LAST CHAPTER! LAST CHAPTER! LAST CHAPTER! I'm so excited to finally get it done! I'm currently working on a Phil of the Future fic to do next. So you can keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Chapter 22. A Winter to Remember


"Home at last!" Everyone shouted as they made their way down the hill side towards the ski lodge.

"I never thought I'd be so happy to be home!" Louis shouted with joy.

As they ran towards the ski lodge a large group of people were there waiting for them.

"Mom! Dad! I'm sorry I ran off! I promise not to do it again!" Ren said as she ran into here parents arms.

"We forgive you honey! If you hadn't gone out looking for Louis we wouldn't have known he was alive!" Mrs. Stevens said as she hugged her daughter as tightly as she could.

"You did it Ren. You rescued Louis!" Larry said hugging Ren.

"But I wouldn't have been able to do it if you hadn't had stoped arguing with me." Ren said hugging him even tighter.

"Yeah. I remember the night we stoped fighting like it was yesterday." Larry said smiling.

At that moment they were plunged into compleate darkness. Then a new scene started to form.


As they opened there eyes they found that it WAS the night that they had stoped the feud. Apperently they had fallen asleep when they were resting.

"Woa. You would not belive the dream I just had." Larry said rubbing his head.

"If you think your's was weird, just wait until you hear mine." Ren said also rubbing her head.

"About Louis getting lost in a blizzard." Larry started.

"And us having to find him." Ren said nervously.

"Strange." They said in unison.

"Hey guys! Wake up! Come see my new friend!" Beans shouted from the hallway.

"Beans? How did you get here?" Ren asked as they followed him into the lobby.

"His name is Ted!" Beans said standing beside a huge black bear.