This is my first time in this section. Most of you might surely know me from the SSBM section. I have written more than 20 stories based on SSBM, and they are very popular. Now I'm going to a crossover story featuring Shaman King and One Piece!

It is a bright and sunny day…

Yoh is lying on a foldable chair (or whatever you call those 'chairs' found at the beach), enjoying his time with a good snooze. Anna decided not to bother him, for finding a perfect chance to rest like this is rare. Where are they? You ask.

Well, it is a holiday for everyone, and Ren came to the idea of bringing everyone onto his personal yacht (and a large one) for a relaxing ride on the sea. Besides inviting his sister Jun (which is obvious), he also invited Yoh, Anna, Manta, Horohoro, Pirika, Tamao, and Ryu. Oh, did I mention that Lee Pai-Long goes wherever Jun goes? Of course, all their guardian spirits are with them too.

Everyone is relaxing peacefully on the yacht, which is sailing in the middle of the ocean. Pirika, Tamao, and Jun are enjoying the wonderful sight of the endless span of water. Manta's eye is glued to a book. Horohoro and Ryu are busy fishing, considering the fact that the yacht isn't moving at the moment.

"The 9th one!" yells Ryu as he pulls up his fishing rod. He pulled up a large fish and tosses it into the bucket besides him. Horohoro, on the other hand, is having a bad luck, for he has not fished up anything for the past 30 minutes.

"Why does Ryu get all the fish…?" he grumbles to himself. "Why am I not fishing up anything…?" Suddenly, his fishing rod begins to jerk. "I got one!" He tries his best to pull up the rod, but the fish is struggling hard to pull away. After a bit of struggling, Horohoro yanks up the rod and the fish flies into the air! "Woohoo! A big one!"

Ren happens to be walking by and the fish falls straight onto his head, flattening his spike hairdo… "Hey! What was that for!" he shouts angrily.

"Sorry about that…" says Horohoro.

Ren picks up the fish by its tail and hurls it off the yacht and into the sea. "HEY! Why did you throw away my fish!" screams Horohoro angrily. "It was bigger than the ones Ryu caught!"

"I want to, can't I?" snaps back Ren.

Horohoro angrily runs up to Ren, grabs him by the neck, and shakes him. "PAY ME A NEW ONE!"

Ren pulls Horo (I'll just call him by this) away and pushes him onto the floor. Horo angrily gets back up and prepares to attack Ren again, when suddenly Ryu shouts, "The 10th one!" And he throws the fish backwards, smacking it onto Horo's back.

"Hey you!"

Suddenly, a loud thunder startled them all, but Yoh is still asleep.

"The weather is looking bad," says Jun, looking up into the sky. "I think we should turn back to land."

"But there's no land in sight around here," says Pirika.

"Don't worry," says Ren. "This yacht is auto-pilot, so it can seek out the nearest land by itself." No sooner after he said this, it begins to rain. "Well, everyone into the cabin."

Anna walks up to the still sleeping Yoh, pulls him down from the chair, and drags him into the cabin.

Inside the yacht's cabin, everyone is sitting around. Yoh is still sleeping… Manta is reading his book. Anna is watching TV and the others are playing card games. The storm outside is going rough and it seems to be getting wilder and wilder, but everything is quiet inside. Suddenly, they all hear a loud beeping sound. "What's that?" asks Tamao.

"It's the radar!" replies Ren. "Something is on!" He quickly runs to the control room and asks Pai-Long, who is at the wheel. "What is it, Pai-Long?"

"Master Ren!" replies the undead. "The radar picked up a large whirlpool not far from us! Its current is pulling us in!"

"Quick! We must escape from it!"

"We can't! The current is too strong!"

Ren told this to everyone, and they all got into panic, except for Anna and Yoh, who is… You know that already.

Outside, the yacht is caught in the current of a giant whirlpool. The strong wind makes the waves go around like crazy, tossing and turning the yacht around. No matter how hard they try, they can't steer the boat away from the whirlpool.

"What do we do!" screams Pirika, who is holding tightly onto her brother. "Are we gonna die!"

"That better not be the truth!" says Ryu in panic. "I haven't found my perfect love yet!"

The yacht begins to go unstable, and everyone inside is getting tossed around. For instance, Manta is tumbling around like a basketball and Horo is sliding around, crashing into walls. Anna misses her step and fall face-first onto Yoh's body, waking him up. "Whoa! What are you doing, Anna?" he asks.

