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Final Chapter: Farewell!

"So you are leaving now?" Luffy asks Ace.

"Yes. I still have to hunt for Blackbeard. I'm sure we will meet again!" After saying good-bye to everyone, Ace hops onto this raft and sails off in his own.

Luffy turns to Yoh and asks him, "So where are you going to go now?"

"We're going to find a way to get back to our world. How about you?"

"I'm going to look for One Piece and become Pirate King!"

"I hope you become one! Good luck!"

"And would you mind that we spend one last time sailing together? Maybe when you go back to your world, we won't meet again."

"Why not? It'll be our last farewell!"

The crews got onto their own ships and sail off together, side by side.

For a whole day, they are sailing very peacefully. Nothing seems to be happening at all, until…

"The sky seems strange," says Nami, observing the change in weather. "A storm is going to approach." She observes the water and sees that it is tossing back and forth a bit roughly too. "And the sea doesn't look very nice either…"

Ren remembers that this was how the weather was before they encountered the giant whirlpool. "Perhaps our way home is coming up soon!"

Usopp is on the crow's nest keeping watch of their surroundings. He sees a ship in the distance and takes a better view with his goggles, and finds out it's a Marine ship. "A Marine ship is approaching from the northwest direction!"

"Okay! Then we have to make a run for it!" says Luffy.

The Marine ship belongs to none other than Smokers. "We meet again, Straw Hat Luffy. And you too, Yoh Asakura. Don't think you can escape me this time!" He commands the Marine troops to sail forward at full speed.

On the other hand, the weather is getting worse and worse. "Oh no… We're in for some strong wind…" says Nami, worried. "Everyone, be ready to do what I say if you want to live!"

"Yes, Ms. Nami!" says Sanji with hearts in his eyes.

"Hey! It's Smoker again!" screams Usopp.

"Not him again!" says Luffy.

"You mean that smoke guy?" asks Yoh.

"No! He's too tough for us to beat!" cries Horohoro. "Let's get out of here!"

"Our ship engines are much better. They will never escape us!" says Smoker.

The strong wind and tossing waves prevented the Straw Hats and shamans from sailing properly, and the Marines are catching up fast.

Aboard both ships, everyone is busy with the sails and ship navigation to prevent it from sinking. "Hold on tight!" shouts Nami through the roaring wind. "This will be one rough ride!"

The sea becomes even rougher than before, and that's when they notice that they are being pulled by the water current. Nami turns to the starboard and sees a horrifying thing. "A whirlpool! A big one at that too! Quick! Steer to the left!"

"Yes! Miss Nami!" says Sanji happily.

"Then do it!"

The Going Merry begins to steer towards the left, trying to escape the whirlpool. The Marines, too, are trying to escape the whirlpool. The shamans, however, are steering into the whirlpool!

Note from author: For reading pleasure, either hum or listen to the song We Are while reading this part for a better feel and mood. In case you don't know, it's the most commonly heard theme of One Piece.

"Hey! Where are you guys going!" Luffy shouts at them. "You're going to die in the whirlpool!"

"Don't worry about us! We came into this world via a whirlpool, so we are going to return using the same method!" Yoh calls back at the top of his voice. "Don't worry about us!"

"Right! We can handle ourselves!" replies Horohoro.

"But can you guys be sure that it will take you back?" asks Nami. "What if you sInk to the bottom of the sea instead?"

"Then we'll have to bet our own lives! That's the way things go!" Ren answers back.

The Marines are confused why the shamans are sailing into the whirlpool instead of escaping. "What are they thinking?" wonders Smoker. "Why on earth do they want to get sucked in by a whirlpool?"

The shamans' ship gets drawn closer and closer to the center of whirlpool. "Hang on! Everyone!" Ren shouts out. "We can only depend on luck whether we succeed or not!"

"Everything will turn out fine in the end!" says Yoh with a smile.

"I hope so," says Anna.

Manta is trembling in fear. "I'm scared! What if we won't make it?"

"I don't want to die yet…" says Tamao.

