1.1 Discovery

Boone woke with a jolt, his eyes dizzy; vision blurred. It took a moment for him to get his bearings straight, but when he did, he noticed an unfamiliar weight on his leg, accompanied by an unfamiliar pain. He quickly worked his way upright, and dragged himself hazardously to a near by tree with one arm. He sat up against it, using it as support, unsure if he would be able to get up.

As his mind wrestled with his body, he looked at the girl across from him, wondering what had happened. Her hand had been on his leg when he woke up, but he didn't know how long he'd been out for. He became conscious to the fact that he couldn't remember anything.

Another jolt of pain seared up his leg, and he looked down at it with half open eyes. The previously dark denim material had turned into a horrible maroon red. He looked up at the girl again; her hair was matted down with blood… his blood….

Wait a second… How could someone that small get him into this condition? He looked at her clueless, wondering how she'd gotten herself into this predicament… And how he himself managed to end up more battered and bruised then she was.

Except that wasn't true. She was just a tiny thing, curled up in the grass, all short and skinny. Her pale American skin was smudged with dirt; a half healed cut running from her left temple to the bottom of her cheekbone caked with dry blood. Her shirt was tattered, freshly stained although it was probably already light years away from its original color, and her pants were littered with holes. Her shoes were held on with something green, the laces missing - though the green stuff didn't prevent one of the shoes from falling off.

A big gash on her arm gained his attention and an image flashed through his mind. He remembered picking a sharp rock off the ground in surprise, and then lashing out with it, trying to protect himself. The big gash served, as a reminder -it must have been the girl who did this to him, made him like this. But there was no way he could have done all that to her…

Boone laughed silently to himself when he noticed her left leg, caved in unnaturally. He was no doctor, and if someone didn't find them soon, they'd both be in big trouble. The last thing he remembered before the abrupt feeling of fatigue took over was if anyone would ever find him and this puzzling girl.


"Jack! Jack! JACK!" Jack opened his eyes and groggily got up. Even though they'd been on the island for weeks, it'd been quite a while since he'd heard that kind of shouting, the one where you knew right away that something was wrong. Getting his bearings straight, he opened his eyes and spotted Kate running across the beach through the tent flaps, shouting his name.

"Jack!" She stopped in front of a stunned Charlie asking, "where's Jack?" like a nut.

"He's in that tent Kate, why? What the bloody hell happened?" Charlie asked, slightly shocked, taking in her frantic eyes, pale face, and somewhat bloody clothes. Kate pushed off of him and began running towards the tent Jack had been previously asleep in, Charlie closely in tow.

"Jack!" she yellled into the tent. She doubled over taking huge gasps of air, sucking it in like a vacuum. "JACK!" she managed to cough out again.

"What? What is it? Kate-" he caught sight of her bloody clothing and placed both his hands on her shoulders. "Kate, listen to me. Breathe, breathe, bre-" Kate tried to interrupt him but he shushed her. "No, first, you breathe, alright? I don't want you passing out on me, so just breathe for a second okay? Deep breaths…" Kate nodded and Jack looked at her intently. After a few seconds had passed, Jack looked her in the eye. "Now, I need you to tell me calmly what happened. Whose blood is all over you?"

"It's- it's Boones. He's hurt… real bad. I- I don't know exactly what happened, but- but there was this girl, and I knocked her out, and," "Kate-," "and Boone, he- he's all bloody, and cut up, and the girl was attacking him, and--" "Kate!-," "he's out cold, and- and-"

"KATE!" Jack shouted finally. She was distressed, her hands flying everywhere, running through her hair constantly. He slid his hands down to her arms and held on firmly. "Kate, please calm down. Listen to me. Boone's going to be fine, okay? Just take me to where he was, and don't worry about it. I can fix him, and he's going to be fine." Kate nodded along with Jack's words, shaking.

"Kate- Kate." She looked up at him. Her eyes were frantic, and he needed to calm her down as quickly as he could. "Say it after me, okay? Boone is going to be fine… Say it." Jack ordered.

"B-Boone's gonna be-be fine…" she closed her eyes and took a big breath. "Boones, going to be fine, there's nothing to worry about… he'll be fine," she repeated to herself, and color slowly began returning to her face.