"Don't tell me you have no idea about what happened all along!" says Anna.

As the yacht draws near the center of the whirlpool, the yacht begins to go more unstable. Things and people are flying around inside the yacht. Pai-Long is trying his best at the wheel.

Hope seems lost as the yacht slowly reaches the center of the whirlpool. Pirika is holding tightly onto Horo, who passed out from crashing into walls. Ryu is screaming and praying for help. Manta is screaming in fear also. Jun is sitting in fear in the corner, waiting for the worst to come. Tamao is hugging tightly onto Yoh, who is also hugging onto Anna. Anna, for the first time, actually begins to feel fear crawling up her. Ren just sits there quietly, muttering to himself, "It's over…"

The whirlpool swallows the entire yacht into the center. Just as the yacht touches the center, a bright beam of light suddenly bursts out from the whirlpool, and the yacht disappears…


Chapter 1: Arrival in a New Place

On a peaceful blue sea, with seagulls flying in the sky peacefully… Suddenly, a certain spot on the sea begins to glow with a bright light, and then a yacht shoots out of the light like a cannon ball and into the air.

"Hey! Did anyone see something flying into the sky in the distance?" a certain long nose man shouts to his captain.

"Haven't seen anything besides some tasty-looking gulls," replies the captain, who is wearing a straw hat.

The yacht that was shot into the sky begins falling towards the earth. It plummets straight onto a beach and breaks into pieces. Amazingly, all of them survived…

Ryu is the first to crawl out from the wreckage. "Thanks lord I'm still alive!" The others slowly come out from the wreckage, and Lee Pai-Long is able to take out there luggages.

Manta notices that two persons are not with them. "Hey, where are Yoh and Anna?"

"Help!" came a voice from the wrecked yacht. Pai-Long quickly runs to the wreckage and takes away some boards, revealing Yoh and Anna under it, and Yoh is lying on top of Anna.

"Yoh, get off me!" yells Anna.

After they both climbed out of the wrecked yacht, everyone settled down to relieve themselves from what happened earlier. Manta looks around. "Strange… The weather changed back so suddenly."

"Speaking of it, what is this place?" asks Tamao.

"We can't be in Japan," replies Anna. "Just look at the land before us." She points towards the land before them, and they see nothing but endless span of flatland.

"This place is so empty!" exclaims Horo. "Can it be the great plains of America?"

"I don't recall any plains near the sea," says Yoh.

"Hey! I see another island across the sea!" says Ryu, pointing towards the horizon of the sea.

"You're right!" responds Yoh. "But how do we get there? The yacht it busted…"

"Why don't we explore this place?" asks Pirika. "We might find someone who will be helpful to us! Plus, this place looks great for running around since nothing will get in your way!"

Yoh, Horo, and Ren, who are curious about this land, agree with Pirika and they went to explore this place. They walk for a few yards, but all they see are grass and a few trees. "There's nothing here at all!" complains Horo. "I don't think it's even possible for someone to live in a place like this!"

"But there's someone over there!" says Pirika, pointing to a person lying under a tree. Just then, they spot a cheetah creeping up on the man, ready to pounce onto him. "Oh no! That man is going to get eaten! Do something, brother!"

The cheetah got into a close distance, and it pounces at the man! Just before it touches the man, Ren slashes the cheetah with his kwan-dao, knocking it away. The injured cheetah quickly runs off.

The man woke up from hearing the cheetah yelp. "Uh? What happened?"

"You were about to get eaten by that beast," Ren tells him. "And I saved you."

"Gee thanks, kid. Actually, the beast probably won't be able to do anything to me." The man yawns and stood up. When the man stood up, he's probably at least 200 centimeters tall!

"Whoa, you're really tall!" remarks Yoh.

"Yeah, many people say that," says the man.

"What are you doing resting here?" Horo asks him.

"Taking a nap. There's nothing more relaxing than taking a long nap where nobody will disturb you."

"Yeah, I like to nap too!" says Yoh with a smile. "I wish nobody can disturb me when I sleep, but that really isn't possible when living with Anna…"

"So you helped me just now, I should thank you for it. What can I do for you, kids?" asks the man.

"We don't need anything," replies Ren.

