Little Fighters: The brotherhood


Thank you for taking the time out to read this fanfic, I have dedicated many hours towards writing (typing), but before you read the story there is a small intro you must read. This allows you to better understand what is currently happening the story is broken up into different parts, each part containing their own story and piece that connects to the into story tell help you know which goes first I have number each part or chapter, different text colours represent different situations for example: red means it's a dream, while black is a the present time.

Chapter 1: Dragon in the Mountain

"Dennis you mustn't touch it or sensei will be really mad at us, like last time"…a cold breeze fills the room as candles light flicker wildly.

"Com'on Davis, Just a little more I almost can touch it."

Eagerly Dennis reaches higher to grab the urn, which was just a little way from his hands. Suddenly a loud shutter echoes through the halls of the monastery. A noise which could not be denied. "Who's there" a voice shouts", foot steps could be heard heading towards the ceremonial pray room as two vessels scurry to a hiding spot. "It's sensei Dennis" as Davis takes a hard swallow on his spit, as both staring eerily at the door they scramble to hide themselves. Both Dennis and Davis crawl under the sacred table to make themselves invisible, but both knowing that sensei will find them. "swoom" the temple doors open
"show yourselves, you thieves!"…"There will be no mercy for hiding" sensei yells. As he walks carefully around the room scanning each item like a hawk for a mouse. However, a small glimmering catches his eye drawing his eyes under the table.
"He sees us…" whispers Davis
"Just don't move he might walk by us" Dennis replies as both boys tremble nervously awaiting their punishment.
Just then, a calm voice fills the room "Dennis…Davis, please come out from under the table" as their names each take turns shuttering through their bodies they both crawl out with tears in their eyes…
"w-what are you going to do to us s-sensei" whimper Davis.
"What have I both told you boys before?…this room isn't meant for playing in!"
"I know sensei…" exclaims Davis, "But we were just curious and wanted to know what was in that urn"…Davis exclaims nervously.
"The contents of that urn is not for you to know, you are never allowed to enter this room without my approval even if then you are not to be in here without a monk!" sensei preaches. Both boys wipe tears from their eyes as they stand shivering in fear for what may happen to them. Dennis looks down at his brother noticing rips in his yellow gown from previous punishments and sees that he also has no shoes, due to his negligence as an older brother. He bows his head and listens attentively to sensei, the floor is cold as he wiggles his toes in his thin slippers and tries to maintain balance. His eyes roll back and forth trying tracing sensei's movement. Sensei walks back and forth in front of them adorning a silver gown, with a white lining and light brown biretta, as he strokes his beard he clear his throat. In his old age, sensei is still able to maintain his posture and keep his strength in peak physical condition. Just then he turns sharply in front of Dennis and stares down mindfully trying to scan for a the look of guilty soul as he has done so many times in the past, he then clears his throat one more time, only to ask.

"Who's idea was it to try and dishonor the sacred room?" he calmly asks
a dead silence fills the room and all that could be heard was the wind that constantly blew outside without content.
"Well, isn't one of you boys going to answer me or will I have to punish you both?" he demands. Then from under his breath Dennis spoke up "It was I master, who wanted to do this".
" What was that Dennis?" exclaimed Sensei. "It was I sensei who caused this" Dennis replied this time much quieter. While the fear could be felt and seen, Dennis bravely stood knowing what would happen. Sensei quickly then scans the room and begins to walk towards the door of the room "Please follow me boys" he tells them as he brushes his braid behind his back. Both boys look at each other dumb founded with smirks on their faces, thinking they have escaped punishment. As they all leave the room Sensei shuts the door securely without locking it he then moves on through the corridors as the two follow.
"Where are we going sensei?" Davis whimpers, still shaking from fear of knowing he maybe punished severely.
"You'll both soon see and understand what I will show you both" Sensei responds confidently. As they walk through the long corridors they past various doors each without their own markings. They both look on curiously as to never have seen these before, while having been here for years Davis and Dennis never had much time to properly examine their home. Just as the both of them were beginning to understand what was going to happen Sensei stopped dead in front of a solid metal door, where there was neither knob nor handle. He then clears his throat and says out-loud
" Davis I want you to stay here as Dennis and I will go inside, you are to remain here and not leave do you understand?" Davis looks up to Sensei and then nods.
After checking, that no one else is around Sensei puts his hand on the door and what happens next is beyond both boys imagination. As the boys look onward, the door begins to shift a light green colour and slides upward to reveal a dark room. Dennis gazes in and begins to quiver again in fear as the door finishes opening Sensei has Dennis move into the room first with a light push from behind.
"Go on, there is nothing to be afraid of" Sensei remarks. Dennis shuffles in slowly while trying to be cautious of what might happen. As they both Sensei and Dennis enter the room the doors slides shut behind them leaving nothing but darkness ahead.
Dennis then grabs a hold of Sensei garment and nervously says "I'm scared Sensei".

" Let go of me Dennis" he yells, " be brave…what have I taught you?"
Just then Sensei lets out a call in tongues and the room fills with light surprised, Dennis then opens both eye with a sense of happiness and releases Sensei's gown. The room was much warmer and less decorative then the sacred chamber. The floor was still made of stone, and nothing caught the eye of Dennis, but all seemed plain and simple. There were no gold statues or beautifully carved pillars, but just a simple room. With simple furniture and in one corner a wooden box that was closed shut with a rope.