"Okay, I think I'm fine… I'm fine," Kate convinced herself, shaking images of bloodied and battered Boone out of her mind. "Follow me, and… I'll take you to him. But we have to go quick, cause…"

"Yeah, for sure. Hey, Charlie, can you come with us?" Charlie shot him a look of surprise, thinking he'd been forgotten. "If it's as bad as it sound's we might have to carry Boone back to the caves. Hey, Hurley!" Jack yelled as Charlie nodded, still somewhat lost.

"Yeah dude?" Hurley called back to him, entering the scene from the lush forest.

"I need you to go back to the caves. Go through the medical supplies, and get some alcohol and bandages ready. I'm going to need them when we get back. Don't forget to boil some water as well," Jack added.

"Um… I just came from there dude, you sure?" Hurley asked, looking dodgingly back at the worn forest path. He'd just come all the way from the caves, and wasn't keen on another walk.

"Just do it, okay?" Jack said, irritated.

"Whatever you say, you're the boss," Hurley answered, shrugging his shoulders with a huff. He turned around and headed back to the caves. Jack turned his attention back to Kate.

"Kate, take us to Boone."


"Boone…" Jack softly called out, placing a hand lightly on Boone's face. "Common buddy, wake up for ole' Jack?" Jack asked, tapping Boone's face lightly with his hand trying to get him to come around. But Boone remained as impassive as ever, determined to stay in his wonderful world of sleep.

"Common Boone, wake up, please?" Jack pleaded, continuing his attempts to stimulate Boone. "Boone… Damit!" Jack whispered, about to give up and call Charlie over so that they could both carry Boone back to camp.

"Charlie-" he started, but Boone cracked open his eyes.

"That you man?" he asked hoarsely, unwilling to raise his head to check for himself. The little trek from one end of the clearing to the other had left him more tired then he'd originally thought.

"Depends who you were looking for," Jack said, relieved, waving off Charlie who'd raised his head. Him and Kate were staring and prodding the girl across from them, giving Jack some room to work with Boone. Jack crouched back down to Boone's level, "Can you tell me what happed here?" he asked.

"Uh…" Boone trailed off, straining his mind trying to remember. "Is the girl okay?" he asked, stalling for more time to think.

"She'll be fine," Jack answered, blowing off the question. In truth, he'd barley glanced in her direction, but Boone cooperating was his priority at the moment. "She'll be fine, but I'm worrying about you right now." Boone nodded, content, and then shut his eyes.

"No Boone, you can't sleep. I need to ask you a couple questions first, remember?"

"M' tired," Boone stated, sounding more like a child then anything.

"Don't worry about that right now, you can go to sleep in a second. Do you have a headache? Do you feel dizzy? Nauseous? How many fingers am I holding up?" Jack raised three fingers in front of Boone's face.

"Three," he mumbled. "One question at a time," he yawned, wincing slightly as he hit the back of his head on the tree. Jack was pleased to see that he was listening, and still had his eyes open, although they were somewhat unfocused.

"Good Boone," he encouraged. "Do you have a headache?" He moved into a better position so that he could lean Boone's head forward and see what had caused him pain.

"Um… I guess so. Or no, maybe not…" he moved his head away from Jack's hand, who was gently poking the bump.

"I need a better answer then that Boone. Do you or do you not have a headache?" Jack persisted.

Boone thought for a moment, weighing the pain. "Yes," he answered, deciding that his head shouldn't be hurting this bad if it was okay.

"Inside or outside?" Jack asked.

"What about the girl?"

"Answer the question Boone," Jack replied.

"Both?" Boone answered hoping it was an available option.

"Boone, I'm going to shine a light into your eyes. Don't move your head, and try not to blink." Jack got out a little penlight from his bag and shone it into Boone's eye. Boone immediately blinked and turned his head to get away from the light.

"No Boone, I need to do this. Hold your head still," Jack said sternly, holding Boone's chin in place so he wouldn't be able to move his head.

"Boone, I need to do this. I'm sorry, but I have to," Jack said sternly, taking Boone's chin and holding it in place so he couldn't move his head. He clicked the penlight on again, and shone it into both Boone's eyes.

Boone whined, twisting to get away from the light, but was unable to do anything more then put up a pathetically weak struggle. "Stop it," he mumbled, trying to intimidate Jack.