The man shrugs. "Whatever… Looks like I have to go." He starts walking away from them, towards the direction of where their yacht crashed, so those 4 follow him.

When they got back to the shore, Ryu asks them, "Found anything?"

"Nothing, just a tall guy we rescued from the jaws of a wild animal," replies Ren.

Manta looks up at the man and exclaims, "Wow! I've never met anyone this tall! Besides Ren's father, of course..."

The man sees their wrecked yacht and says, "So you got a problem with your ship, eh?"

"Right, we encountered a whirlpool and somehow ended up here," Jun tells him. "We also see an island over there, but we don't know how to get there without a ship."

"That can be arranged," says the man.

"You mean you can help us get to the other side?"

"Yes, I can."

"You got a boat? I don't see it anywhere," says Ryu.

"Nah, I don't need a boat."

"Then how are you gonna get us over there?" asks Yoh.

"Just watch and see." The man walks up to the shore, bends down, and slowly dips his hand into the seawater. Everyone watches him in silence, wondering what on earth he's doing. There was a moment of silence among everyone as they watch the man quietly. Suddenly, the sea begins to shake violently, and a gigantic eel-like monster emerges from the sea! The monster has greenish skin, red starry eyes, and sharp fangs that looks like it can bite through steel. Everyone, except the man, is greatly freaked out by the appearance of the monster.

"What is that!" gasps Tamao

"It's the Loch Ness Monster!" screams Ryu.

The monster roars and moves its head towards the man, ready to swallow him in one bite.

"Hey you, get out of there quick!" Yoh shouts at the man, but the man just stays there calmly. Pai-Long got into offensive position and is about to leap into the air and attack the monster.

The shamans quickly get ready to perform Soul Unison, but then the man mutters out the words, "Ice… Age…"

The most amazing happened in a blink of an eye, the entire sea around this area, along with the monster, totally froze into ice! I repeat, FROZE INTO ICE!

All the shamans and their spirits are shocked beyond words, their mouths drop open in awe. Anna, who always has that cold-looking expression, opens her mouth in awe at what happened just a second ago!

The man slowly stood back up. Some parts of his body have ice covered on it. "Finished. The ice should hold for a few days, so take your time getting to the other side." He turns around walks back into the land. The shamans still remain motionless and in awe, staring at the frozen sea before them.

Horo is the first to snap back to reality, and he runs up to the man. "That's was WAY TOO COOL! How on earth did you freeze the sea just like that!"

"Haven't you heard of Devil Fruit, kid?" says the man.


"I thought everyone knows about it. It is special fruits that give you amazing abilities, but in return of losing the ability to swim forever."

"Devil Fruit… That's so amazing… By the way, what's your name?"

"You've probably heard of me. I am Aokiji, one of the 3 Supreme Admirals."

"Never heard of it."

Aokiji just shrugs. "Oh well… Anyway, I have to go now." With this, Aokiji walks off on his own.

"Aokiji means blue pheasant! That's a beautiful name!" says Pirika.

When everyone recovered from shock, Yoh says, "Well, let's get to that island!" Everyone steps onto the ice and walks toward the island in the distance.

"That guy has the same kind of power as you, brother!" Pirika says to Horo.

"But he froze the sea in a split second! I doubt I can freeze it that fast! He may even be stronger than me!"

Anna starts to shiver because of the cold. Yoh places his hand around her shoulder and asks, "You cold?"

"It's just a little cold, I can get over it," she replies. "And don't get too near to me."

"But they say there is more warmth if people are huddle together."

Anna thought for a while. "Oh, all right…" She leans closer to Yoh, making his face go red a little.

"Watch out, this ice is really slippery," says Ryu, but then he slips on the ice himself. "Yeouch!

Horo is happily skating around on his skateboard. "Weeeee!" He skates towards the island by himself first.

"Get back here!" Ren shouts at him. "Don't go selfish by getting there first yourself!"

Of course, Horo isn't that selfish to get there first. He skates back to the group at high speed, but couldn't brake and crashes into Ren, and a fight ensue between those two. The others ignored them and went on.

After about an hour of traveling, they finally reached the island, which is actually a crowded town. "Finally!" says Yoh. "That was a long walk!"

"This place is full of people!" says Tamao. "I wonder what this place is called." There are lots people in this town, but they're clothing seems to imply that they are in the 16th century. There are people selling and buying stuffs, people fishing, some are fixing ships, and some are just hanging around.