"Neither do I!" cries Horohoro.

"Me too!" cries Pirika.

"Me three!" says Chocolove.

"Nami! I won't forget your lovely face and beautiful body!" cries Ryu.

"Please, God… Protect us!" says Lyserg.

"Please let everything turn out all right," says Jun.

On the Going Merry…

"Are you guys making the right decision?" Zoro shouts at them.

"Lady Jun! I'll miss you!" cries Sanji with tears of sadness flowing down his eyes.

"My friends! Don't forget me!" shouts Usopp.

"Will we ever meet again!" Chopper shouts out.

"Farewell!" says Robin.

"I hope you guys return to your home!" calls out Nami.

Luffy bursts out at the top of his voice. "SEE YOU LATER! WE WILL ALWAYS BE FRIENDS! EVEN IF WE ARE SEPARATED!"

"WE WILL!" Yoh calls back in response.

The ship gets even closer to the whirlpool, and when they got near, a bright flash issues out of the center of the whirlpool. "This is it! We're going in!" says Ren.

"What's that flash!" says Smoker. "It's devouring the shamans' ship!"

The ship disappears into the light, and Yoh calls out one last time, "FAREWELL!"

Luffy also shouts back one last time, "GOOD-BYE!"

And then the light bursts out everywhere, blinding everyone.


Yoh slowly opens his eyes. "Uh? What happened?" He feels the ship not rocking back and forth, but rather, sailing smoothly. He gets up and looks around, and sees that the sky is clear and blue. "Where are we?"

"You've awakened!" says Manta. "You were asleep for quite a while."

"Where are we now?"

"I don't know where we are, but I'm sure we're not in the Grand Line anymore."

"Oh really? Then it means everything went as thought."

He gets up and walks around the ship deck, and is glad to see everyone conscious. "Boy! That was shocking! It made me really hungry!" says Horohoro.

"Eating is all you can think of…" says Pirika.

"Where are we exactly?" asks Ryu.

"I'm not sure either," says Ren. "But I hope we're back in Earth."

"Oh well, at least everybody is back," says Jun. "We should be glad.

"True. I'm relieved that I'm still alive…" says Tamao with a sigh of relieve.

"Maybe we're dead and this is heaven?" says Chocolove.

"You're insane," Anna says to him, and then she turns to Yoh. "Are you all right?"

"Oh course I'm all right!" replies Yoh. "It's good to see that everyone is all right, especially you!"


Lyserg lets his pendulum swings around in midair, hoping that it will pinpoint to something. Sure enough, his pendulum points to the northern direction. "My pendulum has just pinpointed an island in that direction! If we sail there, we will come to land."

"Good! I hope it's a civilized island too!" says Ryu. "And I hope there are beautiful ladies too!"

"Is that all you think of?" Tokageroh asks him.

"All right! As the captain of this ship, I say that we set sail for that direction!" says Yoh.

And so, they steer their ship towards the pinpointed direction. What adventures will they encounter next? Will they ever get back home? Let's hope they do!

"We will never forget your kindness, Luffy…" Yoh says to no one in particular. "You made us change the way we usually view pirates. Now we know that even pirates can be good people. I hope we meet again…"


In the Grand Line…

"Sail faster! We have to escape the smoke guy!" says Luffy.

Smoker's ship is hot on their tail. "You won't escape this time, Straw Hat Luffy!"

A Marine comes up to Smoker and asks him, "What about Yoh Asakura? He and his crew disappeared into the whirlpool."

"Nobody can survive a whirlpool that violent. Let's just report to HQ that… Yoh Asakura is DEAD!"


"What was that?"

"Captain! Sergeant Tashigi just tripped and crashed into the ship engine!" reports the Marine. "The engine is destroyed, now our ship cannot move!"


Back on the Going Merry…

"Their ship isn't moving anymore!" says Usopp. "I don't know why, but we can escape now!"

"That's good," says Zoro. "That saves us less trouble."

"Good! Let's set sail full speed ahead!" says Luffy, standing on the ship's headmast. "Set sail for adventure!"



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