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The Official Marauders Code of Conduct

Revised Edition

Code 1: Marauders stick together.

Code 2: There are four Marauders. The number of Marauders shall be four, and four shall be the number of Marauders.

Code 3: I solemnly swear I am up to no good.

Code 4: Marauders may hex each other, but only with just provocation, ruled on by the innocent, granted that any actually exist, bystander Marauders.

Code 5: Should any Marauder break a Marauder's Code, said Marauder's punishment shalt be determined by all other Marauders. The guilty Marauder will feel compelled to right their wrongs.

Code 6: There is no Code Six.

Code 7: No Marauder may share any Marauder secrets with non-Marauders.

Code 8: The Pack comes first.

Code 9: Should any Marauder actually have children someday, Merlin forbid, said children shall be automatically deemed Honorary Marauders.

Code 10: Marauders are Marauders for life and beyond.

Code 11: No Marauder shall join You-Know-Who for any reason whatsoever.

Code 12: No prank is too big, no prank is small, no prank is unworthy of a Marauder granted that the prank does not cause permanent harm.

Code 13: Gryffindors Rule. Slytherins Suck.

Code 14: Marauders shalt not rat each other out to professors, prefects, Head Boy, Head Girl, Slytherins, or prank victims.

Code 15: When a Marauder is having trouble every other Marauder is duty bound to help said Marauder.

Code 16: Remus Jacques Lupin, AKA Moony, is the alpha wolf and brain.

Code 17: James Aaron Potter, AKA Prongs, is the front man.

Code 18: Sirius Constantine Black, AKA Padfoot, is the crazy one.

Code 19: Peter Charles Pettigrew, AKA Wormtail, is the sneaky one.

Code 20: There are no secrets between Marauders.

Code 21: Credit for a prank may only be claimed in the name of the Marauders.

Code 22: Marauders are purveyors in the aid of magical mischief.

Code 23: All blackmail material is common property of all Marauders.

Code 24: The night of the full moon is the time for fun and games.

Code 25: All Slytherins are fair game.

Code 26: Revenge is sweet.

Code 27: The Marauders Map is not to be revealed to any non-Marauders.

Code 28: James's invisibility cloak shalt not be exposed to non-Marauders, with the exception of other Potters and anyone James deems worthy, as it is his cloak.

Code 29: Davey Gudgeon, AKA Cyclops, may be considered a Junior Marauder and participate in pranks, but shalt not be privy to all Marauder secrets.

Code 30: Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs shall be the official names of the Marauders.

Code 31: Honorary Marauders may be appointed by unanimous consent of all Marauders or are automatically inducted upon completing a bonding ritual with a Marauder.

Code 32: Lily Evans is an Honorary Marauder and may be included in all Marauder secrets.

Code 33: Pranks shalt not be played on Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Code 34: Harold James Potter, Honorary Marauder according to Code 9, was born July 31, 1980 at 9:42 am at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, weighing 6 pounds and 5 ounces, to Lily Elizabeth Evans Potter and James Aaron Potter after 15 hours of labor and 20 hexes before we took away Lily's wand. Harry shall be raised as befitting a Marauder, entitled to all the privileges and heritage thereof, and though Padfoot is his Godfather of record every Marauder is responsible for his happiness and wellbeing. Welcome into the Pack, our first pup.

Code 35: Merlin help us, Severus Snape is okay after all and qualifies as an Honorary Marauder and member of the Pack.

James Aaron PotterRemus Jacques Lupin

Sirius Constantine BlackPeter Charles Pettigrew

Lily Elizabeth Evans Potter

David Francis Gudgeon

Harold James Potter

Severus Octavian Snape


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