Jack ignored him and released his head, snapping the penlight off. "Are you feeling dizzy at all?"

"No," Boone answered, "but my head hurts…"

"I'll get you some Advil or something when we get back, and it'll die down a little. Does that sound good?" Boone nodded. "Do you feel like vomiting or anything?" Jack continued.

"Just a little bit," he answered after a moments pause. "But I don't think that I will."

Jack nodded. "Do you remember what happened? Anything at all?"

"Sorry Jack, I- I can't." Boone said blankly, not sure why the hell he was in this condition.

"Don't worry about that. Where does it hurt the most on your body?"

"My leg, and my shoulder- but everything's sore… What are you doing with that?" Boone asked, moving away from the knife in Jack's hand. Jack slid it underneath Boone's shirtsleeve, and made a tear. He grabbed the two sides and tore the shirt up to the collar. Examining the cut on Boone's shoulder, he was surprised to see that it was still bleeding. He took off his own shirt, and tore a strip off. He lifted up Boone's arm, and placed the strip around it.

"You still with us Boone?" he asked, tightening it as hard as he could.

Boone sucked in his breath, "Hey, that hurts man," he complained, although he didn't go to remove the makeshift bandage. "The girl," he remembered. "What about the girl?"

"Do you think you'd be able to get up and walk?" Jack asked, once again ignoring Boone's protests and questions. People had said before that he had bad bedside manner… maybe this was why. Boone struggled to get off his butt, and Jack quickly halted him. "Don't worry about it, just relax. Whatever you do, do not close your eyes, understand?" Boone nodded and promptly shut his eyes.

"Boone!" Jack shouted, causing both Kate and Charlie to look over at him.

"Yeah, what?" he asked distantly.

"No Boone, you can't go to sleep," Jack said more forcefully then the first.

"I hate you," Boone sighed, leaning back on the tree, only to take his head off once again because of the pain.

Jack laughed at his comment, and patted Boone gently on the head as to not hurt him. "Charlie," he asked, "make sure he don't go to sleep, no matter what." Charlie nodded and walked over to them, Kate behind him.

"What's wrong with him," Kate whispered worriedly, kneeling down to Jack's level, the frantic panic mode she'd been in minutes ago completely gone.

"I'm betting he has a concussion, and a pretty bad one at that. Do you know how long he was out for, or how he got hit in the head and by what?" Jack asked, using the knife to open up Boone's pants.

"Uh, when I got here, Boone was already out. I hit the girl was a log, and I'm guessing he'd only been out for a few seconds before I got there, cause…" Kate trailed off, catching sight of Boone's leg.

Charlie looked over at them to see what had cut off Kate's story, muttering, "Bloody hell," when he say it. Boone began looking over to see what was so interesting when Charlie set himself in-between Boone and the leg. "Don't look at it Boone," he reprimanded.

Jack bit his lip, and tore another, larger strip off his shirt. The gash was long and bloody, pieces of red colored skin hanging off the edges. There was blood everywhere, and it was still bleeding extensively. Jack lifted Boone's leg up gently, and wrapped the fabric around it tightly.

"Jack!" Boone grunted, protesting, and tried to move his leg away from Jack. Jack ignored him, once again, and held the leg in place with his knees. He watched it intently as a spot of blood appeared, socking through the layers of cloth. He felt Kate's hand on his back, and could almost see her covering her mouth with her hand. He took the rest of his shirt, and tied it around the leg.

The tiniest dot of blood appeared, and expanded slightly but soon ceased. Jack released the leg and stood up. "Call me if that starts up again," he instructed Charlie, who nodded shallowly.

Jack walked over to the girl, once again kneeling on the ground. "Who is she?" he asked Kate, who'd followed him. He placed two fingers on her neck, waiting to feel the pulse of a heartbeat.

"I have no idea," Kate answered. "I'm pretty sure she wasn't on the plane, and she came from out of the forest… she came out of no where."

Jack nodded, and turned his attention to Charlie. "Count to 60 Charlie… and make Boone count with you," he added as an afterthought. "Tell me when you're done." He counted the number of beats while Charlie slowly counted to 60 while Boone copied him reluctantly, half a beat off.

"58 sugar plum fairy…59 sugar plum fairy…60 sugar plum fairy… Done?" Charlie asked, watching Jack.

