This is my first Gilmore Girls Fan fiction, and I hope that you all like it. It's my take on how Rory and Lorelei make amends. Feedback is always appreciated.


Lorelei didn't feel bad for what she did. She would never feel bad about yelling at her parents, about dropping the rest of Rory's stuff off in the middle of the night, disrupting her parent's peaceful slumber. It was one of the most liberating thing she had done her whole life. Although she felt like she had to let Rory go, a large part of her was just waiting for her to call, to talk about her day. It was summer vacation. She was supposed to be home. Now Lorelei sits alone in her daughter's empty room. She got engaged for god's sake. Rory would be the first person she would ever tell. Any now it seemed like she would be the last to know. When Rory was younger, she and Lorelei used to plan out Lorelei's wedding and how no matter what, Rory would always be her maid of honer.

Lorelei choked on her own sobs and let her tears fall. She knew that what she was doing was the right thing, but she missed her daughter. She needed her daughter like she needed air and it was killing her inside not being near her daughter. Lorelei was too busy trying to catch her breathe that she never heard her front door open.

It couldn't have been hard to find her because before she knew it she was in the arms of the man she loved, crying into his shoulder on her daughters bed. There were never words needed for Lorelei and Luke, they always knew what had happened in each others lives; they could read each other and that's what she loved the most about their relationship.

She also used to think that she could read her daughter also.


At some point in the middle of the night, Luke had carried Lorelei up to her room because when she woke up, she was in her own bed. She turned to see if Luke was there but all she found was a note on her pillow.


I hope that you are feeling better after last night. I know that this is hard for you and I want you to know that I am going to do everything in my power to help you get through this. I love you crazy lady and I'll see you later.


Lorelei smiled. She loved that man. Right now he was her only life line and she was so grateful to have him in her life.

Rory. God she missed her kid. 'I should at least tell her that I'm engaged, before a town member or something tells her' she thought. She quickly got dressed, got into her jeep and headed for Hartford.

Lorelei got a shiver when she pulled into her parents driveway. The house itself had always creeped her out as a child. It was too big and Addams Family like. She walked around back and headed towards Rory's place. When she got close to the pool area she heard laughing by the pool.

Rory and Logan were in the pool, kissing against one of the side walls, passionately. It was making Lorelei sick. She attempted to walk away but her shoes made that awful high heel noise that got the lovers attention. "Mom?"

She turned and saw her daughter attempting to make herself look presentable. She made to get out of the pool but Lorelei stopped her. "Don't mind me, I don't want to ruin your fun. Umm, I just wanted to tell you before you heard it from the town or something. Uhh, Luke and I are engaged. Umm, So whatever… I got to go." and before Rory could say anything else, Lorelei and her noisy heels disappeared.

Rory sighed and leaned against the pool. Engaged? Wow.


On the drive home from her parents house, Lorelei lost it. 'How could she choose them over me, how could she still be with that asshole rich little boy, and how on earth could she drop out of school.' All she wanted was her daughter back, her smart, beautiful, crime free daughter.

As she thought of what she wanted, Lorelei's eyes began to tear up, so much that she could barely see the freeway in front of her. She blinked tears out of her eyes only once. When she looked again, she saw the red light she was driving through and the truck going through a green light headed straight for her.


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