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"Sookie, you got a Limo?" Lorelai asked when she and Rory went outside with the luggage for their Atlantic City trip.

"You're getting married; we need to travel in style. Plus this way, we'll already be drunk when we get there,"

"Loving the motive hon! Let's book it!"


"Caesars Palace rules!" Lorelai said while Rory, Sookie, and she were sitting in one of the bars at the hotel. "And did you see the buffet? I should get married next to those crab legs." All three laughed.

After awhile, the three decided to branch out on the boardwalk and hit some more bars. As they stumbled out, Lorelai bumped right into her father.


Lorelai didn't think anyone could sober up that quickly, "Dad, uhhh, what are you doing here?"

"Well, when Jason and I took our clients here we had a real blast." He was drunk. The only time he was ever nice to her was when he was drunk, "good to see you, have fun at your wedding." He said cheerily. He didn't even notice that Rory and Sookie were standing behind Lorelai, "your mothers behind us somewhere."

Lorelai panicked, turned around to face Rory and Sookie, "let's go out another way! Quick quick, go go!"

"Lorelai?" That voice made Lorelai cringe. She turned around slowly.

"Hi Grandma" Rory said, a tad bubbly. Lorelai didn't say anything.

"Hello Rory. Lorelai, what are you doing here?"

"I'm celebrating my bachelorette party Emily."


"Yeah, oh." Lorelai said, "We're heading out, see you later." Before Emily could say anything else, Lorelai disappeared with Rory and Sookie in tow.


The next morning, all three ladies had major headaches. "Water, we should have had more water!" Lorelai demanded, holding her head.

"Definitely" Rory mumbled, still under the covers of the bed.

"My parents are here aren't they? It wasn't just a nightmare. They're really here?"



"Mom, we're in Atlantic City, what are the chances of us running into them again?"

"Knowing Emily, she has a PI stalking us right now."

"Probably." Rory groaned, falling back asleep.

"Sookie, why the hell are you whistling?"

She popped her head out of the bathroom door. "I don't know." She giggled.

"Isn't that the Graduation song?"

"Oh. Really? I thought it was the wedding song."

"No Sookie. And why are you so cheery today? You had just as much to drink as we did." Lorelai said, putting her head back on the pillow.

"I drank lots of water."

"You suck!" Lorelai said with her eyes still closed.

"Ditto!" was heard under a pile of covers."

"You guys are no fun like this. I'm going to go and get some breakfast. I'll bring you back something."

"Bless you angel." We're Lorelai's last words before falling back asleep.


"Hey mom, there's a not for you by the door." Rory said once she saw the white envelope on the floor. "It looks like it was slipped under the door." Rory picked it up and handed it to her mother, who was putting make-up on in the bathroom. "It looks like it's from-"

"I know"

"Are you going to-?"

"I don't know." Lorelai sighed. "Could you go down and meet Sookie. We can go downstairs and have some breakfast."

"Sure mom."

Lorelai stared at the envelope. She knew her mother's handwriting. Two months and no contact, and then this. Did she want to read it? 'I'm probably cut from their will or something' she thought to herself. She didn't want her mother to ruin her bachelorette party weekend so she put the letter in her luggage and finished putting on her make-up.


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