"This place resembles the olden days of England," says Anna.

"I wonder if there are any beautiful girls here," says Ryu.

Yoh's stomach starts to growl. "Um… I'm hungry… What about you guys?"

Horo's stomach growls too. "Me too. Where can we eat? I wonder if the food here is good."

"Well, there's a restaurant there," says Jun, pointing to a bar across them. "But do we have the money?"

"Even if we have, do we have the right currency?" says Anna. "I'm assuming that this isn't Japan."

"I guess you're right," says Yoh, pointing to a poster on a wall. He approaches the poster and reads the contents there. "Bob the Pirate. Dead or Alive. 20 million… Hey, what's this strange B marking besides the number?"

Before he got an answer, they here some shouting and crashing coming from the other side of the town.

On the other side of the town, some evil pirates have attacked and are looting the place. The fat man steps forward and says out loud, "I am Bob the Pirate, and I'm da captain of the pirates! Now give out ya loots or walk da plank!"

Under Bob's command, his pirate mates start stealing valuables, destroying things, and taking beautiful women. The villagers are afraid and they can't do anything besides getting beaten by the pirates.

An ugly crewmate of Bob brought to him a young and attractive girl. "Yo boss! This gal looks good and sweet!"

"Har har! She is sweet!" laughs Bob. "Let's take her aboard and play with her!" The girl responds by slapping Bob on the face. The other pirates were shocked upon seeing the girl slapping their captain.

"You dare hit da great Bob! I'm angry with ya! I'll have yer body fed to the monsters of da sea!" scowls Bob, who is angry. He raises his sword and is about to bring it down on the poor girl, when suddenly a wooden sword comes out of nowhere and knocks Bob's sword away.

"Treat a girl nicely, would you?" says the man who knocked the sword away, and he turns out to be Ryu!

"Who d'ya think you are, you dog!" says Bob angrily. "Ya dare mess with da great Bob's business! Get'em, my hearty mates!"

The pirates got out there weapons and charge for Ryu. Tokageroh appears besides Ryu and says, "Need my help?"

"Why not? There are lots of them," replies Ryu, so Tokageroh goes into his wooden sword. Ryu's sword glows with a purple aura, and with one big swipe, he knocks away all the pirates.

"Wha! Ya hurt my mates badly!" says Bob, shocked and mad. "I'll show ya da power of Bob the Pirate! Ya don't get a bounty of 20 million bellies for nothing!" Bob pulls out another sword and charges at Ryu, but all Ryu had to do is perform one vertical strike, and it broke Bob's sword into two and knocked him out. Bob falls back onto the ground and passes out. The crowd is amazed that Ryu took him out in one blow!

Some Marine officials approach Ryu and say, "We saw you take out Bob. We have been trying to catch him for some times, and you caught him for us! Since you didn't kill him, we will reward you with 20 million bellies!"

"Belly?" asks Ryu curiously. "I get a belly button as a prize?"

"Don't you know it's the currency we use?"

Ryu remembers the letter B Yoh saw on the poster. "Oh right! I forgot!"

The Marines did what they said: they rewarded Ryu with a big bag of money and they rounded up Bob and his crew and took them away.

Ryu happily takes the bag and walks back to the others, who have been watching everything. "Hehe! We got some quick cash!"

"Great! Now we can buy food!" says Horo happily.

"You know what?" says Manta. "Did that fat person Ryu defeated just now said he's a pirate?"

"Yeah? What's wrong?" Yoh asks him.

"I thought pirates don't exist anymore…"

"Well, the world is full of mysteries," says Yoh. "Maybe there are still pirates out there. Either that, or the whirlpool sent us through time or maybe even into another dimension."

"Well, that certainly explains the change in environment around here," says Ren.


On another part of the same town, a pirate ship docks at the harbor. A young pirate wearing a straw hat jumps down from the ship. "Yay! We've finally arrived at a port! I can't wait to buy more meat!" He turns back to his ship and shouts. "Nami! We still have money, right?"

"Don't worry, Luffy!" a girl with orange hair calls back. "We have enough to keep you filled for a whole year!"

"Yoohoo! Let's go!" says the young pirate, which you should know already as Luffy. "Watch out meat, here I come!"


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