Hello readers and welcome to Dimensions Collide. This is basically just a Fairly Odd Parents and Card Captor Sakura crossover. I know it may sound like a stupid crossover but please cut me some slack it's my first fanfic, Enjoy. Disclaimer: I don't own The Fairly Odd Parents or Card Captor Sakura they are owned by Nickelodeon and Clamp.

Chapter 1

Timmy's POV

" That IS SO UNFAIR." Timmy yelled

" Now Timmy I can't help it that we have to move." Timmy's Mom said

" YOU CAN'T MAKE ME MOVE." Timmy shouted

" That's it mister , now go to your room and don't come out unless you have a very dangerous weapon that can destroy the Dinkleburg's house." Timmy's Dad said

" FINE." Timmy screamed

Normal POV

Timmy was a troubled 12 year old boy. As he got older he had more homework, chores, winning Trixie Tang's love, having to stop Tootie from spying on him, and worst of all Vicky. About the only thing that made Timmy's life worthwhile was Chester, A.J, Cosmo, and Wanda. But now that was all going to change.

Timmy had to move to Tokyo because his parents would be able to make more money there.

Note: So how did you like the first chapter. The Card Captor Sakura part is going to come in the later chapters. I'll update soon.