazzi that followed him wherever he went. His subordinates (or should she call them his dogs?), Heidegger and Scarlet embraced his spotlight, licking up to their boss and once in a while, if they dared, complimenting on the work they had done for the company. Yuffie scoffed at the idea and frowned. Next BIG shot in the company was General Sephiroth, well-known for his mammoth strength and fighting skills. He was a prodigy, legend behold. It was said he could take down an army single handedly and that came without a cut or a scratch! Yuffie gnawed her lower lip in thought, then relaxed for there was no chance she would be meeting the fearsome General in the building. All she needed was to get into the highest floor, grab a few stuff and gone she would be. Yeap, she mused, there was no way she had such bad luckā€¦

True be told, she had no idea where the laundry room was. Actually, she had no idea of the internal map of this place. It wasn't like she had been here before; her curiosity had taken its hold of her and pushed her into the building forcefully with a gun on her head. Yea right, she was just lost because of her willfulness. Things were looking good as she slipped out of the air vault, hid behind a pillar and leapt into a laundry trolley covered with cloth passing by. She curled up and listened. The guy pushing the trolley did not seem to notice the extra weight thus it was no problem. (afterall, guys are muscle machines.) The few guards whom he strolled past had made fun of him, comments such as "Zack, you're passable for a laundry lady! HAHAHA!" and "What did you do this time to piss the General eh?" Zack would either laugh it off or grumble slightly as he made his way to the elevators.

Hearing the elevator doors close with a ting, she lifted the blanket covering her slightly and watch Zack press for the 59th floor and sighed out "Finally! One more floor and I'm done for the day!" she had to suppress her giggles and wondered what he had exactly done to piss his superior off. At last, the ting was heard and he had reached his destination. Yuffie skillfully wrapped herself in a blanket and rolled out of the trolley as he made his way out, pressed the 60th floor button and reached her destination. She peeked her head outside, thankful to the gods that she wasn't in any bad case scenarios usually portrayed on television about guards walking right into the lift to find a thief about to make his move. In fact, she had been lucky so far, the surveillance camera in the lift had portrayed bad graphics, camouflaged her wrapped up body to the elevator's white walls lest security had not been called. Tactfully, she threw the blanket down and slinked out, sprinting as fast as she could in that awkward position a thief would do. It was a one way road and weird enough, there were no surveillance cameras! At last, Yuffie reached the door (it was only 5 meters away) and as carefully as she could, she pushed down the handle. It was just as expected that the method did not work, the door was still locked until she heard a beep. Frantic, she thought the place was going to self-explode due to that little action and closed her eyes tightly. She heard a click and opened her eyes slowly only to find herself staring back at a silver-haired, chiseled chin and very puzzled male.

Before she could comprehend the situation, that guy pulled her into the room by the hand and then grabbed her collar, poised her like a little kitten and "carried" her to his desk. "HEY! What are you doing! #$ My top's riding up, you pervert!" She struggled until he let her down before settling down to a chair in a backwards position just behind him. Yuffie took the chance to fling a ten-point shuriken at him which he caught it effortlessly with a tug of a smile. She stood there, her body in defending position and waited for his attack. She glanced around his room and realized a six-foot long sword by the side of his desk. There, right in front of the desk was a name tag labelled "GENERAL SEPHIROTH". Feeling extremely uneasy now, she stared at her opponent, unable to predict his moves. She backed a little when he held out his hand containing the shuriken with a lazy smile and waited. Curious but cautious, she teetered forward and reached out for her shuriken, only to find the hand close and his head shaking with amusement. She frowned, "What was it he wanted, it is obvious I can't win him." Warily she tried again, taking out another shuriken from her pocket and laid it on his hand. This time, he did not reject. It was then she realized he wanted her to empty her weapons, she pouted. Yuffie had given him two-third of the weapons she carried and he was not satisfied. What! He cleared his throat, pointed at her ankles and socks; she grumpily took out the rest of her weapons and laid it on his hands. All her kunai, shurikens and materia were taken and she was left defenceless except for her hand to hand combat skills. As she continued to pout, Sephiroth took one of the shurikens and cut himself on the index finger slightly. Then he used the same shuriken to slit Yuffie's cheek a little and rubbed his wound against her wound. Yuffie blushed and cant help but feel that the gesture was a little too intimate. Then he reached forward and whispered into her ear, "You're mine."