"Her pulse is normal, I think she's just knocked out." Jack straightened the girl out, then looked around for something to use as a pillow. "Can I borrow that?" he asked Kate, pointing to the shirt she had tied around her waist.

"What happens if she wakes up?" Kate asked, handing it to him. Jack placed the shirt under her neck, then put his ear to her mouth. "She attacked Boone for no reason, and she almost killed him… what if she tries it again when she wakes up.

Jack moved away from her, satisfied with her vitals. "If she wakes up… Don't worry about it Kate. We have no idea what her motives were, and for all we know, she might have had a good one. If she wakes up, we'll decide what to do." Kate's eyes still reflected mistrust and doubt, and he sigh. "We're going to have to make some sort of stretcher to carry her back in."

Kate shook her head. "What about Boone, he's hurt too!"

"Yeah, but I can carry Boone back, and we know what's wrong with him. She might be in a coma, and I don't want to risk doing any damage by moving her neck, even if she's the one that hurt Boone. She's still a human being." Jack looked at Kate, and Kate stared back at him.

"We need two long pieces of wood," Jack started, and Kate turned away exasperated. "Then a few more to go across. We can tie them in place with some grass or something. I'm going to keep Boone awake and carry him back to camp on my back. You two can carry the girl in the stretcher, alright?"

"Can't we just leave her?" Kate asked, trying hard not to sound too cold. It didn't make sense to her to nurse Boone's would-be killer back to health.

"Kate, I know you disapprove of this, but if we take her with us, we can keep a close eye on her. We can make sure that she doesn't surprise attack someone else. I don't know about you, but I can't leave a defenseless girl alone in the jungle in her condition. We're not murders Kate… not yet, anyways." He gave her a meaningful look, and moved away to go find branches. Kate glared at his retreating back then moved off in the opposite direction.

Charlie sat with grumpy Boone, confused -wondering what Jack had meant by his last comment.


Even before the reached the outskirts of camp, Jack could see Shannon's blonde head running to them. "Oh, my, God!" she screamed when she got close enough to see Boone was no longer white. "What the hell happened Jack!" she demanded with a screech, and Jack closed his eyes, willing himself to go on. Shannon stared up at her brother on Jack's back, bloody head, bloody check, bloody arm, bloody leg, bloody everything! "Jack!" she demanded.

"It's nothing Shannon, it's going to be okay. He might just be out of commission for a few days, but its nothing to worry about. No broken bones, which is what really matters," Jack answered, panting hard. He didn't really want to deal with the shower of questions he knew was coming.

"I'll be fine Shannon," Boone reassured tiredly, moving his head so he could see her. He smiled at how worried she was about him… now maybe she would know how he felt half the time he went to visit her who knows where. Still… Jack had forced him to ride piggyback, not matter how much he protested, not believing, or trusting that he could walk by himself.

"But, he's all bloody, that can't be good, can it?" Shannon asked, sounding very upset, keeping pace beside Jack as he carried deadweight Boone on his back.

It always marveled Jack at how people close to a patient couldn't do anything but point out the obvious. "Yes, he is all bloody, but you know what?" he started, saving her from pointing out another obvious fact. "He's also extremely heavy, so can you just put the questions on hold until I get him in a bed?" It sounded a bit harsh to Jack, but Shannon didn't seem to notice.

Jack was grateful for her obliviousness, a long trip through the jungle carrying Boone and making him talk into his ear every two minutes, plus Kate's never-ending questions about his decision had really brought down his irritation level.

"Yeah, okay… um, you can put him in our tent I guess. Is there anything he should lie on or whatever?" Shannon asked, completely missing the fact that Jack was tired, irritated, and moody.

"Do you have somewhere by the caves we can put him?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, I'll run ahead and get everything ready," Shannon squeaked brightly. She ran off in the general direction of the caves, until Jack lost sight of her.

"You alright up there, Boone?" Jack asked for the umpteenth time.

"I'd be better if you'd stop asking and let me sleep," Boone answered bitterly, too tired to even attempt a glare.

Jack laughed at his response, and turned around to see where Kate and Charlie were. "Hey Kate!" he yelled, spotting them.

