Disclamer: Well heres my second fic. I can't think of a name for it so if you have any ideas let me know.
You've probybly noticed by now that I have been writing mainly Louis/Tawny fics but thats because there aren't enough out there. This was just an idea so tell me if it needs work.

CHAPTER 1. The Trip of a Lifetime

"I can't belive Principal Miller is letting us go!" Louis shouted as he jumped up and down with excitement. The reason being that he, Twitty, Tawny, Tom, Ren, and Larry was about to head off on the senior ski trip at the high school that they were now going to. "Yeah. Only because I put in a good word for you at the last second"
Ren said as she started going into the bus.


"Louis calm down. Your going to excite yourself so much that you'll be to tired to do any thing once we get there." Tawny said as she sat down beside Louis on the bus and put her hands on his shoulders. "Thanks." Louis said as he pulled Tawny into a quick kiss. "Well I hope mother dosn't worry to much. I mean, we are going over 120 miles away." Tom said as he tryed to get comfertable. Which wasn't easy because he was wearing a thick ski coat and it was 80 degrees outside. "Tom, I don't think your mom's going to worry considering you agreed to call her every 15 minuets. Day and night." Twitty said leaning back in his seat. As the bus pulled away from the school nun of the five friends that were on that bus had any idea of the events that would unfold on this unforgettable trip.