Summary: For a school assignment, Kairi and Sora are paired together to take care of like-like baby for a Health project. That means feeding it, caring for it, changing diapers etc. Kairi is the school's beauty queen. Perfect, flawless, beautiful from inside out, you name it. Sora is the average Joe with a normal social life. But when the two opposites are paired together by fate for this assignment, will they be brought together somehow and find something much more? Or after it's over will they go back to leading their normal lives without ever having to communicate again?

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I honestly have no idea where this idea for this story came. Sitting at my computer, I was listening to The All American Rejects, talking to Sarah (x3 Apolla) and it hit me like a big, giant, red brick on the head. Thus, I wrote down the idea quickly and then started out on the story. And this is what I came up with. I just hope it's approved in the eyes of my loyal fans and reviewers since they mean the world and more to me.

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Anyways. Here is the first chapter of 'A Sorta Fairytale.'
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Health. He hated Health. Everything about it was boring. How would knowing the names of our inner organs help you out in life? Unless you were dying of Paopunemonia then what good could it do you? And when they weren't learning about the names of organs and specific tendons, then they were learning about those kinds of things. The kinds of things where they used to giggle at in sixth or seventh grade but was now just plain disgusting. Not the actual thing was necessarily gross, but seriously, who wanted to watch a little boy getting circumcised or a woman giving a birth to a child who would probably just fail at life later on? Not Sora, that was for sure. Geez, and just imagine how that kid felt later on in life, watching that video, realizing, Oh my god. That's my mother standing next to the baby getting circumcised!

Tapping his pencil on the face of the desk, Sora kept his eyes gently focused on the doorway as he watched people slowly pour in from the hallway and into the classroom into a desk of their choice. He sat alone in the back feeling like a loser without Wakka or Tidus there. They'd be in soon, but whenever Sora sat alone in an area where no one else sat in the classroom, he felt suddenly like the world's biggest geek. Even though half true, he didn't want people to think that. It wasn't that he was new or anything, he just didn't like people making stupid impressions of him. Geez. Was he even a bigger loser for sometimes worrying of people thought of him?

"See you later, Selphie!"

Sora kept his hand rested underneath his chin as he watched her walk in. Her as in Kairi. There wasn't really a word to even describe Kairi. Pure, kind, innocent, beautiful inside and out? Ever since they were little, Kairi had always been the one to not be without friends and was always at social events. She also the girl who was constantly be stalked by half the school's guys. The ones that weren't stalking her were at Dungeons & Dragon meetings, in the computer lab, or just plain didn't bend that way. He wasn't any of the above but he didn't stalk her neither. Look at her giggle. She looks like she has no worry in the world. I wonder if that's true. People say her parents are really nice and that she's never in trouble. But they also say she's a real play-it-by-the-rules kind of girl. I bet she's a parents' dream.

"Excuse me, may I sit in front you? I'm just afraid that Riku might stick gum in my hair if I sit over by him or anywhere near him."

Snapping his head to the side, he looked upwards to find Kairi standing next to his desk. With a fragile, innocent smile and a quiet giggle, she stood before him with her arms crossed across her chest to keep her books, notebooks, and other such things from falling onto the ground. For a minute, he felt frozen in place and unable to move his lips in any kind of way. But it wasn't until an invisible hand that had smacked him across the cheek that he'd finally gained full control of himself.

"Y-yeah, go ahead! Wakka and Tidus can just sit on my side."


"No problem .."

Kairi sat down her supplies upon the desk in front of him and shortly sat down afterwards. But she didn't remain in solace forever. Before Sora had even gotten the chance to tear his eyes away from her back, a group of girls had rushed over to the area right in front of him only to surround Kairi in a huge mob like circle. Moving in her chair, Kairi faced somewhat of the crowd and began to chat with them; occasional giggles from her and the girls every few seconds. Sora rolled his eyes before he finally looked away. That was when he noticed Wakka and Tidus suddenly sitting on both sides of him.

"Hey Sora, did you finis --"

"Settle down, class! This is Health, not "Social" hour. Save all your chit chat for lunch time. And girls -- sit in your spots! Is it absolutely necessary for you to surround one desk and create a huge blob? I expect you girls to be in your seats tomorrow when we have class and not socializing. Next time I spot you doing that in this room that's one automatic detention for you all. You can socialize there if wished."

The girls of seven or eight, mumbled beneath their breaths and Sora even swore he heard one call her a prick. But what could he do? Ms. T wasn't exactly the most student friendly teacher. First day of school she had explained she wasn't there to be "cozy mozey" with everyone and was only there to do her job: teach. A lot of the boys in his grade had a crush upon her but he suspected it was 1) because she was a blonde. and 2) she carried a scary like whip thing around. Sora betted they had lots of fantasies about that alright.

"As you may have known, unless you haven't been paying attention and are deathly deaf, for the past couple of weeks we've been studying the reproductive organs and even watched that video of an actual birth of a baby. Which leads us to our next subject: Babies. How do babies feed? How do babies communicate with the parents? What's the average amount of sleep the average baby gets a night?"

