Chapter 3: The Cruel tutelage of Sensei

When summer rolled around many of the monks of would visit the villages to ask for donations. The monks never begged nor did they ever ask for anything people gave out of generosity from their hearts. This would go on for weeks until the monks had enough to eat for the following monks. They would come because the weather was just right it never rained nor snowed during this time the wind would blow lightly cooling off those who trained in the garden and court. The skies remained clear of clouds for days expect when it snowed and the sun shone brightly upon the ground making it warm enough to go bare foot. The garden was less of a garden and more of a court as the years passed by. The once flowered filled dirt was now covered with slabs of cement. A place once used for peaceful pray has become a court to prepare for the future coming of evil. Flowers no longer grew and even the some of the cement that once covered the dirt now lay as ruble. Faced with years of abuse the garden now remains as a reminder to monks of the destructive power Dennis and Davis hold. A year had past since Davis's injury and now he was stronger than ever, even surpassing his older brother making him the strongest fighter in


"Faster, I said Faster…Davis you must punch harder put some muscle into it do it like you mean it" Sensei Barked while sitting a solid rock. Sensei now was much older but still was at his peak in strength he made sure nothing would happen to Davis or Dennis everyday as he Kept a watchful eye out for them. By now Dennis had grown out of his old clothes and required new ones mainly because his appearance grew more rugged everyday. He began to grow a slight stubble and would have to shave it every now and then when it grew to long. Dennis although older is not much more taller than his brother his. His legs long and muscular while is upper body as solid a rock, although the appearance of muscles can't be seen his body was much more than soft. His hair cut long running from his forehead around to his ears then around the back of his head, the edges pointy almost spiky. Unlike his older brother Davis is better rounded when it came to muscles his upper body reflected the long years of hard training. The scar on his chest covered by long bandages that run from one shoulder to his waist. No longer does the wound hurt but stand as a reminder of his brother strength instead. His arms and legs bandaged from severe training and his spirit continually burning with coolness. Although stronger than his brother Davis was growing much more impatient with the training thus having him lose focus on the purpose. All he wanted was to finish his training and take care of the business he didn't care for anything else constantly pushing his body to the limit to make sure he was ready for the evil that would come.

Davis and Dennis had now entered their 5th year in training and it wasn't getting any easier, if anything the training had become so tough that their relationship became a competition to see could become the stronger one. They trained day and night putting their bodies through intense methods none of which has yet to become a customer too. Davis recalls days when he had to carry buckets of water up and down long flights of step over and over still his legs collapsed and other days where he had to endure freezing weather with nothing but his shoes the only possible way to overcome this of course was to meditate. His brother was no expectation either he would have to break blocks of stone with bare hands or stand one footed on a pole for hours on end. Even with such punishment both boys stand tall with faces of determination ready of anything.

Sensei still perched upon a rock continues to bark commands each yell with an echo of anger and motivation. Davis takes stance next to his brother had they begin to do a punching combo routine again.
"Left punch…right punch…left Punch…right punch, again!" Sensei leaps off his rock and motions over to Dennis with cane in hand he swings it at Dennis's right leg

" Your footing is off, straighten it and turn your foot slightly left".

Dennis clenches his teeth to ignore the pain and shifts his right leg. Although Dennis is the more experienced fighter he has just as many wounds as Davis if not more. Although the pain is there Dennis puts on a tough guy persona to encourage his brother that he can ascend beyond the feeling of pain.

" Ok! Excellent now kicking stance!" Sensei yells out another command. Both boys bend their legs wide apart and position their arms to the side of their body and begin to breath deeply trying to focus all their energy into the leg.

"High kick…Mid kick…Low kick…Round-house, repeat!" Solo training went on for hours until they were drained of all their energy. Then the difficult training began both boys were to face off with each other until someone fell. This part of the training gave each boy a sense of each other's power and what they could be facing. Every time this part of the training came Davis would always recall the first time they fought each other before they had such confidence in himself, before the scarring that has ravaged his body and before the knowledge and power flow thorough his body. The scar that crossed his chest running from the blade of his shoulder all the way down to his stomach made Davis's body quiver every time he touched it. This horrific reminder always kept him behind his brother never daring him to cross Dennis. Every time Davis looked at his scar the awful memory would replay itself in his head like an unforgettable scene from a movie.
The training took place in the same place the he remembered it, with the same weathered sky and looming darkness in the clouds that very day. The memory seemed all to real as if he was reliving it. He recalled everything down to the last detailed before the final hit struck him.

"Davis are you ready to give up?" breathing heavy he pulls whatever was left of his shirt over his shoulder covering a long gash. Standing in the stance taught to him by Sensei Dennis looks directly downs at Davis as he looms heavily over his brother.

"Are you kidding I can keep going" Davis eases himself up slowly brushing the dust and stones off his body. He staggers a bit to regain his balance and motions quickly into the kicking stance signaling he was ready again.

"Lets do this, give me all you got" Dennis slowly motions with his hand that he was ready.

"Ok here I come" Dennis rushes quickly keep his head low and his arms behind him he dashes quickly over towards Davis, ducking low at his feet and before Davis could react his is hit with a strong upper cut.

