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"The enemy is in many places. The enemy is not looking to be

found. And so you have to design a campaign plan that goes

after that kind of enemy."

-Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State.


Chapter 2: Gathering the Kings

After waiting for about a week, the four friends are waiting in line for a ship that will take them to the Battle Island.

They reach the receptionist.

"Names?" The receptionist asks.

"Marie and Rain Davis," Marie says. "And guests, Daniel Marks and Katherine Daniels."

"Starting pokemon?"

"Dratini," Marie says.

"Bagon," Rain adds.


Marie shows a small device, a small holographic projection of Rachel Bolt appears.

"These trainers qualify for the Legends of Battle League, please admit them onto the ship," the hologram says.

"You qualify," the receptionist says. "Also, each of you take one of these trainer cards."

She passes the cards to the twins. Both has a picture of the trainer, and places for the badges.

"That'll allow you to get just about anything from the Way Stations, and allow you entrance to the final competition," the receptionist says, and takes out two gloves, one is white, the other black. "Take one, this will allow other's to recognize you as a trainer, and this Pokedex."

Rain takes the white one, and Marie takes the black one. They also recieve the Pokedex and a Pokenav.

"Good luck."

The four friends nod, and board the ship.


They decided to stay in the longue for awhile, to chat about the tournament.

"So, what do you think about the host?" Kitty asks.

"She's certainly an odd carachter," Marie says. "But I noticed something odd about her."

"What?" Her three friends ask.

"I enhansed the tape she sent a little, and I found that she has a necklace similar to the one I have, and the one Rain has," Marie explains, showing an odd necklace shaped like a serpant dragon.

Rain takes out her own, it's shaped like some sort of fish.

"I now figured out why they look familiar," Marie explains, and takes out her Pokedex, makes some adjustments, and shows it to her friends, the first is a pokemon that looks a lot like Marie's necklace.

Name: Rayquaza

Species: Sky High

Height: 23'0"

Weight: 455.2 lbs.

Abilities: Air Lock-makes weather effects dissappear.

Type: Dragon/Flying.

Evolutions: Rayquaza does not evolve

Pokedex Info: A Pokemon that flies endlessly in the ozone layer. It is said that it would decend to the ground if KYOGRE and GROUDON were to fight.

"And here, Rain's necklace," Marie says, and shows another bit of data.

Name: Kyogre

Species: Sea Basin

Height: 14'9"

Weight: 776 lbs.

Abilities: Drizzle-Causes rain to fall when the pokemon enters battle

Type: Water.

Evolutions: Kyogre does not evolve.

Pokedex Info: KYOGRE has appeared in mythology as the creator of the sea. After long years of fueding with GROUDON, it took to sleep in the bottom of the sea.

"And Rachel's," Marie concludes.

Name: Groudon

Species: Continent

Height: 11'6"

Weight: 2,095 LBS

Abilities: Drought-The sun shines when the Pokemon enters battle.

Type: Ground

Evolutions: Groudon does not evolve

Pokedex Info: GROUDON has appeared in mythology as the creater of the land. It sleeps in magma, and is said to make volcanoes erupt on awakening.

"What does it mean?" Dan asks.

"I don't know," Marie admits. "Rachel did say something about us having some things in common, right sis?"

"That's right," Rain admits. "But what could three necklaces identical to legendary pokemon all have in common?"

"I wish I knew, Rain," Marie says. "I wish I knew."

From the balcony, a mysterious figure in armor is watching them.


The next day, they arrive at the island in a small village labled New Winds Town, and are directed to a small room where the rules would be explained.

Holograms activate when they sit down, and the imposing figure of Rachel Bolt appears before them.

"Greetings trainers, I am glad that you've come," she says. "The rules are as follows:

1. You must gain all 8 badges from each of the towns to gain entrance to Legendary City, where you will face the Elite 4.

2. You cannot capture other trainer's pokemon.

3. Wild Pokemon do not truly exist, you must find Pokeballs situated around the island, in each one each contestant will be given a random, non-legendary pokemon.

4. Legendary Pokemon will be rare, but if you can find the guardians, and beat them, you shall get one

I wish you all luck, for you will need it."

They exit the room, and look out at the route leading to their first challenge.

"What do you think's out there?" Kitty asks.

"I don't know," Rain admits. "But we're going to find out."

And with that, the four friends enter the route.


"Dr. Bolt, all trainers that have accepted the invitation have begun," a worker tells Rachel.

"Excelent, keep an eye on the Davis Twins, and Maxie and Archie, I don't trust them," Rachel says.

"Yes ma'am," the worker says.


That's it for chapter two I hope you enjoyed it.

Look forward to Chapter 3, what I call "A Botanical Borderline."