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Roles Reversed
10:36 p.m.

I've read a few stories where the characters have actually interacted with the author themselves, but that's never happened to me, I wonder why?

We'll tell you why!

*Sparky gasped as Ash and Misty come walking on to the screen, both are looking very angrily at her. Sparky gulps hard*

Alright guys, why?

*Misty crosses her arms and looks away from Sparky.* Because, we had other fan fiction writers to deal with, now it's your turn

Will I like it?

*Ash and Misty shake their heads*

Ash answers This will be the worse thing you've ever been through. It will be more stressful than applying for college

*Sparky gulps*

This can't be good

*Suddenly a brilliant flash takes over Sparky's living room and when she opens her eyes, she finds herself inside her own computer and Ash and Misty sitting at her keyboard!*

Guys this isn't funny!

*Misty smiles evilly at Sparky*

Do you think we intend this to be fun?

But I never hurt you guys in any way!

*Misty and Ash look at a clipboard that Misty had mysteriously pulled out from behind her. Her and Ash whisper something between them and both nod their heads in agreement on something. They look back at Sparky*

We hate to admit it but you're right. You've never hurt us in any way but you're already in there and we sort of don't know how to get you out

*Ash looks very nervous*

Sparky yells, fuming!

Listen Sparky *Misty looks positive* While we try and figure a way to get you out of there, why don't we prepare you to go on a pokemon journey all your own?

*Sparky ponders this thought for a moment and likes the idea very much, although she doesn't show it only to make Ash and Misty nervous. Best of all, it was working!*

Alright! Sparky chimes with a smile.

Ash remarks Now lets get you in some proper clothes instead of those pj's

*Misty looks harder at Sparky's pj's and notices something that makes her almost bust a gut laughing. Misty starts to snicker*

Sparky, are those COWS on your pj's?

*Sparky nods*

Yep, cows in little pink tutu's

*Ash and Misty burst into laughter*

You mean little pink ballerina tutu's? Ash asks.

*Sparky nods her head, this only causes Ash and Misty to break out into more laughter. Sparky only sighs in embarrassment*

I don't see what's so funny? Sparky mumbles.

*Misty and Ash are still laughing hard. Meanwhile Sparky is getting very annoyed*


Ash said.

*He regains his composure*

Now, lets think, what's a good outfit? Ash ponders.

I know Misty shouts.

*She shows Ash a piece of paper with a drawing on it, and he steadily agrees.*

All right, one customized trainers outfit coming up! Ash says.

*Ash starts some heavy duty typing and a white light suddenly takes over Sparky's whole body. When the light is gone she finds out that she is wearing an outfit that she had designed herself a long time ago. Sparky smiles happily*

Oh thank you guys!

Ash and Misty chime.

*Ash does a little more typing and a pink backpack appears next to Sparky*

That should have everything you need in it Ash tells her.

*Sparky nods as she sorts through her new backpack. She gains a shocked look on her face when she pulls out a small blue flute. She looks at the two in surprise*

I believe you know what to do with that Ash said.

Well yeah but I don't want to perfom now!

Who said you have too, You like to play when you alone, sad, or just bored. That's why we gave it to you Misty said.

*Sparky gives Misty and Ash a strange look*

But I don't even know how to play!

You do know, I typed it on your profile Ash commented.

You were nice to us, we'll be nice to you Ash says.

Fair enough

Well, now we'll let you choose a pokemon!

*Sparky beams from ear to ear*

I want an Articuno!

*Ash and Misty shake their heads*

Too powerful

A Dragonite?

To rare

A Charizard?

*Ash and Misty nearly fall out of their chairs in shock. Ash is mostly shocked.*

For a beginner?! Ash chokes.

*Sparky turns her back to them and huffs out a sigh*

Fine. I want a Pichu and a Cyndiquil!

*Ash and Misty are a little hesitant*

Two pokemon? Ash asks.

*Sparky glares at them*

Yes two pokemon. You got me in here, it will be your fault if something happens to me!

Misty sighs She's got a point Ash. Basically we owe her

Good point Ash says.

*Ash goes back to typing and both a Pichu and a Cyndiquil appear at Sparky's feet.*

Thank you

*Everything seems fine until Sparky's ears pick up onto an oncoming sound. It looks and sounds like a subway train headed her way, and it's not slowing down and Sparky starts to panic*

Uh, guys what's that?