"Haaaaaiiiyaaaa" A loud sonic boom noise could be heard rumbling through the sky and a blaze of light jetted from Dennis's fist with mighty force. Davis is forced off his feet and sent flying backwards holding his stomach. He lands hard on the ground and lays silently showing no sign of life.

"Davis! Davis are you ok?" Dennis quickly rushes over to his brothers fallen corpse lifting off the ground and holding him in his arms.

"Davis, talk to me! Are you ok!"

"Davis are you ok" The sound repeats in his head over and over, each one fainter than the before it. Just then Davis regains consciousness and a loud call flys over his head.
"Davis are you ok!"
Dennis stands in the distance calling to his brother who was standing lifelessly in front of him.

" Hey are you awake, com'on lets go"
Davis quickly shakes his head with his eyes rapidly scanning the surroundings he suddenly wakes up from the memory flash and clears his throat.

"Lets do this" he calls out to Dennis swaying gently in the cold wind. He shifts his body again to refocus his stance and mind.

A loud yell echoes through the mountain that catches both their attention it was Sensei. He was giving the usual speech about what moves to make and keeping special attention to each others safety. By this point Davis and Dennis didn't care who got hurt all they were interested in was becoming stronger than they were even if it meant losing their lives.

" Same rules as always Davis you will use art of the dragon, and Dennis you will art of the hawk. There will be no final attack and no stopping you shall fight to there is only one standing". Sensei chose these fighting styles because he once trained rigorously to master these two techniques, but never managed to fully master neither of these techniques due to the fact that each were near impossible to master. Sensei did his best to show both boys what he had learned when master still lived, he had only wished that his training was complete before master died. Although now as he stands with confidence knowing he did his best Sensei he motions away from the boys to give them the space they need.

Both boys faced Sensei and nodded with agreement they then faced each other and nodded. Glaring into each other's eyes with vindication of winning.

"When you hear the final bell you will then engage each other" Those were Sensei's last words before the ultimate test of their strength were to happen. Both boys knew that they weren't at their full potential they both knew the risk at hands, but still they wanted this more than ever. The clouds grew thicker and eventually covered the sun allowing no light to past. The mountains grew quiet and a gently breeze was all that could be heard. Soon enough the tension grew as thick as the clouds they continued to stare into each others eyes as if they were to find some weakness. Sensei stroked his beard gently knowing the sound of the bell was to come…



"GONG" the three rings of the bells echoed through the mountains creating a slight vibrations beneath them. Both boys take a final glance at their surrounding before rushing each other.

Parts of the broken cement now leap slightly off the ground as the boys dash quickly to engage one another. Drawing closer Davis slides closely towards the ground, Dennis jumps directly up into the air to dodge his brothers tripping attack. In mid air Dennis focuses his energy and launches a fire ball from his hand, he misses, Davis managed to roll backwards in time. As Dennis they engage in a rage of mixed punches and kicks with none landing direct hits. Both matching strength they leap backwards to regain their stance.

"Had enough Davis" Dennis yells out as he tries to catch his breath.
"Haven't even broken a sweat yet, it seems you've gotten soft" Davis responds with a smirk on his face
"Humph" Dennis cocks a brow
and within a blink of an eye Davis is surprised by a knee to the stomach, he coughs blood and is sent to backwards clutching his wound.
Sensei turns an interested eye and examines carefully
"Ha, like it I call it doom flash" My very own technique. Dennis dusts the dirt off his clothes and walks slowly towards Davis. Davis closes his eyes in pain trying to gather his strength and leaps forward with a jab trying to catch his brother but misses. Dennis had moved slightly and caught his brothers fist. He then begins to repeatedly punch his brother in the chest finishing with a high kick which sends Davis spinning through the air towards ground on his back. Davis raises himself onto one knee while griping his wound with one hand, with the other he wipes the blood from his chin.
" that all you have Dennis" he pulls himself onto his leg and takes his stance while closing his eyes. Dennis stands in curiosity as he examines his brothers actions with folded arms. The ground begins to rumble and shake as bits of ruble leap from the ground around Davis. His muscles bulge and rip with every passing second a blue aura surrounds his body which flickers and flares light around him.
"gggrrrrraaaaaahhh!" Davis lets out a loud scream which shatters the bouncing rubble almost toppling Dennis. The aura around him grows larger and more fierce he opens his eyes and looks directly at Sensei.
Sensei looks on with awe as the cane in his hand shakes and a chill passes over him, he then mumbles a few words never thought to be said.

"It's complete" Sensei moves back cautiously as Davis draws his eyes from Sensei to scan for Dennis. It seems Dennis had disappeared from where he was standing Davis looks frantically to find him keeping in mind he could be using his special technique again. Then from out of no where Dennis reappears behind his brother this time with a fireball in hand, launching it directly at his Davis than dashing quickly to his side with the stance. The fireball seemed to have done nothing Davis still stood tall a small burn mark shows where the fireball had hit. Showing now pain he rushes towards his brother and launches a barrage of punches each one faster than the other all of which are quick for Dennis to block or dodge. Being pushed into an imaginary corner Dennis lets out an attack of light that blind Davis temporarily.