Ms. T walked back and forth, to and fro, in a slow pace like walk in the room with the "torture" device in one hand, slowly hitting her other with it gently. Sora looked around the classroom to find everyone giving everyone else funny looks and glances. Some people looked a little ill while others were anticipating to see what the teacher would say next. However, when Sora had looked over to Riku on the opposite of the room, he'd decided it'd been a bad idea.

Riku, being the typical .. Riku he was, was grinning and chuckling. As the silver haired boy had noticed Sora, he suddenly turned around to face him in the direction of his chair. Taking one hand, he shaped his two fingers into an 'o' like shape and then took another finger of his other hand and placed it in the 'o.' aslkdjasldkj Freaking out, Sora suddenly, "aah!" before he chased his eyes' position to the other side of the room. He should have know Riku was going to be doing something so uncanny like that.

"--which draws us to our next assignment. You, the students, will have to take care of babies. Not actual babies but not dolls. These types of babies, if you do, have a special chip installed in their bodies. This chip triggers when they are hungry, when they need to be changed, when they must be comforted, when they need attention, when they are sleepy, or when they are sick. And yes, for the giggling boys in the corners, these babies do actually urinate, burp, cry, and scream. Thankfully, as parents, you will not have to suffer alone on this assignment. I will choose partners, or parents if you wish, by the hand so do not expect to be paired up with your boyfriend or girlfriend"

Sora felt sick at this point.

"As parents, it will be your duty to take care of these babies and love them and cherish them. This assignment will last for about a month and a half. As parents, I do expect you go to one another's houses and care for the child or at least switch on and off the baby. And girls, I do expect you bring this baby shopping with you and boys I do expect you bring this baby to your silly fooseball games. If not receiving the proper attention, care, and love it needs, a silent alarm will be set off in the baby and the next day in class, the baby will be taken away from you. That results in an automatic 'F' for the quarter and losing the contest prize."

Suddenly, Sora wasn't as sick as he thought he was.

"That's right. Whoever can manage to keep their baby at it's best health and love support for the next month and a half, wins a cash prize of 650.oo and an 'A' for the next two quarters in Health. So really, even if you don't care whether you fail or not, I'm sure the cash thing strikes up everyone's interests."

An eyebrow raised in slight amusement, Sora began to look around the classroom to look at the girls who would possibly be his potential wife for the project. Some of the girls he was already friends with while some wouldn't give him the time of the day. While doing this, Sora had also noticed the guys doing the same thing. Lots of them had their eyes on Kairi but she simply ignored them by keeping her own pair of eyes focused on Miss T.

"Now, to make the assignment more .. 'fun,'" Ms. T paused as she bent forward onto the ground to pick up a box. Soon after, the cardboard cube was placed onto her desk. "Not only do I have diaper bags, I have wedding rings, wedding certificates, and heck, even a wedding photo album for everyone. The heads of yourselves will be placed on the heads of brides and grooms in this fake album of your weddings. This of course, is to torture you for my amusement, and to make the assignment more real --"

"Hey Sora, who do you want as a wife?" Kairi had turned around during the lecture like speech from the teacher to face Sora. A smile painted on her pink glossed lips, she patiently awaited for an answer.

"I'm .. I'm not sure. How about you?" he whispered back, trying to sound as casual as he could. It wasn't that he had a crush on her .. he just got flustered when he talked to most pretty girls.

"Not Riku, that's for certain! I feel bad for his kid & wife!"

Sharing a momentarily laugh at low volume, Kairi soon turned around to face the teacher again. Thankfully, she hadn't noticed the small and short conversation to give them a detention or anything of the sort.

"Okay, here's my list of men and wives. As I call your names, I expect the husband to come up and grab the diaper bag and wedding supplies. Babies will be passed out tomorrow and the moment they are, their alarms will be activated. They are programmed to cry, have 'accidents', get hungry, etc. at any random time, so it isn't my fault if you get in trouble in class by your teachers."

Before he knew it, names were being called off quickly. First it was a couple of people he didn't know exactly, but then the familiar names of acquaintances and friends were called. Riku, Yuffie. Selphie, Tidus. ... More people he didn't know .. and then finally, his name was called. Miss T paused before the wife's name as she had accidentally dropped a pencil. Suddenly, however, Sora found forehead slightly damp with sweat and his finger tapping rapidly against the front of the desk in anticipation. Secretly he hoped it was one of his good friends and not one of those freako psycho girls that claimed to drink blood. But when Ms. T had retrieved her pencil, she glanced back at the list, and read the name. Sora's stomach dropped.


He was now the guy that every guy was jealous of. Who didn't want to be married to Kairi in this school? Sora wouldn't have been jealous of the guy who had been married to Kairi if it'd been someone else, but he suddenly felt like his confidence had sky rocketed. Kairi laughing in her chair for some unknown reason, Sora got up and headed to the front of the classroom. Retrieving the polka doted baby bag, wedding album, and set of wedding rings, he couldn't help to find his cheeks enflamed with red rose bushes blooming.

"Anything wrong, Sora? You look sick," Miss T asked.

"Pre wedding jitters!" shouted someone.

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