NOTES: A friend of mine challenged me to write a Galactica!Boomer/Baltar shortfic. To which my response was: oO

This is the result. It's very short.


She feels him watching her after the Cylon-detector testing. When she walks past his office, she keeps finding his gaze upon her - easy, yet intent.

(sometimes we must embrace that which opens up for us)

Sharon doesn't know what to make of it.

It's nothing new to have people staring at her: Galen still does it, treating her with a distant concern, as though nothing ever happened.

But this isn't Galen, watching her with suspicious eyes after Socinus lied to protect him - to protect them.

(Sharon, you need help.)

(not from you, you made that clear I'm on my own)

This isn't Galen with his questions and his wounded eyes. This is Gaius Baltar, whose intelligence outstrips everyone else on the Galactica - in the fleet!

And he's watching her.

(listen to your heart embrace that which you know to be the right decision)

It's not a suspicious watching, not a question. There's no fear in his gaze when she turns and meets his eyes with a nod. It's not speculative, the way some other sergeants and officers eyed her, wondering if they could get her in the sack.

It's just...disconcerting. Distracting.

She feels him watching.

- fin -