*Ash and Misty look at the on coming object and they too are confused*

Pichu, use thundershock, Cyndiquil, use flamethrower

*Both pokemon jump from Sparky's side and attack the speeding object. But even though the attacks hit home, the thing' still is rushing at them at lightning speed. *

Electric and fire attacks won't stop it. Ash, Misty what is this thing?

*Suddenly it plows past Pichu and Cyndiquil and barrels at Sparky. Sparky stops it by hold it back with her foot.*

Yuck it drooling at the mouth!

*Ash and Misty are astounded by what they are seeing.*


*Both pokemon trainers snap out of it and finally Ash points it out.*

Sparky, that's Brock

*At that point Brock speaks*

You're so incredibly beautiful, you're more pretty than any angel I've seen

*Sparky visibly cringes*

Ewwwwww, gross. Misty, get him away from me.

Wish we could Misty says doubtfully.

Ash smiles devilishly Sorry Sparky but you're on your own for this one

Great. Uhm, Brock, there's a Beauty contest for Nurse Joy's in Vermillion city and they're looking for judges!

*At that point Brock snaps out of it and starts a mad dash through a portal and into the pokemon world. Sparky sighs with relief*

Good thinking Misty points out.

Thanks, no help from you though

*Both Ash and Misty get nervous looks on their faces.*

*Sparky turns away sadly and walks away a little, finally she stops and stares at her feet.*

What's wrong? Ash asks.

I wish I just didn't have to go through all of this alone.

But you have Pichu and Cyndiquil Misty points out.

I mean with a human friend.

*Ash and Misty smile at each other as Sparky only looks down at herself in disappointment. A tear starts to form in her eye*

I don't want to do this alone Sparky chokes.

*Just then Ash speaks up*

You don't have to do anything alone

*Sparky turns to look at Ash*

What do you mean?

*Misty smiled at her*

We kinds threw one of your friends into the pokemon world too, and I think you know her pretty well

*A smile spread over Sparky's face as she brightened.*

Oh my gosh. Who?

You'll find out soon enough, plus we have a special treat in store for you. Someone else been waiting a very long time to meet you Misty added.

How man, I can't wait!

Good. Ash will start opening the portal now. You'll start you journey in Johto like all the others. Misty said

Sparky says confused.

Yeah, you're not the only ff.net author in the pokemon world. You might run into a few of them Ash pointed out.

Yes, now I'm really psyched

Wait a minute Sparky! Ash calls out.

*Sparky turns to see Ash and Misty looking at her*

Sparky we have one more thing to tell you Ash stated.

*Misty is now smiling more than ever as Ash continues.*

Sparky, from this day on you will be known as your charter Jamie Crystal and I take you've already named that Pichu and Cyndiquil of yours?

Yup. My Pichu is now named Sparky, and My Cyndiquil is named Rover

Why Rover? Ash asks.

Because its second form looks like a dog

*Ash ponders this point*

You're right! he says.

Ash and Misty smile.

Well Jamie, this is the start of your new journey. Are you up to the challenge? Ash asks proudly.

Yes I am!

All right! Misty cheers Now you get out there and become a Pokemon Master!

*Jamie cheers happily, but Jamie stops as she just thinks of something*

Ash, Misty?

Take your time on trying to figure out on getting me back. I think I'm going to like it here.

*Ash smiles*

Alright Jamie, you can have it your way Ash says.

Hey, you guys watch her okay? Misty says to her Jamie's pokemon.

*The pokemon nod*

*Jamie giggles, and suddenly a portal opens to the pokemon world*

Bye you guys! Ash and Misty wave.

Jamie and her pokemon wave and they walk through the portal.

*Ash and Misty look at each other and sigh, silence pass between the them*

So what do you want to do? Misty asked.

Want to go to science world?

*At that point a smile cross both their faces as they realize what was just said. Then both jump up and cheer*

*Ash and Misty quickly dash out the door and head over to Science World to see the IMAX theater*

The End?
or be continued?

Author's Note: Well Sparky is in the pokemon world now and she's going to have to wait until we find her a way out of there.

Let's hope we can get her out before something bad happens.
Signing off~
*Ash Ketchum*

Misty's Note: Why didn't Ash check the list properly first, now Jamie's going to sue!