"you like that one too? I call it blind sight" Dennis rushes away to escape his brothers vicious attack and begins to concentrate a beam of energy.
"Where are you? can't you fight me without hiding? This isn't a game!" Davis rubs his eyes madly trying to regain his sight to further his anger he begins to hear voices that resemble Dennis's. Knowing that he's trying to play with his mind he tries to ignore the voices and focuses on his attacks
"over here..." "too slow I'm over here now" "oops wrong way". The voices begin to fade and his sight return but as he manages to focus his sight on Dennis it was too late. The fire ball had already been fired from his hand and made its way to Davis's chest. A surprised looked painted itself on Dennis's face he saw that the fire ball had done nothing, Davis just stood there with a confident smirk on his face taking in the pain.
"Dennis you surprise me, is this all you have"
Dennis's expression grew grim his mind scrambled as it tried to make sense of what happened he mumbled some words with a look of desperation.
"what..uhh no, that can't be, how did you?..." He threw his body backwards with a quick dash to keep his distance

"Look I don't know what you just did or how you did it, but I'm not just gonna give up cause you blocked one of my attacks so prepare yourself"
"who said I blocked it...hehehahahaha"

Davis continued to stand there his clothes now tattered like an old rag, the soles of his sandals were no more and his body shifted heavily as he breathed deeply from the last attack. Dennis on the opposite side still dazed with confusion from the last attack threw his hands directly in front of him with his hands over-lapping and with all his might he gather the rest of his energy and forced it into one large energy beam
"Well you think your so hot, block this...Sonic beam!". with that a might ball of energy shot from his hand trailing with it a tail of energy which flew straight towards Davis and quickly darted upwards nearly missing him. The beam then stopped at fair height above Davis as if knowing the prefect distance to freeze, Davis looked up looked up leering directly at the sphere of energy. Just then Dennis closed his fists and the sphere erupted from it many smaller particles of energy sphered flew down at great speeds each taking their turn exploding in a amazing visual colour of white hues. The barrage of energy balls went on for many seconds with looks of not stopping. Each impact shock the ground causing more chunks of rock to fly a fog of smoke began to envelope Davis and nothing could be seen expect for flashes of white lights. By this point Dennis could do nothing but look on hoping he had defeated his brother, he could no longer fight, both the training and dual had left him severely defenseless. Suddenly from out of the smoke came the figure of a human it limped slowly out of the smoke and made its way towards Dennis.
"Impossible, that was suppose to defeat you!" Dennis coughed blood and fell to a knee supporting himself with one arm.
The smoked finally cleared and Davis had turned back into his normal self, severely wounded he continues to limp himself away from the destroyed ruins that was his spot. Now all that lie there is a massive crater with smaller craters surrounding it, bits of rocks and cement now lay scattered across the court.
"That was impressive brother, but now I end it"

Dennis nods his head in preparation. "Ok..."
Davis launches himself forward with all the strength within him letting out a blind rage forming claws with his hands "Dragon's Fury!" rushing quickly towards Dennis. Finally he lets out a fury of quick punches at lightening speeds, Dennis tries his block the attack but fails and is ravaged by each punch. Davis shows no mercy at stopping and begins his finshing attack.
"Time to end this" Davis then ducks low tucking with fist low to his waist and charges a his final attack the fist glows blue matching the colour of his aura.
Dennis barely able to stand staggers to keep his balance looking about with the one eye that isn't wounded.
"stop!" The loud shout cuts between Davis and Dennis like a thunder-bolt. They both turn to look at Sensei who was by now covered in a thin layer of dust and now trying to make his way back onto the court.
"That is enough for today! there will be no more fighting"
"Sensei I was about to win...why'd we stop?"
"I've seen enough, you have both demonstrated a great deal of skill and there is no need to continue."
"Humph" Davis turns his head in anger with a expression of hate and stares at Dennis who was now sitting on what was left of the court. He spits some blood onto the ground and brushes the hair from his face. The air had began to cool down and the tension lifted but the rival differences still remained Davis was unsatisfied with the fight knowing he could of won argues with Sensei, but Sensei remains persistent about his decision trying to disprove Davis opinion.

"Davis I know your angry, but defeating someone proves nothing if there is no absolute purpose. I'am proud of the both of you believe that, but something important has just come up, so I ask you both to go treat those wounds and clean yourself. when ready I will call the both of you"
Sensei then looks quickly at both boys, lifting the bottom of his gown away from his feet and walks quickly back into the temple. Davis still angry rips the last portion of his shirt away from his body and follows after Sensei kicking a stone out of his path. The stone bounces and makes it way in front of Dennis he picks up the stone and clutches it. His mind begins to blank and the sounds of the world start fading, now all he could do is fall backwards laying on his back staring unconsciously towards the sky still griping the stone. The clouds falls back into place and shift slowly in the sky each taking turns covering the sun, soon enough the day had became evening and now the stats had began to light up, Dennis still laid there motionless and looking towards the heavens.