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Chapter 9

Obi Wan was engaged in the fight of his life. His opponent was a tattooed Sith who for some reason had taken a fancy to Lumi and so decided to kill in order to get to her. Maul continued to fight blocking all moves and fighting extremely aggressively. Obi Wan was having difficulty keeping up, but maintained the upper hand. Eventually he managed to kick the Sith over the side of the pathway. The Sith did a somersault and landed on a lower platform. He ran to the door, Obi Wan followed, but by the time he got to the door, it was locked and Maul was long gone from the other side. The only thing he could do was rejoin his wayward padawan and his friends.


The four of them, including Lumi who had, by this time, regained consciousness, managed to subdue the villains. Piling them onto the freighter, they were singing like canaries about the Senator. They were providing enough evidence to bring him down, so the mission wasn't a complete loss.

When Obi Wan joined them, Lumi was covered in a blanket to hide her scantily glad figure, for which Obi Wan was eternally grateful. They managed to get the prisoners back to the Temple and the ex-slaves back to their homes. The Council congratulated them on a job well done, and then proceeded to hand out punishments for going behind the back of the Council. They were concerned how ever by the appearance of the Sith and were determined to be more watchful. It was of great concern to all. Lumi was unharmed by her ordeal, if slightly embarrassed that Obi Wan had seen her so free of clothing. Obi Wan seemed to avoid her slightly from then onwards and Qui gon watched the antics of his former Padawan with a slight knowing smile.

A couple of months later Anakin was Knighted. The youngest Jedi ever. He was asked and accepted to go into the Grey Guild, where he would work under Obi Wan and Qui gon as a spy, but that is for a later tale.

The End


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