by Yukitsu

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The title "Chain Reaction" came from Archangeldream, the sweet darling. XD Yes, yes, I suck at titles.

They saw each other, twice, after their less than friendly separation at the outskirts of Yorkshin.

The first hadn't been planned – they had merely been in the same coffee shop in a city east of Yorkshin, seated across each other in different counters, Kuroro drinking tea and Kurapika sipping his coffee.

Kuroro had noticed the blond first, and when Kurapika automatically looked up to meet the eyes of the person he was certain was watching him, matching dark, surprised eyes tried to stare the other down. Kurapika had broken eye contact first then, put his cup of coffee down, and left the café without another word.

They were both there the very same day and time the week after, and Kuroro slid into the seat across the blond. Kurapika had been tense, like a guitar string pulled too tightly across the instrument, but had done nothing to change the situation. They spent the next hour sipping their respective drinks in silence, and watching the people outside separated from them by the glass.

"Jyonen-users," Kuroro said conversationally some time after the half hour silence, waving for the waiter to bring him the bill. "What do you know of them?"

"What you need to know," Kurapika replied after the slight, almost imperceptible pause in his movement to bite his croissant.

Kuroro nodded once, paid for their meal, and this time, it was he who left the café first. Kurapika stared after him from across the glass, as Kuroro once again made his way East.

1:14 AM 9/2/2005

Is it really Jyonen-users? Or just Jyonen?