"Why did you bring me here Sensei?" questions Dennis as he gets accustom to this setting.
"You will soon understand, Dennis please sit down in the middle of the room I have much to tell and show you" Sensei replies calmly.

As Dennis takes walks slowly to the center of the room, he gazes around to see if he could recognize anything familiar. And as he took sat down folding his legs Sensei began to undo the rope holding the chest closed, then opening it to remove a basket with a cloth bundled up inside. He then motions towards Dennis and sits right next takes a position next to him while presenting the basket in front of him.
"What's this Sensei"?
"Just listen to me Dennis and don't say anything until I am done, cause this is quite important" he preaches. Dennis's head slightly nods and Sensei begins to clear his throat.
" About 9 years ago before I took charge of this temple and still was a monk I had trained my body physically and mental outdoors all the time. This allowed me to focus my energy alongside with the planet. However during one of these days a severe snow storm struck this mountain all was believed to be lost since we were unprepared for what was too come". Sensei then reaches for the cloth in the basket and embraces it with is hands holding it tight.
"But during this storm was when I found you and Davis". Dennis's eyes widen with curiosity and misunderstanding.
" But you said th-…" not being able to finish Sensei interrupts "Please Dennis let me finish".
"I know it's hard to believe, but that is the truth I am not your father, nor am I anyway related to you. I was the one who found the both of you crying at the gates of Shuan temple as I hurried back to the temple to get away from the storm that was when I saw you both in this basket crying for help. So I decided to take you both in and care for you under behind masters back knowing I would be expelled if caught."
"Why would you be banned for taking care of us?" exclaims Dennis
"Well as you can see, monks are never allowed to have relationships no have and take care of kids this would distract us from our duties and prays." Dennis then eyeballs the floor while trying to take in what Sensei is telling him. Sensei then begins again,
"For days and days, and then weeks the storm persisted showing no sign of stopping. Master started to become sick and the only way to cure him required special herbs from the outside world which we could never get too due to the storm. Master then died 3 weeks later as I held his hand listening to his last wishes, one of which happened to be to take very good care of you boys making sure that you know the truth that is your lives." Sensei than hands Dennis the cloth, which was red and knitted with a fine clothe to ensure warmth. Dennis reaches over and holds the clothe to his heart while clenching it with is his hands.
"So as you can see Dennis Master had discovered the both of you even though I had tried my best to conceal you both, but the one thing I don't quite understand was that he told me the both of you will be chosen to lead us to victory. When master was in great health, he had told me stories of battles that raged on in the greater valleys of our world between our kind and demons that lurked in the shadows. Summoned by lesser Orcs to rid the world of us." Sensei preaches…
Dennis then stares deeply into the cloth as if trying to make out an image or Sensei story. His head rises slowly to match eyes with Sensei.

"If me and Davis were really chosen to protect this temple then why is it we live as monks and not heroes or fighters?" Dennis angrily asks.
Once again Sensei cleared his throat and explains " Before finally dying Master told me that you guys would be the chosen one to take on the legendary fight art of shuan-tai-fu meaning art of raging dragon, very few have ever mastered this devastating form of fighting, since the spirit of the dragon choose whose body to inhabit and only those worthy enough are ever chosen."
"But that makes no sense, why would demons and Orcs ever want to destroy us we haven't done anything to them" Dennis Panics.

"It is not a matter whether they want to but a matter of are you willing to except your fate here or move on. No one can control anyone else, but you can help make the correct decision" Sensei replied.
Dennis then takes a deep breath, and mutters "Why are you just telling me this what about my brother?"

"Well you and him are a team, you are both chosen to take on this great task, but when I found the both of you there was a letter inside the basket saying that you both needed caring and how old you both were. Besides that fact I'm telling you because I want to leave you with the responsibility for telling your brother about this, I believe he will understand this much better coming from you. "
Dennis nods gently while trying to hold in his fear and radiate a new persona of bravery " and what if we choose not to do this? What happens then?"

" This is not up to me, you have been given your choices to either train by my side or continue your ways and be trained as monks…"

A silence then fills the room for a second, not a single sound could be heard, this deafening silence was then broken by the echoed sound of banging on the door a voice then followed.

" What's going on in there? Can I come in please?"
Dennis then folds the blanket neatly while he reaches for the basket he respectful places the folded blanket back into the basket. He then gets up followed by Sensei and they both head towards the door. Sensei then places his hand on the door once again to open it as he did before. As the door, fully slides open to reveal a scared and cold and scared Davis,

"What took you s-so long?" babbled Davis as he tried to regain composer
"Nothing…" replied Sensei, but somehow Davis could feel there was something a matter yet he felt it was proper not to say anything at all. After some deliberation, both boys were instructed to both go back to their room and rest. They walked past the corridor of doors that was many rooms to sleeping monks and down the hall past the garden that was just left of them and down stairs to where another corridor of doors hid their room. Night came by quickly in the mountains, there was hardly ever anytime to get tasks done or train long enough to reach the breaking point. Time moved quickly as snow fell gently from time to time the wind would help the snow pass over each mountain as it came down like rain. The temple gently shook as winds blew and halls would fill with a cool breeze during the day, while night brought unbearable freezing cold weather. Starry nights would be the greatest blessing for the nights would produce full moons and bright stars to gaze upon, while the garden provided the best view it gave a great sense of loneliness and bliss at the same time.