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1st in Saviours series.

General Idea, Anakin is born in the Republic and found by the Jedi after he was born. Anakin is going to end up older in this one than he really was.

The Trainee


It was a pristine white hospital. A woman with brown hair was rolled in on a gurney. She was several months pregnant and in a lot of pain. The medical droids rushed around her, trying to get her stable. An administrator came up to the woman, "Is there anyone we can call? Family? Husband? Partner?"

The woman on the table shook her head, "There was no father," she said as she flinched in pain. The administrator walked away, nodding understandingly. The father obviously dumped her when he found out about the baby. The baby was born soon after and the mother named him, "Anakin," she whispered as she died.

The hospital then set about finding out about the woman. The child was named Anakin Skywalker, the mother was Shmi Skywalker and the father unknown. When an autopsy was done, it was found that the woman was indeed right. She was a virgin and therefore the child didn't have a father. Looking at the child, tests were done. Including a midi-chlorian count. It was off the scale, over twenty thousand. The hospital thought it best to contact the Temple. This was now their affair.


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