"What?" she yelled back, perhaps a bit moody. Although her and Charlie made a good team, their progress had been slow going, and they were very much behind Jack.

"I'm going to go put Boone with Shannon, so just put the girl up in my cave, alright?" he said. He saw Kate gibe him the evil eye, and reluctantly change course for Jack's cave.

"You alright up there, Boone?"

"Like a Koala and an Elephant," Boone answered, resting his head on Jack's shoulder.

"What does that mean?" Jack asked, stepping over a log.

"Whatever you want it to," Boone yawned.

When Jack got to the tent, Shannon had already spread out a couple of blankets onto the ground for Jack's approval. Jack nodded, and gently lowered Boone down.

"Shannon, you can't let him go to sleep. Whatever he does, whatever he says, don't let him shut his eyes and sleep. Stay with him and make sure he doesn't move, unless he has to go, and he feels up to it. If his headache gets worse, get someone to come and find me right away. Don't leave him alone, even if its for a couple seconds. But the most important thing is that he doesn't sleep. I'm coming back soon to look at his cuts, so don't move the bandages. Understand?" Jack looked over to see Shannon nodding to what he was saying, looking worriedly at Boone.

"He'll be fine," he reassured her. "I promise, he'll be fine." Jack smiled at her, and she smiled nervously back, nodding.


"Not sleeping, got it," he answered dryly, playing with his eyes.

Jack nodded and went out, back to the cave that he occupied. Just outside of it was all the medical supplies from the plane. He wasn't surprised to find Kate gone, Charlie alone in the cave adjusting the shirt underneath the girl. "Will she be alright, Jack?" Charlie asked, troubled.

"That depends when she wakes up… she might be in a coma, she might not… I'm wishing for the best Charlie." He was pleased to see that Hurley had in fact put out some alcohol, rags, and had started a fire with boiling water on it.

"Charlie, can you do me a favor and stay with her here for a while?" Charlie nodded, and Jack put the alcohol and rags in a small bag. "I need to go dress Boone's cuts, but I'll be right back."

"Right, no problemo," Charlie said, nodding once again as Jack left the caves.


"You know who's really hot Boone?" Shannon asked, looking up from a magazine quiz she'd just made Boone take.

"Who?" Boone asked, blankly, lying on the floor staring up at the crooked roof.

"Chris Evans. It say's here that he's doing another movie, isn't that cool?"

"Sure, whatever, I don't care. Can't you just go away and leave me alone?" Boone asked, his eyelids heavy. He began shutting his eyes slowly.

"Boone!" Shannon yelled, slapping his arm.

"Ow! What!" Boone asked, glaring at her.

"Don't close you eyes dumbass," Shannon scolded.

"But-" Boone stopped talking when Jack entered tent.

"How are you doing Boone?" Jack asked, setting down the hot pot and dropping rags into it.

"The same last time you asked. Why can't I go to sleep? What's the big problem? I'm tired!" Boone said. He was feeling a better now the he was lying down, and all he wanted to do now was sleep.

"Because you might not wake up again," Jack stopped, looking up to see how Boone took the information. His face remained blank, his eyes following an invisible insect. "Look at it this way," Jack started, attempting to joke. "Only roughly eight more hours, and then you can sleep as much as you like."

"Oh yay," Boone muttered. He saw Jack opening a bottle of scotch from the corner of his eye. "What's that for?" he asked, turning his head slightly to have a better view, not really wanting to know that answer.

"This?" Jack asked, shaking the bottle gently. Boone nodded. "It's going to go on your cuts. Disinfect them, clean them, all the good stuff… you going to fight me on this?" he asked tiredly. The alcohol was basically a more extreme version of an alcohol wipe, and he'd hated them as a kid, just as much as the next kid.

"Uh, yeah… I mean, no, no…" Boone stared at the alcohol hard. As a kid, he'd never use alcohol pads, just rinse it out with water and stick a bandage on it.

"This is going to sting a bit, so try not to move your leg," Jack instructed, pulling away Boone's pant leg and unwrapping the cloth he'd used in the forest. He placed the leg in-between his knees like before to hold it still.

"One, two, three-" he poured some alcohol over it and the leg jerked involuntarily, while Boone drew a sharp breath. Jack held it in place, and took a cloth, pouring the liquid over it. He began gently scrubbing away the dirt and grass, making sure he got everything out of it. "Good job Boone," he encouraged, and Boone stared stubbornly at the roof. The words 'Good Job' were just about the limits of his bedside manner.

"I'm all done," Jack announced finally, releasing the leg and reaching for a hot wet cloth. "You alright?" he asked. He had to sew the leg up now, that that wouldn't be pleseant.

"Fine," Boone said through gritted teeth. Jack poured some of the scotch onto the new cloth and set it down for later. He picked up a needle, and wiped the edge off in the scotch, while threading it with pink thread.

Boone lifted his head up just in time to see the color of choice. "Pink?" he asked.

"Is the least of your problems," Jack replied, tying off a knot. He grabbed hold of the leg again. "This is going to hurt," he warned. He poked the needle through both sides of the skin, and pulled it up to tighten the string.

Boone hissed, and Shannon crawled over to him and squeezed his hand. "Do you have to?" he asked.

"Yes, I do, and its going to hurt a lot more in a couple of seconds. The cut gets pretty big, but I'll be able to stitch it." Jack bent over again and ignored Boone's grunts of protest, sewing the leg up as fast as he could. When he finished, he tied of the thread and cut the remainder off.

"See, not that bad," he said, smiling up and Boone. Boone had his eyes closed, and Shannon's fingers were turning blue. Jack got the cloth he'd laid aside and wrapped it firmly around Boone's leg, tying it off gently.

"How does your arm feel?" Jack asked, pulling the pant legging -or what was left of it- over the bandage. He moved to Boone's side, studying the arm in question.

"Does it matter?" Boone asked good-naturally albeit a bit bitter. He realized what he was doing to Shannon's hand and let go.

Jack smiled and replied, "Not really," before untying his former shirt. The wound had stopped bleeding, and Jack grabbing the alcohol-covered cloth, beginning to remove all the small bits and pieces, finding soil, grass and rocks. Boone balled his hands into fists, but Jack was quick to chastise. "Boone, relax your hand. It'll be harder to do this when you're all tensed up."

"Then don't do it," Boone muttered under his breath. If Jack heard him, he didn't respond.

Jack took out the needle again, and Boone eyed it warily. "This shouldn't hurt as much as your leg did, and it just needs a couple," Jack said. He threaded the needle and sewed him up with four sittings. "There," Jack declared, wrapping Boone's arm in another wet cloth. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"What do you consider bad?" Jack chuckled, shaking his head, quickly cleaning out a cut on Boone's cheek he hadn't really noticed before. "I'm going to take the stitches out in a couple of days, and after that your body should be able to make due on its own." Jack wiped Boone's cheek once more.

"You done yet?" Boone asked weakly. All he wanted to do was sleep, not be patched up and poked.

"All done. Get some rest, but make certain you don't go to sleep. I'll be back in a little while just to check up." He turned his attention to Shannon. "I'm going to leave this stuff here, and if something happens, don't hesitate to come and get me. Make sure he doesn't go to sleep," Jack reminded once more as he left the tent and headed back towards his own cave.


"Hey Charlie," Jack greeted. Charlie looked up. "Thanks for staying here with her," Jack said as he went over to the girl and slid his arms underneath her legs and back.

"Not a problem mate," Charlie answered, supporting her head and neck as Jack lifted her off the makeshift stretcher and onto a natural rock ledge that'd been covered with blankets.

"Do you think she'll attack us like she did Boone?" Charlie asked, wiping his hands off on his pants. He looked at Jack for reassurance.

"I'm not sure Charlie, but I know she won't be jumping around anytime soon; look." Jack pointed to the girls' hip, showing Charlie how it stuck out. "Her hips probably dislocated, but I'm not entirely sure. I don't want to do anything rash while she's in this state. She's young, maybe 15, or 16, but the shock might put her into cardiac arrest."

"But… if you fix it… will it, you know, hurt her?"

"It shouldn't…"

"Well, I sure hope your right, about the jumping part I mean… for everyone's sake," Charlie stated, leaving the cave.

"So do I," Jack whispered, adjusting the neck brace once more, looking at the cut on her left arm, slowly beginning to bandage it. She looked a bit familiar, and he felt that he knew her. He moved a hair out of her eye before tying off the bandage.

"So do I…"




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